Thursday, 18 September 2014

Leprosy in the house!

On 14 July 2014, Pope Francis I was quoted thus in an interview with Eugenio Scalfari, of the Italian Catholic newspaper, La Repubblica:
"This state of affairs is intolerable… This leprosy is also present in our house…
Many of my colleagues who are working against it assure me with reliable data that paedophilia inside the Church is at the level of 2 per cent. This finding should reassure me but I must tell you that I do not reassuring at all. I consider it very serious indeed. Among the two percent who are paedophiles are even bishops and cardinals.”
Shortly after the interview was published, Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi said that the report had ‘captured the spirit’ of the conversation, but denied that the Pope had said any cardinals were paedophiles.

Regarding the political elite of the 1960s, do you remember what 16-year-old prostitute, Mandy Rice-Davies, once said:
"They would say that, wouldn’t they?"
On 20 December 2010, Pope Benedict XVI addressed the Roman curia thus:
“We had begun the Year for Priests with great joy… (but) it unfolded so differently from the way we had expected. In this year, of all years, and to a degree we could not have imagined, we came to know of abuse of minors committed by priests… and, under the mantle of the sacred, profoundly wound human persons in their childhood, damaging them for a whole lifetime…

But neither can we remain silent regarding the context of these times in which these events have come to light. There is a market in child pornography that seems in some way to be considered more and more normal by society. The psychological destruction of children, in which human persons are reduced to articles of merchandise, is a terrifying sign of the times….

In the 1970s, paedophilia was theorized as something fully in conformity with man and even with children… It was maintained, even within the realm of Catholic theology, that there is no such thing as evil in itself or good in itself… Everything depends on the circumstances.”
Pope Benedict XVI blows the whistle on the sexually ‘liberated’ 1970s nicely here. 

Those would be the liberated times where Harriet Harman, MP, her husband Jack Dromey, MP, and Tony Blair’s former Health Secretary, Patricia Hewitt, were (via their leadership roles in the National Council for Civil Liberties) all content to excuse the behaviours of the perverts of the Paedophile Information Exchange.

However, is the former Pope trying to downplay the paedophilic crimes of the Catholic clergy (and others) by suggesting that ‘context’ somehow diminishes the evil done? Is he seriously suggesting that because evil, as demonstrated in this instance by ‘child pornography,’ is ‘considered more and more normal by society,’ that we should be more ‘understanding’ or, indeed, forgiving of it?

I think he might be, don’t you? If this is the case I must say that I’m not impressed by the argument. The ‘psychological destruction of children’ caused by the paedophile, those who excuse his destructive behaviours, those who cover them up and those who pretend not to notice them, far outweighs any excusatory ‘context.’

At least it does in the hearts and minds of the righteous.

As for ‘the realm of Catholic theology’ and the 'two percent who are... bishops and cardinals,' I’m not so sure.

Monday, 8 September 2014

An educational system that pumps out mindless worker drones

On 15 September 2014, The Patriot Rising web site told us this:
"A recent New York Times article exemplified how technological and billionaire elites live by different standards than they prescribe to the American populace.

A piece entitled 'Steve Jobs Was a Low-Tech Parent,' discusses how the late Apple CEO refused to allow his children to play with one of the company’s most popular devices, the Ipad.

'So, your kids must love the iPad?' I asked Mr. Jobs, trying to change the subject. The company’s first tablet was just hitting the shelves. 'They haven’t used it,' he told me. 'We limit how much technology our kids use at home.'

I’m sure I responded with a gasp and dumbfounded silence. I had imagined the Jobs’s household was like a nerd’s paradise: that the walls were giant touch screens, the dining table was made from tiles of iPads and that iPods were handed out to guests like chocolates on a pillow.

Nope, Mr. Jobs told me, not even close.

Since then, I’ve met a number of technology chief executives and venture capitalists who say similar things: they strictly limit their children’s screen time, often banning all gadgets on school nights, and allocating ascetic time limits on weekends.

Unfortunately, The Times didn’t press Jobs for a more in-depth explanation on why he restricted his kids’ use of a device that’s now played with by millions of children throughout the world, but the fact that various elites have followed in the tech guru’s steps suggests there is a double standard between how they raise their children, and how they believe lower and middle class American parents should.
The double standard is clear when one considers the actions of billionaires, such as former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates, whose foundation has invested millions of dollars pushing the Common Core curriculum onto public schools, but who opts to send his own children to private academies where the Common Core standard is not taught.
Another New York Times article from 2011 also revealed that some charter schools where elites send their children prohibit computer monitors, a stark contrast to the flood of computers we’ve seen fill public schools over the past few decades.

The chief technology officer of eBay sends his children to a nine-classroom school here. So do employees of Silicon Valley giants like Google, Apple, Yahoo and Hewlett-Packard.

But the school’s chief teaching tools are anything but high-tech: pens and paper, knitting needles and, occasionally, mud. Not a computer to be found. No screens at all. They are not allowed in the classroom, and the school even frowns on their use at home.

Schools nationwide have rushed to supply their classrooms with computers, and many policy makers say it is foolish to do otherwise. But the contrarian point of view can be found at the epicenter of the tech economy, where some parents and educators have a message: computers and schools don’t mix...

While other schools in the region brag about their wired classrooms, the Waldorf school embraces a simple, retro look — blackboards with colorful chalk, bookshelves with encyclopedias, wooden desks filled with workbooks and No. 2 pencils.

On a recent Tuesday, Andie Eagle and her fifth-grade classmates refreshed their knitting skills, criss-crossing wooden needles around balls of yarn, making fabric swatches. It’s an activity the school says helps develop problem-solving, patterning, math skills and coordination. The long-term goal: make socks.
As discussed in author and former US Education Department Senior Policy Advisor Charlotte Thompson Iserbyt’s informative book, 'The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America,' Putting computers in the classroom is part of a larger agenda which has been in motion for decades, the ultimate goal of which is to create an educational system that pumps out a nation of mindless worker drones.

'The call for a socialist America, of course, requires that the schools abandon traditional academic ‘teaching’ and substitute ‘workforce training’ or ‘technademics’ to accommodate the needs of a planned economy,” writes Iserbyt in the latest rendition of her work.

As evidence that the upper echelon believes technology is an essential factor for fundamental educational transformation, Thompson points to a statement made by former Florida governor and chairman of the Foundation for Excellence in Education, Jeb Bush – via education blogger Kathryn Baron – speaking at an education reform meeting, in which he advocated 'a combination of school choice (vouchers), Common Core standards, rigorous assessments, consequences for anything less than excellence and using technology to transform education.'

Iserbyt also highlights a 1972 article by education researcher Mary Thompson which outlined how technology in the classroom, among other things, is part of a system ultimately intending to bring about 'Distance Learning,' an 'innovation' which would lead to the eventual 'offshoring' of teaching jobs and relegate 'teachers' to mere 'tutors, monitors or overseers.'

From Thompson’s article:

'The warning bears repeating that teachers had better leave their concentration on the minutia of each maneuver in the process being carried by all of the above and others, to concentrate on the big picture of plans afoot for the function of teachers being planned and programmed for extinction or demotion to becoming tutors, monitors, or overseers to keep students on task in front of their computer screens with ‘direct instruction’ being imparted from anywhere in the world.

I repeat, wake up teachers, your jobs are about to be ‘offshored,’ just as manufacturing, engineering and other professions have been. Your unions won’t be able to counteract it any more than industry unions were able to do for the unemployed of empty factories and lost professional positions.

Students will be phased into ‘programmed’ curricula designed to produce worker bees for global economies. The authority of those selected to represent the voters and taxpayers is already being undermined as charter schools, with their unelected boards, are being used as a transmission belt to the final objective of Distance Learning.'

Additionally, the elites who restrict their own children’s screen time may also be pro-actively addressing health concerns. Last year, an AFP report touched on 'warnings from some researchers that tablets can cause developmental difficulties and problems including autism or attention deficit disorder' for children, warnings which were brushed off by technology experts.

Other reports document how computer monitors, phones and tablets are leading to an increase of eye-related disorders, as well as inducing sleeplessness among 'device-dependent children.' Wireless internet frequencies, which many tablet and ipad devices utilize, have also been linked to potential health risks, such as cancer.

The fact that billionaires consciously limit their children’s device screen time and opt out of public education, while at the same time promoting both for the public, should be red flags signaling a deliberate plot to establish a future workforce comprised of dumbed down Americans."
They drug us up, they dumb us down.

Trying to alert people to the realities that articles such as the above expose is a huge problem when the dumbing-down process has been so successful.

Dewey's machinations saw the oblivious American masses on their way to a standardised curriculum with much of the academic vigour and enquiry removed in the first decade of the last century. The destruction of the grammar schools, alongside the introduction of comprehensive schooling, saw the equally oblivious Brit follow suit half a century later.

Add to this, the mass distractions of technology such as those described above and, before that, film and television, and the intellectual advantage possessed by a tiny elite, who did not have to partake of the process devised for the majority, were soon entrenched and formalised.

The choices made made by Jobs and gates should be the choices all are encouraged to make. This would the case if the Global Elite gave as much of a damn about the rest of us as they pretend.

But they don't, they care about their own. They care about the control they are able to exert in order to maintain the advantages they have over us. That control is more effective the less we are aware of it. Reality disappears momentarily when you're bent over an Ipad. Those who built and own the global village are aware of this.

If you take the teacher out of the classroom and replace her with a computer screen, you are liable to see our grasp of reality disappeared forever. Those who replaced meaningful learning with a 'system that pumps out a nation of mindless worker drones' are aware of this as well.

Such sinister Machiavellians as these are at war with us, ladies and gentlemen, they have been at war with us for a very long time.

If the Ipad is your plaything of choice, do set aside some time to play with it constructively. Use that time to investigate the things they don't want you know. They don't you to know that they are at war with you, that's for sure.

Start your investigations there.

Fiona Woolf, Leon Brittan and institutionalised conflicts of interest

On 14 September 2014, The Daily Mail told us this:
“Historic sex abuse inquiry chief Fiona Woolf has connections going back at least a decade with Leon Brittan, who is accused of involvement in a cover-up when he was Home Secretary… The top commercial lawyer sat in the same magistrates’ court as Lord Brittan’s wife Diana for three years. Mrs Woolf was also a senior figure at the Law Society when it hosted a conference addressed by Lord Brittan…

Last night campaigners accused Mrs Woolf of treating the investigation with contempt, and called on both her and the Home Office to explain how well she knows Lord Brittan. She has refused to say if she declared her potential conflicts of interest in advance, despite calls in Parliament…

Mrs Woolf, 66, has lived in the same upmarket street as the Brittans since 2005; sits on the board of a City conference with the former Minister; gave a £50 donation to his wife for a fun run last year; and judges a business award with her.
Lord Brittan is a key figure in the inquiry because of his involvement in the scandal of hundreds of files on child abuse that the Home Office admitted had been lost or shredded.
Lord Brittan was handed a now-lost dossier in 1983, which he insists he passed on to officials.

Simon Danczuk, the Labour MP who exposed Cyril Smith as a child abuser, said:
‘Both the Home Office and Fiona Woolf need to explain exactly what her relationship is with the Brittans. The more they stonewall, the more suspicious people, particularly victims, will be.’

Mr Danczuk told the Commons he was ‘disturbed’ by the links but his call for a debate was slapped down by William Hague. Now Leader of the House, Mr Hague succeeded Lord Brittan as MP for Richmond in North Yorkshire in 1989 and previously wrote speeches for him. Last night Mr Danczuk said ‘people will draw their own conclusions’ about Mr Hague’s decision.
Peter Saunders, of the National Association for People Abused in Childhood, added: ‘The links between Mrs Woolf and the Brittans will totally undermine the credibility of the inquiry.’
The Judicial Office confirmed Mrs Woolf had sat on cases at City of London Magistrates’ Court when the chairman of the bench was Lady Brittan. Mrs Woolf became a Justice of the Peace in 2007, while Lady Brittan was chair of the bench until 2010. Officials said it would take too long to check if they ever sat on the same cases.

Meanwhile, records show that in October 2005, Leon Brittan gave the opening speech at a conference at the Law Society where Mrs Woolf was vice-president.

Mrs Woolf was questioned about her links to the Brittans last week, but refused to answer…

A spokesman refused to say if Mrs Woolf had declared her links to the Brittans or not, but said: ‘She is an exceptional and highly qualified candidate for this demanding role'."
I guess they would say that, wouldn't they?

And, come to think of it, from their point of view, just like the insider that preceded her, she appears to be the perfect choice. An establishment figure almost guaranteed to obstruct the emergence of the most embarrassing anti-establishment information.

In Elizabeth Butler-Schloss' case, her own brother Michael Havers, a former Attorney-General no less, has been implicated. And Fiona Woolf appears to be an intimate of the Brittans.

Do we think the powers-that-be chose these people by accident? Do we think they were unaware of their embarrassing associations? One presumes they, stupidly, imagined that the press wouldn't find out, or that they could be persuaded to keep these matters dark.

That is often the case. But not here. The media, it seems is out for blood.

Fair play.

'... his call for a debate was slapped down by William Hague... Hague succeeded Lord Brittan as MP for Richmond... and previously wrote speeches for him. 

Mr Danczuk said ‘people will draw their own conclusions’ about Mr Hague’s decision.'

They sure will, Simon. William Hague, like the aforementioned Michael Havers, has been mentioned in paedophilic dispatches. As for his Richmond predecessor, check this out:

Frank Maloney is NOT the greatest interviewer.

More than once I found myself yelling at the monitor during the course of the above interview. 'Shut the f*** up and let the man speak,' was par for the course. However, notwithstanding his interview technique, it is down to the dogged, obsessive and dauntless determination of good-hearted men (and women) like like Frank that the bestial nature of many those who have exercised power over us in recent times is now, slowly, being exposed.

Without such indomitable truth-seekers/tellers as him, the routinely practiced evils discussed in the above interview would never be revealed.

Chris Fay is the epitome of a credible witness. He has, without success, been trying to get the police to investigate the claims he makes for many decades now. They didn't ignore him because the tales he had to tell weren't believable. They did so because, in an age where the lie and the liar rules, he was all too 'credible.'
"Carol Kasir... showed me, I think it was eight photographs of people. There was two of Leon Brittan, there was once of Harvey Proctor (MP) and she had hundreds more in this shoebox...

The Leon Brittan photograph, he was... naked apart from like a little apron and one of those waitresses caps... with a boy aged about twelve sitting on his lap... The boy was naked... I mean, it was an obscene photograph by anybody's description...
Carol Kasir, as I keep trying to tell people, was not some sort of innocent victim in all this, she was a conniving, cunning bitch of a woman, she really was. She knew exactly what she was doing so she would only give us enough to keep us involved, if you know what I mean. To keep on our good side...

And I said to her ‘It’s not good enough Carol I can’t just y’know’, unless you give me the stuff. She wouldn’t do it. What she did eventually agree to do I think about six, eight weeks later she said I could come round and photograph them myself, but unfortunately, of course, shortly after that she was murdered...

(Special Branch was) sitting in a car outside... I mean this shows you how contemptuous the security services and Special Branch were of people... they could do whatever they liked."
It takes a certain kind of man to seek out children to exploit and abuse.

If you ever wondered how we got from what we were and what we had to where we are now and what we have become, it occurs to me that those who would bugger a defenceless child would be just the kind you might wish to recruit if you wanted to bugger up a country.

The controlling evil at the heart of the governance of this country is as ancient as it is profound. Only now, largely because of the ever-increasing, hopefully unstoppable, power of the social media, are the facts emerging.

Thank God and Tim Berners-Lee for the internet.

Just in case you weren't paying attention, here's how you might 'bugger up a country' if you were thus inclined:

It goes without saying that those who aren't 'paying attention' are the second favourite folk of the elite perverts who abuse our children.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

ROTHERHAM: Where is the race/sex-obsessed organisation Liberty?

On 5 September 2014, former Cabinet Minister and Chairman of the Conservative Party, Norman Tebbit, told us this in The Telegraph:
"Almost every day there is yet another revelation in the Rotherham child abuse scandal... Like the Birmingham Trojan Horse affair, the Rotherham scandal underlines the truth of what I have been saying for many years, that no society can have more than one culture. Of course minorities should be free to practise their religion, to eat Kosher, Halal or other foods, but in matters affecting their relationship with the society in which they live, they must accept the rules and practices of the culture of the host society in which they live.

The dangers in Rotherham and Birmingham were clear enough. The authorities, local government, social services, education authorities, and police alike had begun to talk about their relations with 'the community' as though it were a sovereign body and accepting that different codes of conduct applied within it than within the host society...

The authorities had allowed the imposition of Sharia by Islamic courts, even where, as in respect of the rights of women, it conflicted with English law. A blind eye was turned to election practices imported from Pakistan. 
Indeed the evil doctrine of political correctness and the perversions of equality legislation, alongside those foreign election practices were used to intimidate politicians into silence about the scandalous crimes being openly committed.

In consequence those of Asian descent and Muslim religion who would have been well content to integrate into the society to which they, or their parents, had come, to escape from the one into which they had been born, were intimidated into remaining culturally in those countries.

Eventually brave men like the far from uncontroversial Simon Danczuk, Labour MP for Rochdale, had had enough and began to speak out.
But why have they had so little support from those who should have been in the front line of the battle to protect vulnerable young girls? Where is the feminist outcry? Where is that race and sex-obsessed organisation Liberty? I would would have expected this scandal would have been of great interest to Shami Chakrabarti, but there is not much sign of it.
I cannot help but wonder if it had been the Salvation Army which had been abducting and abusing young Asian girls whether these groups would have been so quiet."
I've said it before and I'll say it again.

Not just me (and the entirety of the British Nationalist movement) saying it now, is it?

Behold Rotherham!

After the 2 September 2014 edition of The Socialist Worker tells us that Gordon Jelley, ‘worked as a training officer for social workers in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, between 2005 and 2009,’ the far-left rag quoted him thus:
“The council was under the cosh from New Labour targets after it failed an inspection… Social workers had high caseloads. THEY CAN BE LESS LIKELY TO WANT TO TAKE ON ABUSE CASES BECAUSE THEY KNOW THAT COMES WITH A HEAP OF WORK they don’t have time for. Workers were so busy that they weren’t taking on board what young people were saying…

This is a class issue and a poverty issue, IT’S NOT ABOUT RACE… It’s about how the police treat young, working class people. If you meet police when drunk, travelling in a stolen car, or in possession of drugs they will treat you as a criminal. Their view is that you’re a ‘bad un’, so YOU WILL MAKE UP ALLEGATIONS to try and distract from that.”
Thanks for the ‘under the cosh from New Labour targets’ and ‘how the police treat young, working class people’ (‘criminal’) observations, Gordon. 

No thanks at all for the ‘less likely to want to take on abuse cases… comes with a heap of work,’ not ‘taking on board what young people were saying,’ ‘not about race’ and ‘make up allegations’ b***ocks.

Mr Jelley, who describes himself as a 'Socialist' at Twitter, (@nodrogyellej) is a Unison activist who has written articles for both The Socialist Worker and Socialist Review. Here are some the 537 people and organisations he follows on Twitter:

Harriet Harman and Jack Dromey; (of P.I.E. fame) Martin McGuiness and Gerry Adams (of IRA fame); John Prescott (of ‘Common Purpose’ fame) Sunny Hundal; Mehdi Hasan; Faisal Islam; Sadiq Khan; David Lammy; Diane Abbott; Chuka Umunna; Owen Jones; Billy Bragg; George Galloway; Ed Balls; Will Straw (Jack Straw’s son); Len McLuskey (Unite): Frances O’Grady (TUC boss); Nick Clegg; Ed and David Miliband; David Cameron; the UAF; Hope not Hate; the Fabian Society; the SWP; The Socialist Worker; The Morning Star and CND.

Take 1,400 little girls known to have been gang-raped repeatedly and otherwise massively abused by, for the most part, Pakistani Muslims in just one English Town. Add these to the CV cited above. Then consider the publicity photo both the Socialist Worker and Jelley seem content to broadcast to the world.

Behold Rotherham.

According to Pat Keenan, the President of Rotherham Trades Council, what happened to the 1,400 at the hands of the alien is a ‘racist myth.’

After it became known that the EDL were about to hold a rally in Rotherham on Saturday 6 September 2014, he said this:
“The overwhelming majority of people reject the EDL’s attempt to use racism to divide our society. Their attempts to spread RACIST MYTHS ABOUT SEXUAL EXPLOITATION must be exposed and challenged. They seek to blame one community for society’s problems…

Sexual predators and paedophiles exist in all communities, as do their victims…

Recently the EDL were prevented from marching through Walthamstow in London due to a fantastic show of unity from the local community...
There’s no place for Nazis, racists or their allies in Rotherham’s multiracial, multicultural and multi-faith community.”
Behold Rotherham.

Friday, 5 September 2014

In the Foreign Office there was a great kerfuffle

On 22 August 2014, Tony Blair's former Europe Minister and expenses jailbird, Denid MacShane, blew the whistle thus in The Huffington Post:
"For the City and the ruling Conservatives under Margaret Thatcher and John Major it was vital not to challenge the Wahabi creed of Saudi Arabia whose arms purchases and oil sales made London rich. More recently the Gulf States like Qatar which openly fund hard-line Islamism bank-roll politicians with huge fees for boring speeches and keep much of the UK luxury life-style business in handsome profits.

The Royal Family are complicit in rolling out red carpets for men from the Gulf whose world view is based on oppression, and denial of key human values like religious freedom, respect for women's rights as well as intellectual inquiry, media freedom and gay rights.

Inside Britain there has been a 25 year long growth of Islamist ideology which has sunk roots in organisations that have influence with Britain's 2.7 million Muslims. Many of these come from poor families still rooted in village patriarchical traditions in Kashmir or Bangladesh. Unemployment rates in these communities is much higher than is realised and education attainment often low.

The insistence on bringing over spouses, young women and men, from the sub-continent who can barely read or write English reproduces poverty and disintegration. The TV channels are tuned to Pakistan stations, the papers read are in Urdu, the religious services are not in English and men and women never co-mingle at public events.

None of this is challenged because any such challenge is condemned as either racist or an assault on multicultural values. As an FCO minister in November 2003 I had to deal with an Islamist attack on the British consulate in Istanbul in which 26 people, including a young woman diplomat from Manchester, were killed. At the same time, a 24 year old Muslim from South Yorkshire had gone out to Tel Aviv encouraged by the relentless hate of the Islamists and their fellow-travellers like George Galloway for Israel. He was tasked to kill Jews but instead pressed the wrong button and blew himself up.

In a speech to my constituency I said it was 'time for the elected and community leaders of British Muslims to make a choice: the British way, based on political dialogue and non-violent protests, or the way of the terrorists against which the whole democratic world is uniting.'

The heavens fell in. The Guardian and Observer and World at One made it a major story as British Muslim organisations called my remarks 'outrageous' and 'disgraceful.' Shahid Malik, then a Labour MP, who saw himself as the parliamentary spokesperson for British Muslims attacked me openly as did Trevor Philips from the Commission for Racial Equality.
In the Foreign Office there was a great kerfuffle. Jack Straw, the Foreign Secretary, spent an inordinate amount of time cosseting his Muslim constituents in Blackburn. He had brought in an official from the Muslim Council of Britain to advise the FCO on outreach to Islamist outfit like the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. To attack their values was heresy. I was told I was close to being fired as a minister unless I signed some grovelling climb-down which as a coward I did...

Perhaps if all politicians, journalists and intellectuals had told the truth about Islamism, ten, or better twenty years ago Britain might have been equipped to understand what drives British citizens to go out and commit these atrocities."
I loathe Denis MacShane.

In parliament he was the epitome of the PC anti-Brit, sneering at much we might approve of. He was also as tub-thumping and onside a Zionist as you could find in an environment where only 'friends of Israel' are likely to progress.

However, when the Devil tells the truth, I'm happy to quote him and MacShane tells the truth here.

Interestingly, he not only spills the beans on Jack Straw, who is Jewish, he also tells us this:

"When the Stern Gang hanged two British soldiers who had been abducted in Palestine in 1948. British Jews were told they had to stand up against terrorism and denounce the atrocity - for which Israel has never apologised or paid compensation to the murdered victims' families."

A little bit of off-message history that I'm sure he would have kept to himself if he'd still been a-slithering up the old greasy political pole.

P.S. The above essay was written BEFORE the report into mass paedophilia in Rotherham was made public.

More than 1,400 very young girls, almost all of whom were English, were subject to massive and ongoing brutality at the hands of, for the most part, Pakistani Muslims.

A report into these matters was presented to the authorities as early as 2002 but it was covered-up.

The police, councillors, social workers and, as can be seen here, the Jack Straws, all played their part.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

The coming false flag attacks

If you ever wanted to know the real reason for all the wars America fights, and seems to want to fight, these days (dragging us along in its wake), this video will tell you.

Suffice it to say, America creates its own problems in order to be able to solve them. In the process those who run the country enrich themselves at the expense of whichever relatively innocent opponent it has targeted.

Listen to what this guy has to say.

You'll see what I mean.

Rotherham, Common Purpose and routine evil in England

I generally baulk at publishing Pat Condell's work because he so steadfastly refuses to criticise Zion, no matter what it does.

But this is different. This is as brilliant and precisely accurate a deconstruction of commonplace PC evil as it you're likely to witness and all should check it out.

What occurred, and is still occurring in Rotherham, is happening everywhere in our country nowadays and it must be stopped. And not only must we stop the bestial immigrant from abusing our little girls, we must also punish their insane, far left sponsors to the max.

If you do not agree with this perfectly reasonable statement after viewing the video above, you are very much a part of the problem.

In 2012, Joyce Thacker, the Strategic Director of Children and Young People's Services at Rotherham Council, underwrote the decision to remove three children from their foster parents because they were members of the UK Independence Party. 

The 25 November 2012 issue of The Daily Mail quoted her thus:
"When it became clear to us that the couple had political affiliations to UKIP we had to seriously think about the longer term needs of the children. We have to think about their clear statement on ending multiculturalism, for example. The children were from EU migrant backgrounds and UKIP has very clear statements on ending multiculturalism which might be sensitive to these children."
Er, Joyce, you know the 1,400 little girls, almost all of them English natives, who were gang raped, tortured and prostituted by Pakistani-heritage paedophiles? Do you have any evidence of the sensitivity you showed to them when they were subject to said treatment?

The Mail added:
"She said there was no ‘quality of care’ issue with the couple, the husband is a former Navy reservist who works with disabled people and the wife is a qualified nursery nurse, only that they were UKIP members."
'Quality of care?'

Ironic, huh?

Joyce Thacker is a 'Common Purpose graduate.' 

Sarah Champion, who became Rotherham's MP in 2013, is also a 'Common Purpose graduate.'

I tweeted Ms Champion, queried the 95% statistic and asked her to provide a bona fide link.

She did not do so.

On 2 September 2014, The Daily Telegraph told us this:
"David Cameron is facing questions over his ties to a charity linked to the campaign for tougher regulation of the Press. The Prime Minister officially declared in a newly published register of ministerial interests that he is patron of an initiative run by Common Purpose, a leadership organisation whose founders set up one of the most vocal lobbying groups for media regulation.

The initiative, Dishaa Venture, aims to build links between India and Britain and was launched in Bangalore by the Prime Minister in July 2010. He addresses participants in its programme each year.

However, Mr Cameron failed to declare the post for at least two years despite two opportunities to do so in official registers."
The Wonko's World website tells us this:
"UK Indymedia has a list with some of Common Purpose’s clients.
They include police forces, the Scottish Executive, schools and universities, councils, churches, newspapers, prisons, government departments and some big household names.
The founder of Common Purpose, Julia Middleton, was JOHN PRESCOTT’S HEAD OF PERSONNEL SELECTION when he was (New Labour) Deputy Prime Minister and creating the regional assemblies."
According to Wonko, Common Purpose was funded to the tune of almost £1,200,000 by the New Labour government. A breakdown of this funding can be found at the site.

Common Purpose has been described as a hidden virus in our government and schools'

Here's an American take on the Rotherham paedophiles and their LibLabCon sponsors.

Two quotes:
"Police and local officials knew what was happening and did nothing."
"It's a national problem."
It's a problem created DELIBERATELY by an elite group of utterly undemocratic social engineers who forced mass immigration upon the British people.

Entirely against their will.

The animals at the top of the tree ARE at war with us, ladies and gentlemen.

Immigrants are their footsoldiers, political correctness and the media brainwash their weapons of mass destruction.

Your children and grandchildren suffer terribly in this ghastly totalitarian age because of what you allowed to pass.

What you continue, even now, to vote for.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014


On 2 September 2014, after a report was published saying that more than 1,400 young girls, had been massively abused in one small English town by, for the most part, Muslim paedophiles, Home Secretary, Theresa May, said this in parliament:
“Professor Alexis Jay’s report into child sexual exploitation in Rotherham between 1997 and 2013 is a terrible account of the appalling failures by Rotherham council and by the police and other agencies to protect vulnerable children. It was a complete dereliction of duty.

It makes for shocking reading. 1,400 children, on a conservative estimate, sexually exploited, raped by multiple perpetrators, trafficked to other towns and cities, abducted, beaten, intimidated.
Like the rest of the house, I was appalled to read about these victims and the horrific experiences to which they were subjected. Many also suffered the injustice of seeing their cries for help ignored and the perpetrators not yet brought to justice. There can be no excuse for that…

The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government shares my concerns over the failings by Rotherham Council that have been identified. This includes the inadequate scrutiny by councillors, institutionalised political correctness, the covering up of information and the failure to take action against gross misconduct…

I am clear that cultural concerns, both the fear of being seen to be racist and the frankly disdainful attitude to some of our most vulnerable children must never stand in the way of child protection...

We know that child sexual exploitation happens in all communities. There is no excuse for it in any of them. And there is never any excuse for failing to bring the perpetrators to justice.

The abuse of children is a particularly vile crime and one this Government is determined to stop."
You want to stop it, Theresa?

Stop importing the sick f***ers! And send the paedos, the drug dealers, the benefit scroungers, the hate preachers, the ISIS jihadis, those who sympathise with ISIS and the Yasmin Alibhai-Browns back!

Be nice if you could string up a few of the ISIS types and the odd paedo rapist as well but, hey, the speech above, apart from the obligatory PC insert, ‘child sexual exploitation happens in all communities,’ is a minor miracle, so we won’t push it.

Not just me saying it now, is it? They’re all at it.

As for doing something about it…

Watch this space.

On 1 August 2014, The BBC reported thus:
“A Home Office researcher who wrote a report into the sexual exploitation of children in Rotherham has said she faced ‘hostility’ from the council. Her inquiries in 2002 indicated there were then more than 270 victims. Last week, a report revealed more than 1,400 were abused from 1997 to 2013…

When the researcher began to share her findings with the council, she told them most of the perpetrators being named were from the British Pakistani community. She said she was taken aback by the response from one official.

‘They said you must never refer to that again, you must never refer to Asian men. Another response was to book me on a two-day ethnicity and diversity course to raise my awareness of ethnic issues’.”
Accusing the council of being involved in the unauthorised removal of info from her office, she added:
“They'd gained access to the office and taken my data, so out of the number of filing cabinets there was one drawer emptied and it was emptied of my data. It had to be an employee of the council…

Some of the stories that I heard very early on were just so graphic that I don't think I will ever forget them. I was collecting data on who the perpetrators were, what cars they were using, their grooming methods, their offending methods, and what I was also collecting, was information on professional responses.”
The BBC continued:
“A chapter of her draft report contained severe criticisms of agencies working to tackle the abuse including ‘alleged indifference towards, and ignorance of, child sexual exploitation on the part of senior managers.’ It also stated: ‘Responsibility was continuously placed on young people's shoulders rather than with the suspected abusers.’

Her report was never published. And the council even tried unsuccessfully to get the researcher sacked.”
Anyone out there going to vote for a system that ensured twelve more years of gang rape and brutality was inflicted upon the most vulnerable members of our society?

Anyone going to vote for a system that put the welfare and happiness of the Pakistani paedophile before that of the very young English girls he was tormenting?

‘You must never refer to Asian men... A two-day ethnicity and diversity course to raise (your) awareness of ethnic issues.’

If I was the boss I’d find the person who said this, try them for treason, find them guilty and execute them. Then I’d find all the others.

If I was the boss, the executioner would be in for plenty of overtime.

On 30 August 2014, former MP, Ann Cryer said this in The Guardian:

"The really sad aspect of it is that many of these girls could have been spared. If only I had known what was going on in Rotherham... I simply thought it was a purely local issue that emanated from Keighley… If I'd known, I could have said, 'We need a national policy on this.' I was on [the Labour party's national executive] at the time, so I would have been in a good position to press for that. But no one talked about it...
They ('enlightened mothers, members of the Labour party, women who I would never in a million years have described as racist') said the girls were being used for sex by them and handed around... the families of these lads. This was under-age sex. These girls were well below 16. The mothers said, 'We understand it's a criminal offence even if it's consensual', which I said was quite right. And they said to me, 'Why is it that West Yorkshire police won't do anything about it, social services won't do anything about it, when we have given them the names and addresses of the men abusing our daughters?...

They found constant excuses not to do anything. You would think it would be clear-cut, these girls were too young to consent, but police kept saying it wouldn't get to trial because these girls wouldn't give evidence. They thought these lads were their boyfriends. They thought they were going to get married. But no. Most of these lads were already married to a cousin from Pakistan."
After learning that the News of the World had offered seven Keighley mothers £1,000 each to tell their story, Cryer said:
"I thought, if this happens, knowing the way the News of the World would handle it, it would cause chaos and ruin any sort of race relations that we had. We could have race riots, the works."
So she asked a Muslim councillor of Pakistani heritage, to approach Pakistani elders 'with a list of 35 names and addresses of the alleged perpetrators.'
"He said to the imams, 'Ann Cryer would like you to go around to these families and explain that this behaviour is totally un-Islamic.' But the upshot was that the elders allegedly said, 'Go back to Ann Cryer and tell her it's nothing to do with us'...

What male MPs from similar areas to Bradford and Keighley would say to me from time to time was, 'Oh, you're so brave taking up these issues' – either forced marriages or grooming of girls. I would think, 'Well, it wouldn't need so much bravery if people like you would support me'... 

There must have been councillors and MPs, I think, all over the country who knew what was going on but were terrified. It's a genuine fear, to be terrified of being labelled a racist. No one wants to be called a racist, least of all someone who isn't a racist."
BNP leader, Nick Griffin, contested her seat in the 2005 general election, Cryer says:
"His reason for challenging me: 'She didn't do enough to protect those white girls'."
Cryer says this of Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London at the time:
"Ken was convinced I had got it all wrong. He was so politically correct, he was off this planet at that time, was Ken."
Livingstone responded thus:
"Paedophilia is clearly fairly prevalent in every culture and faith, depressingly much more than we thought. The idea that Islam would be exempt from paedophilia is rubbish." 
Denis MacShane, the ghastly former Europe Minister, expenses fraudster and MP for Rotherham from 1992 to 2012, admits in the Guardian article that he may not have done enough about the institutionally condoned evil prevalent in his constituency because he was a 'Guardian-reading liberal leftie.' He added:
"I think there was a culture of not wanting to rock the multicultural community boat... If you read my prison diaries, I praise a lady, an MP called Ann Cryer, who did raise the problem of cousin marriage and patriarchy, of the oppression of women within bits of the Muslim community in Britain."
So what does Cryer think now:
"To tell you the truth I don't give a damn... I'm out of it all. But the feelings linger on for how wrong it was for people to misjudge me in this way."
Apparently, some of her parliamentary peers called the poor, misjudged former MP a 'racist.' 

What a shame, eh? What a shame that, uppermost in the mind of an ageing Labour insider, who, over a decade before, thought that bringing Pakistani paedophilia with English girls to the attention of the British people might 'ruin race relations,' are her own hurt 'feelings.'

Her 'Guardian-reading liberal leftie' colleagues accused her of being a 'racist' for trying to do the right thing by her constituents. Life is hard, Ann. particularly when you're on the right side of the facts when the wrong side is in power.

Here are a few obvious truths made even more obvious by the confessions noted in the article above:

1)  'Many of these girls could have been spared.'

Damn right. The treacherous self-service, cowardice and lack of concern for England's most vulnerable children will have seen, if Rotherham is in any way typical, tens of thousands of these gang raped, prostituted and otherwise tormented by bestial immigrant perverts.

2)  'No one talked about it.'

Oh, but they did. Those whose careers mattered more than the health and happiness of our children didn't WANT to talk about it but BNP and National Front 'racists', those whom Cryer and the rest of the parliamentary and media rabble have always done their best to demonise, were speaking out these matters and trying to warn the British people long before Cryer ever got involved.

3)  'This was under-age sex. These girls were well below 16.'

It was, as the Keighley mothers concluded 'a criminal offence.' yet 'West Yorkshire police' and 'social services' wouldn't 'do anything about it.' Even after the mothers had done half the police's job for them by providing 'the names and addresses of the men abusing' their daughters.

4)  The cops and the social workers 'found constant excuses not to do anything.'

5)  Most of the perverts 'were already married to a cousin from Pakistan.'

6)  We would have had 'chaos... race riots, the works' if The News of the World had told us then what the Rotherham report is telling us now.

Cryer was wrong. It's much worse now and we are not rioting. Perhaps she meant that the Pakistani community would riot for having such sordid behaviours exposed? If so, she was wrong about that as well.

7)  Pakistani elders were approached 'with a list of 35 names and addresses of the alleged perpetrators... The upshot was... 'it's nothing to do with us'.'

8)  'Male MPs from similar areas to Bradford and Keighley would say to me from time to time was, 'Oh, you're so brave taking up these issues'

So, what was happening, in Keighley at least, was common knowledge in Westminster in 2002. 

9)  'Councillors and MPs... all over the country... knew what was going on but were terrified. It's a genuine fear, to be terrified of being labelled a racist.'

So there we have it in black and white, those we elect to serve our needs do no such thing. they serve their own. 'All over the country' these were more concerned not to 'rock the multicultural community boat' and, one must presume, via such inaction, to see their careers progress unimpeded by accusations of 'racism.'

10)  BNP leader, Nick Griffin, contested her seat in the 2005 general election because Cryer 'didn't do enough to protect those white girls'.

Griffin was right, wasn't he? She didn't. Cryer may have done more than any other parliamentarian to get something done but when the rest are died-in-the-wool traitors to their tribe, you don't have to do much to be better than them.

11)  Ken Livingstone 'was so politically correct.' Even now his response to Rotherham is 'paedophilia is clearly fairly prevalent in every culture and faith.'

Check out the kind of lies this monstrous anti-Brit was prepared to tell to keep the 'multicultural community boat' afloat, below.

That we have been betrayed isn't in doubt. That those we vote for are the most immoral and despicable of us isn't in doubt either. But do the British people, as we are currently constituted, after half a century of dumbing-down, drugging up and PC propaganda, still 'give a damn?'

Cryer doesn't.

Anyone out there think I'm too hard on her?

She was, after all, just about the only MP who ever tried to get something done. Let's take a look at what she was saying back then.
"My hope is that this adverse publicity will embarrass these young men into more appropriate behaviour." (This is Bradford - 26 August 2003)
Wow! I bet that put the fear of God into those Asian gang-bangers! Such a dire threat was bound to make the paedos get down on their knees and beg Allah for forgiveness before Annie came round and embarrassed them all into behaving themselves!

The embarrassment thing, as we have seen, did not work.
"There is a very strong cultural reason, it's nothing to do with the religion, lets make it quite clear, its to do with the Asian culture, which wants these young men to marry these very young girls from their village... and as with any other young men, they are seeking relationships elsewhere, and the sophisticated white woman wouldn't have anything to do with them because they understand that at the end of the day, they are just seeking sex not genuine relationships and therefore the only outlet left to them is to look for very young girls through this organised sex ring." (Channel 4 - 22 August 2003)
Poor Mohammed and Sanjay, eh? 'The only outlet left to them' was 'to look for very young girls.' I mean, did Cryer really expect us to sympathise? She went on to say:
"I tried hard to get the local community to deal with the problem, but all I got was a slap in the face... I have been told that I have brought the Myrapore community into disrepute... In Keighley, the view is don't talk about things to do with Asians. I'm not after these young lads going to prison".
Why not, for goodness sake?
"Some of these men, they are born and raised in Britain, but expect to behave like they come from a rural village in Pakistan... some Imams I believe demonise white girls, and these are the repercussions".
Curiously truthful here, Ms. Cryer.

In respect of the Bradford riots, Cryer is on record as having said:
"My view is that the riots were led by a criminal minority responding to Fascist taunts. Do they and many other young Asian males in Bradford feel that they have little, if any, stake in the United Kingdom's growing prosperity... Do those young men feel disaffected, disenfranchised and let down by their country of birth? Do they ask why all the qualifications, good jobs, nice houses and powerful cars seem to go to the whites?" (The Tribune - 29 August 2003)
So, according to Cryer, the Bradford riots, and presumably all the other riots seen in Britain in 2001 and 2002, were actually the fault of 'Fascists,' who were white and British, I suppose. Oh, and the riots were also the fault of the British establishment, which is, of course true, but hardly because they have been seeking to ensure that 'Asian males in Bradford' felt they had 'little, if any, stake in the United Kingdom's growing prosperity.'

Cryer obviously thought the authorities should be doing more for all those poor Asian youngsters who felt 'disaffected, disenfranchised and let down.' Perhaps the riots were actually a cry for help from a downtrodden minority who only wanted to know 'why all the qualifications, good jobs, nice houses and powerful cars' seemed 'to go to the whites.'

Two simple questions to the 'white' people of Keighley and Bradford. Do you all have a good job, a nice house and a powerful car? Have those of you who don't ever rioted?

In the same article Cryer informs us that:
"The advantages of integration will be easier to achieve when... whites and Asians recognise that there can be gain only from all sides living together in peace and understanding. The alternative is a Belfast-like situation in which we will all be the losers".
The Keighley electorate elect someone to, hopefully, represent their interests in Parliament. That person then tells them that they, who did not riot, 'will be the losers' if they don't make an effort to live together 'in peace and understanding' with those who did. She also tells us that, if the 'whites' do not accept this state of affairs, the only other alternative is 'a Belfast-like situation.' That would be Belfast at the height of the troubles, I suppose.

I don't know about you, but that sounded like a threat to me. A threat from an MP who didn't appear to be altogether supportive of those whose ancestors are all buried here.

On 24 January 2003, after the BNP's Adrian Marsden had won the council seat of Mixenden in Halifax, Cryer said this:
"These are ugly human beings dressed in nice new suits. They cause division and peddle hurtful policies. The Labour Party will fight them".
Four days after he was elected, Adrian was parking his car when he was viciously attacked by a gang of men. They were never apprehended. On 24 January 2003, BBC News reported Cryer as saying:
"The BNP... like to prey on people's fears, they attempt to whip up division against other people. These people dress in nice smart suits but underneath them they are the same ugly human beings trying to bring division wherever they go".
Over the years, the deliberate governmental suppression of any information which might offend the Asian communities allowed the depraved behaviours of the worst within those communities to go unchallenged. 

The price has been paid by the youngest and most vulnerable within the indigenous, white community.

The various Nationalist groupings saw it as their duty to tell the British people about situations like that which occurred in Rotherham and Keighley when the media and the government would not. Ann Cryer and co. ALWAYS castigated them for doing so.

They are doing so now, as we speak.

In September 2004, Cryer was of the opinion that the three mainstream parties should work together against Angela Clarke, the BNP candidate, whom the voters of Keighley's Guardhouse ward seemed to be favouring. As a result, an all-party candidate was put up against her. The voters didn't care for these political shenanigans, however, and Mrs. Clarke won the seat. Ann Cryer, subsequently,denounced the Guardhouse voters thus:
"I'm ashamed of them. They are very thick and don't know what they are voting for."
If the lady who is now so self-righteously vocal in her condemnation of those 'who knew what was going on' and the 'politically correct' establishment had had the courage to work WITH those who cared more for England's children than their careers back then, it's entirely likely that the problem of Muslim-on-white paedophilia would have been dealt with long ago.

But she didn't and, consequently, it's still here and more of a problem than ever.

On 31 August 2014, Simon Danczuk, MP for Rochdale, said this in The Daily Telegraph:
“There are cultural issues around the way politics are done in the Asian community which have to change. Politics are done differently in Pakistan, it is a cultural difference we have imported some of that into some of these northern towns and cities and I think we have to face up to the fact that we can’t carry on doing politics like that. It is not healthy and the direct consequence is that we end up having to tackle issues like has been faced in Rotherham… 
Pressure was applied, that’s what will have happened to Denis MacShane and he went along with it… 
Being an Asian councillor isn’t an easy job… the pressure on some of the Asian councillors is immense… The amount of casework compared to white areas is completely different, the community almost owns you. Yyou are expected to deliver or they will vote you out… 
If you don’t conform you will be voted out.”
‘Politics are done differently in Pakistan.’ It’s what your PC pals in parliament call ‘diversity’, Simon. It’s enriching, you see. 1,400 little girls repeatedly raped enriches us almost as much as it does them. That why utterly fabulous folk like Denis MacShane, Rotherham’s MP for 21 years, never speak out. They want us to be enriched by every last enricher under the sun.

You’re a good bloke. Simon. One the few who dares to tell it as it is.

Keep up the good work.

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