Monday, 10 April 2017

SYRIA: Singing the false song of globalism!

On 7 April 2017, contrary to to all the campaign promises made and political stances presented, Donald Trump's administration bombed Syria.

Thus it took 'deep State,' the Council on Foreign Relations and the 'chickenhawks' in the mainstream media less than three months to get Trump to put two fingers up at his electorate and join the warmongers in the Neocon swamp he promised to drain.

His daughter Ivanka, a convert to Judaism, played her part:
As did her husband, orthodox Jew, Jared Kushner, who is now, apparently, the most powerful figure in the Trump administration apart from Trump himself.
Personally, I'm disgusted by Trump's behaviour. 

If he's playing some realpolitik chess game that I'm not able to fathom, well, the Washington and Jerusalem insiders are past masters at that and he and the rest of us will come off worst.

Bottom line is this: Donald Trump is a liar. He promised to rein in the globalists, he promised this categorically, and he's done just the opposite. WW3 is now no longer an impossibility.

Were we played? Not really. He's a billionaire businessman and, thus, at some level, a bad guy. For a while there, however, he was OUR bad guy, something Hillary Clinton, as bought-and-paid-for a New World Order apparatchik as she is, was never going to be. His election also p***ed off the political establishment in a major way, which demonstrates that we who backed him got something considerably right.

He appears, however, to be the establishment's bad guy now.

Here's the best explanation of the wrong-headed and deceitful motives for the attack on Syria that you will find in cyberspace. This by Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars, another disgruntled Trump supporter.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

LUTON: Tommy Robinson meets a Muslim convert

This is what LibLabCon has done to our youth.

 They are at war with us.

Meet the new boss - Same as the old boss

The kiddies' guide to the Russia-is-controlling-us mantra, Syria and Donald Trump's betrayal, via the excellent Ramzpaul.

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Former marine asks a simple question

We are not alone, folks.

In fact, many more think like us than think like THEM. The mainstream media and the political establishment have had many believing otherwise for many decades now but Brexit, Trump and the internet whistleblower have exposed this century-old fraud for what it is.

The few wish to control the many. The only way they can do this is via unending deceit. The brainwash that never ends. Eternal propaganda intended to leave us unprotected and, eventually, to see us off.

Listen to Steven Gern. He knows what he's talking about. He lives the cold, hard fact every single day.

The snowflake does not. The crybaby does not. BLM does not. George Soros does not. The political and media establishment does not.

Whose advice and opinion should carry more weight?

His or theirs?