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Janner failed to answer - then and now

Since Jimmy Savile’s predatory behaviours became widely known, proof of paedophilia at the highest levels has emerged from the media cesspit. 

Stuart Hall, Rolf Harris and publicist, Max Clifford, are all now in jail. Latterly rumours of even more outrageous and long-standing perversion have been echoing around the corridors of power.

I wonder, when did you become aware of all this? Wikipedia says:
“In October 2012, almost a year after his death, an ITV documentary examined claims of sexual abuse by Savile and led to extensive media coverage and a substantial and rapidly growing body of witness statements and sexual abuse claims, including accusations against public bodies for covering up or failure of duty.”
Unless, you were directly affected by Savile and co., or you were a part of a small body of whistleblowers intent on having the truth told, most of you will have been oblivious to the sordid nature of some of the most powerful celebrities in the land until then.

Wikipedia also says this about former Lib Dem MP, Cyril Smith:
“In May 1979, a local underground magazine, the Rochdale Alternative Press, alleged that in the 1960s Smith had spanked and sexually abused teenage boys in a hostel he co-founded. The matter was investigated by the police but Smith was not prosecuted. 
The story was repeated in the same month by the satirical magazine Private Eye… 

The Press Office of the then leader of the Liberal Party, Sir David Steel, at the time (1979) in a 'Lib–Lab pact' with James Callaghan, commented: ‘All he seems to have done is spanked a few bare bottoms.’ 
In November 2012, speaking in the House of Commons, Simon Danczuk, the Labour MP for Rochdale, Smith's old seat, called for an inquiry into the alleged abuse.”
It is interesting and perhaps instructive to note that, despite Simon and the ITV documentary getting stuck into the bad guys less than a month apart, attention has been focused four square upon media celebrity and the corridors of parliamentary power have been left relatively unexposed to the glare of intrusive publicity.

Indeed, Sir Greville Janner, at the pinnacle of Jewish affairs and politics for many years in this country, was recently allowed to claim dementia as a defence against prosection! On 9 July 2014, The Daily Mirror told us this:
"A Labour peer facing more than 20 allegations of historical child abuse looks set to avoid prosecution after doctors said he was unfit to be quizzed because he has dementia. The member of the House of Lords will not be interviewed or arrested by police investigating the alleged sexual assaults, which include claims of rape, on vulnerable boys in children’s homes.”
No doubt the parliamentary brotherhood will be playing a whole host of similar get out of jail free cards in the future when called upon to explain historical deviance. Anyway, the ‘underground’ whistleblowers didn’t whistle loud enough back in 1979 because, as Wikipedia tells us, Cyril Smith was not prosecuted.

In 1991, Janner was interviewed by the police after he was named as an abuser in court.

The Ian Katz (himself Jewish) article opposite appeared in The Evening Standard shortly afterwards. Then, as now, Janner was left unmolested by prosecution. Any investigation into his behaviours was also terminated back then. But, though this was the end of the matter as far as officialdom was concerned, others were not so prepared to be fobbed off.

Just as British Nationalists were warning the rest of us about paedophilic criminality within the Muslim community decades before anyone else, they also saw to it that Janner’s activities did not pass into history unscrutinised.

The 4-page leaflet ‘Janner FAILS to answer ‘Sex With Boy’ Evidence’ was published on 20 January 1992. 

The first page may be seen below.

"Greville Janner's statements on these matters in the privileged environs of the House of Commons did not constitute a full answer to the allegations against him; they were merely a cunningly scripted general denial presented as part of a carefully stage-managed public relations exercise in which a small but noisy claque of friends on the floor of the House and other friends looking on from the Press Gallery played pre-arranged parts...  
Greville Janner has a lot of explaining to do..."
22 years later, a cynical dementia defence saw to it that explanations would not be forthcoming from a suspected paedophile with 'the power to regulate all our lives.'

Nationalism kept up the pressure and, in July 1995, the 24 page booklet 'Is Greville Janner QC, MP ABOVE THE LAW?' was published.

Pressure, alas, was not forthcoming from the establishment and Janner remained, until recently, entirely free of mainstream scrutiny.

On 3 December 1991, after Frank Beck had accused him of paedophilia during his trial, Janner, who was then MP for Leicester West, said this in the House of Commons:
"Anyone involved in a trial can make any allegations they wish about anyone else, provided that the judge cannot disallow them as irrelevant, however harmful, horrendous and vile the lies may be. Those whose representations are attacked are forbidden even to deny the allegations. To do so would be a criminal offence, contempt of court. 
As the House knows, Frank Beck of Leicester was convicted of a series of filthy and most serious crimes... He called Paul Winston as a witness. Long ago, when Winston was a deprived youngster living in a Leicestershire children's home, my family and I tried, unsuccessfully, to help him... 
After I had refused to provide Beck with references and shortly before Beck's trial was due to begin, they combined to make disgraceful, contemptible and totally untrue allegations of criminal conduct against me. Their motive was made blazingly clear by a letter that I received only yesterday from a former cellmate of Beck's... He writes that Beck told him that he, Beck, was going to frame me... To that end, Beck had enlisted the help of Winston...
The allegations against me were precisely as the prosecution alleged in Beck's trial, an attempted diversion from the reality of Beck's guilt... Is it not horrendous that Beck and Winston were able to make such terrible and lying accusations against me in court and that the media could, and with honourable exceptions did, report these falsehoods, all under the cloak of absolute privilege?  
I had effectively no legal rights in the matter, and I was not allowed even to nail the lies. No wonder many people were mystified by my uncharacteristic silence, it was imposed by the cruel operation of the rules on contempt... As a Member of Parliament, I am now well placed to fight back... 
We ourselves have received nothing but kindness, confidence and concern. We are very grateful. We are deeply blessed with our friends, not least those on both sides of the House and our friends in Leicester West. 
Surely there should now be a swift review of these injustices in our law and its practice. Surely it must be wrong for people who have no part in a trial to be open to venomous, preposterous attacks, with no remedy, no recompense and, above all, no right of reply. Surely others should not be forced to suffer as we have done. If such a review does lead to a just and useful alteration in the operation of the law of contempt, we shall not have suffered in vain."
Here, then, Janner calls for a change in 'our law and its practice.' As regards 'the right of reply,' other than in the privileged confines of Westminster surrounded by his cronies, I am not aware of such a 'reply.' Janner kept schtum. Wouldn't you have thought, if he had nothing to hide, that he might have tried to 'nail the lies' in a national newspaper? Certainly, any one of them would have been keen to offer him the opportunity.

Janner's 'cronies' were out in force during the debate. All were full of sympathy and praise and all echoed his call for a change in the law. Thankfully, Nicholas Lyell, the Solicitor General, wasn't as keen on such a change as the rest of the chamber.

Those who spoke up forcibly for Janner were, his fellow Jews, Ivan  Lawrence and Alex Carlile; Keith Vaz; David Ashby; Michael Latham; Sir John Farr, Simon Burns; Patrick Cormack; John Marshall;  Merlyn Rees; Gwynneth Dunwoody; Roland Boye and Derek Foster.

The British people voted for these. They voted for them because they did not know what manner of people they were. What manner of company they kept, what they really stood for and who they would defend without question.

Do we think that none of the above were aware of Janner's sexual preferences and predilections? Perhaps, when the whole truth is known, one or two of the MPs that spoke out in that 3 December 1991 debate might turn out to be as debauched as the former MP for Leicester West?

We shall see.

The comments of the above may be viewed in Hansard here.

Nationalism is still speaking out powerfully against the elite paedophile.

On 15 July 2014, Nick Griffin said this at the BNP web site:

"The unexpected resignation of the warmongering Foreign Secretary William Hague is of course welcome. But does the timing of Hague’s departure hold clues as to why he’s gone?
This website has previously highlighted the facts of Hague’s close connection with his former flatmate, Alan Duncan, the openly gay Tory MP who Hague used to run the secret Foreign Office team that worked with oil-trading giant Vitol to help fund the jihadist rebels who overthrew Libya’s President Gadhafi and plunged his once stable country in chaos. 
Hague was introduced to Tory politics as a precocious 16 year-old. He was groomed for high office early on and was a long-term associate of Leon Brittan, even ‘inheriting’ his seat in the Commons, Richmond in North Yorkshire. 
Rumours have swirled around Brittan for decades, as is shown by this old cover of Private Eye. 
More recently, of course, it is Brittan who is now exposed as having ‘forgotten’ about the VIP paedophile dossier handed to him by campaigning Conservative MP Geoffrey Dickens. 
Young William went on to share a flat with Alan Duncan, not just once but actually moving with him several times. One of the flats later used by Hague was in the notorious Dolphin Square complex, where residents have spoken of finding young rent boys wandering around lost and asking for the addresses of one or other of the number of MPs who live there. 
In the 1990's the now-defunct Scallywag journal, published details of a vile boy brothel being used there by politicians and other VIPs. Details are, fortunately, still easily found online. 
In early September 2010, a number of newspapers including The Daily Telegraph, The Independent and Daily Mail published stories about the fallout from allegations surrounding Hague's friendship with 25-year-old Christopher Myers, a history graduate from Durham University whom he employed as a parliamentary special adviser. 
A spokesperson stated that "Any suggestion that the Foreign Secretary's relationship with Chris Myers is anything other than a purely professional one is wholly inaccurate and unfounded."
The rest of Griffin's extensive and revelatory article may be seen here.

Anyway, ladies and gents, You may rest assured that, no matter how desperate the powers-that-be are to kick these matters into the long grass, the many stalwart Scallywag types, the victims themselves and British Nationalism will NEVER let the subject rest until the full horror is exposed and the guilty parties who still survive are punished. 

Sunday, 13 July 2014

The Talibanisation of British childhood

On 6 August 2010, Yasmin’ Alibhai-Brown’s essay: 'The Talibanisation of British childhood,’ appeared in The Star. In this she said:
“A furious Asian father was tearing up the picture his child had drawn. He recognised me and came across to say hello. I asked him what his child had done that had made him so angry. He explained that according to his Islamic mentors, drawing pictures of people was forbidden. I was flabbergasted.

This was in the middle of Britain’s multicultural capital, a modern metropolis, not some dusty backstreet in Kabul. I asked the man if he owned a camera.

‘Yes,’ he replied. ‘And a video camera.’ So I asked why was it acceptable for him to take pictures, but not for his child to draw a stick figure.

‘The madrasa teacher told me children are not allowed to,’ he said, referring to the places of religious instruction for Muslim children…

Such fundamentalist beliefs about parenthood are not uncommon. Teachers, lecturers, community, youth and social workers have told me many more such stories of the suppression of simple childhood pleasures in the name of Islam.

The Muslim Council of Britain confirmed that music lessons are likely to be ‘unacceptable’ to 10% of Muslims. What should be a simple pleasure is instead seen as a symbol of moral decadence…

Many inner-city teachers have told me they feel paralysed by extreme demands. Brainwashed Muslim parents ask school librarians not to lend their children storybooks… Teddy bears and pets are also branded un-Islamic.

I have met Muslim lawyers and academics who have turned to Taliban-style beliefs. These men propagate Wahhabism, the backward Saudi belief system followed by al-Qaida and espoused by hate preachers such as Omar Bakri and Anjem Choudary.

The rapid spread of rigid, diehard Islam is deeply worrying. Yet those in power, focused on terrorist cells, seem oblivious to this other peril. For many of us Muslims, this creeping Talibanisation of childhood is unendurable…

I could never have imagined, nine years on, that our politicians and Muslim ‘leaders’ here would allow their twisted ideology to spread across Britain. Taliban devotees are in our schools, playgrounds, homes, mosques, political parties, public service, private firms and universities…

Eye-watering amounts of Saudi money goes into promoting Wahhabism in mosques, religious schools, imams, conferences and trips to Saudi Arabia. The result is utterly corrosive, in particular for women and children who are paying the social price for fundamentalism.

Invaluable educational activities and ordinary pleasures are considered sinful. If this was happening in any other nation, we would be condemning it loudly…

Why are we fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan and indulging Taliban values here? (Why indeed!)

The powerful must find a way of stopping Islamicists from promulgating their distorted creed. If they don’t, the future is bleak for Muslims and the country.”
The future is bleak all right.

As is the present for many British people. As was the past. Ever since the aliens began piling in to our country, the majority have been denading that those they vote for do something to hold back the tide.

They never did. In fact, most governments since Eden’s time encouraged it.

Thing is, Yasmin, ever since you arrived here as a refugee from |Idi Amin’s Uganda in 1972, you’ve been sneering and snarling at those didn’t want to cuddle up to the very people you condemn here. We, according to a good many of your articles, were, and still are, racists, Fascists, Nazis, bigots and little-Englanders for not wishing to live alongside such folk.

I mean, why would anyone wish to have Taliban type move into their street?

You are a disgusting hypocrite, Yasmin. Truly disgusting. You can condemn, we can’t. That’s how it is in left-wing heaven. If the ‘white working-classes’ express a desire not to have their world ‘paralysed by extreme demands,’ or enriched by ‘diehard Islam’, ‘self pity overwhelms them,’ according to you. Such ‘stupid,’ ‘vicious,’ ‘wretched and complaining classes’ deserve to be a ‘lost species in a hundred years.’

Well, more and more are finding out what you’re all about, lady. Recently, the ‘hundred years’ quote appeared in The Sun. That means almost two and a half million people got the chance to ponder your genocidal, anti-white attitude.

Oh yes, it isn’t just the ‘Taliban devotees… in our schools, playgrounds, homes, mosques, political parties, public service, private firms and universities’ we should be wary of, the fanatically ungrateful immigrant is preaching contempt for their erstwhile benefactors throughout the media as well.

As for the ‘eye-watering amounts of Saudi money’ that ‘goes into promoting Wahhabism in mosques’ and ‘religious schools,’ well, there’s no way in the world our leaders are going to halt such alien impositions. Not when they’re up to the eyeballs in debt to the Saudis, they’re not. Oh no, it isn’t just the mosques and the hate preachers that their oil money funds, it’s the national debt as well.

Anyway, that’s why those we vote for are ‘indulging Taliban values here.’ That and the fact that they, just like you, the Saudi-backed hate-preachers, the ‘Muslim lawyers and academics who… propagate Wahhabism and the ‘brainwashed Muslim parents’ are at war with the ‘white working-classes’ as well.

All this being said, thanks for the forthright testimony, Yaz. If I'd told the truths that you tell here as ostentatiously as this, I'd probably be up on a charge.


Friday, 11 July 2014

A Labour peer, magic tricks and dementia

On 9 July 2014, The Daily Mirror reported thus:
"A LABOUR peer facing more than 20 allegations of historical child abuse looks set to avoid prosecution after doctors said he was unfit to be quizzed because he has dementia. The member of the House of Lords will not be interviewed or arrested by police investigating the alleged sexual assaults, which include claims of rape, on vulnerable boys in children’s homes.

One man said he was aged seven when the politician visited his care home and entertained him and the other youngsters there with MAGIC TRICKS. The suspect, who was THE LOCAL MP AT THE TIME, then allegedly took him aside and sexually assaulted him.

His alleged victim claims he reported it to police but it was not properly investigated...

Officers have compiled a dossier of more than 20 complaints against the peer, who was previously accused of child abuse MORE THAN TWO DECADES AGO.

At the time, the serving MP agreed to be interviewed by police and a file was passed to the Director of Public Prosecutions, but no charges were ever brought. ANOTHER POLICE INVESTIGATIONS INTO SIMILAR ALLEGATIONS is ongoing and a file has been sent to the Crown Prosecution Service.

Sources confirmed the peer would not be questioned after two doctors examined him and concluded he was unfit.

A police spokesman said the decision was taken for 'operation reasons'...
Newly-released documents this week revealed disgraced paedophile MP Cyril Smith could have been prosecuted for a series of child sex crimes 12 years before he died aged 82 in 2010. 
The Crown Prosecution Service however decided against pressing charges because Lib Dem Smith had been told previously that no further action would be taken.
Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk wrote a book about Smith’s abuse. He said of the latest claims:
'This sounds similar to the Cyril Smith case in that there have been missed opportunities to prosecute.

From what I’ve been told, the detail of this case is extremely distressing and that’s why it’s so important that justice catches up with powerful politicians before it’s too late.
There are some politicians who want to slow down inquiries into abuse when actually we need to speed them up.
There is a race against time, as some of these perpetrators are quite elderly and could pass away before justice is done.'

Yesterday, an ex-police officer said he had found evidence more than two decades ago of a child abuse network involving public officials and clergy.
Terry Shutt, a former detective constable with the West Mercia force, recalled five ­suitcases of letters he found in a 1992 raid on the home of paedophile Peter Righton in Evesham, Worcs. Mr Shutt said:
'Among the documentation there was a definite link to establishment figures, including senior members of the clergy.'

He accused Scotland Yard of failing to follow up many important leads and said: 'For me there was a ­definite feel that this was bigger than we were looking at locally and it should have been investigated further.'
Social work expert Righton helped found the Paedophile Information Exchange, known as PIE, which campaigned to decriminalise sex with children....

Last night ex-civil servant Tim Hulbert insisted the vile PIE group was handed taxpayers’ cash by the Home Office, despite an official review finding there was no direct funding. He said he was told the public money was awarded on the orders of Special Branch."
So, if you're a serial rapist of small children you can get away with it if you have dementia?

Or, more precisely, if a couple of doctors claim you have dementia? I wonder if the legal teams of Rolf Harris and Stuart Hall mentioned this fact to them? I wonder if a lot of old perverts will be using the dementia excuse from this point on? If it's discovered that some of these gents actually took part in child murder, will this affect their untouchable status?

I don't much like the idea of a select few being able to get away with any kind of criminality, let alone the most heinous. But there are some like that, aren't there? And they're always your top table types. 'We can do whatever we like and there's nothing you can do about it!'

Well, maybe. But some of us, at least, can, despite headlines like this in The Guardian, Social media users warned against falsely calling politicians paedophiles, have a go at pointing out who one of the untouchables might be.

Baron Greville Janner of Braunstone was the Labour MP for Leicester West when he was accused of paedophilia and interviewed by the police 'more than two decades ago.'

He is currently the subject of 'another police investigation into similar allegations.'

As regards 'the politician' who 'visited his care home and entertained him... with magic tricks,' well, Lord Janner is a member of the Magic Circle and the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

As for the alleged dementia, one could be forgiven for asking why Lord Janner is still the Chairman of Westminster's All-Party Britain-Israel Group and President of the All-Party Parliamentary Group against Anti-Semitism if the contents of his cranium are so full of holes? Do such august roles not require maximum clarity of thought? Are Westminster's finest no longer as predatory as they were? Would they be willing to allow some senile old duffer to linger on in two such influential positions just because they were fond of him?

Doesn't sound much like the occupants of the Westminster village to me.

Janner, who was the President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews from 1978 to 1984, is still the Vice-President of both the World Jewish Congress and the Jewish Leadership Council. He was also the founder of the Commonwealth Jewish Council and is still its President.

He is also the Chairman of the Holocaust Educational Trust and, until recently, was THE top go-to bloke if you wanted to screw an extra million or ten out of some reluctant government and or big business who were proving tardy in dishing out the bonuses to a bewildering number of omnipresent Holocaust 'survivors.'

Lot of responsibility there, I'd say. Especially for someone's who's demented.

Perhaps his doctors might want to suggest that the overworked old silly billy take it easy for a bit. You know, to give the rest of us a chance to think of him as something other than a mega-powerful Pharisee with his fingers in an embarrassing number of world Jewry's upper crust pies.

It's Baron Braunstone's eighty-sixth birthday today. (11 July) Looks like he got the present he was after two days early.

Patricia Hewitt was, as General Secretary of the National Council for Civil Liberties, one of the key enablers of the Paedophile Information exchange who rose to the top of the Labour Party, becoming Tony Blair's Trade and Industry and, later, Health Secretary. (Harriet Harman and her husband, Jack Dromey, were the others)

When Greville Janner retired as an MP in 1997, Hewitt took his place as MP for Leicester West.

For more info on the suspicions that caused Janner to be interviewed by the police in the early nineties, check out Child Abuse: Lord Janner's home searched.

I wonder what Janner's daughter, Laura, thinks of her dear old dad?

She's an ordained Rabbi.

P.S. Several passages in the Talmud suggest that sex with minors is acceptable. For proof of this, take a look at Sanhedrin 54b, 55a and 69b.

And then, just when you were thinking the anti-Semite was done for the day, in Australia:

Senior orthodox Jewish leaders face cover-up inquiry over child sex abuse!

They are at war with us, folks.

They really are.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

The Madhouse Update

Sunday 20 July

DIVERSITY! London gangs draw up lists of girls to rape
Conspiracy theories? Some require considering
Fury as disgraced crime agency bosses get massive payoffs
Statins drug can double breast cancer risk
Gaining control of immigration
Tens of thousands protest in London against Gaza violence
50,000 now homeless as a result of Israel's genocidal behaviour
Accusations of dirty tricks/bribery/racism on Immigration Street
Israel-Gaza: Palestinian death toll rises as world protests
Teachers afraid to discipline thuggish Asian pupils for fear of racism tag
Cabin crew refused to fly on doomed plane over war zone safety fears!
UKRAINE: In war, blame those who make the first aggressive move. (The EU)
Esther Rantzen's "shock" over MP lover's links to Elm House paedophiles
16 MPs' names mentioned in 1984 report on paedo lobby's influence in Westminster
Dr Raza Laskar accused of sexual activity with child/possessing indecent images of children
Migration may not drop to 'tens of thousands' by next election says Theresa May

Saturday 19 July

Corruption probe into 'sacking' of cop after he named minister as child abuse suspect
Did former Commons Speaker George Thomas sexually abuse a 9-year-old boy?
Palestinian family of 8 killed as death toll in Gaza surges past 300
The flight path of MH17 was changed! (One is reminded of the Lusitania)
France bans pro-Palestinian protests
Father who walked in on a man molesting his son, 11, beat him to a pulp
Wakey, wakey!
TROJAN HORSE: Christians lie and wives must have sex or go to hell
‘Over 100,000 black Sudanese slaves under the Arabized Islamic Sudanese government’
Right to die will send us on a road to hell
A deliberate, sustained action to introduce Islamism into Birmingham schools
The ludicrously PC questions you will be asked if you want to work for the BBC
Score so far - ISRAEL: 307 - GAZA: 2

Friday 18 July

Four little boys running for their lives
Israeli ground troops enter Gaza after 10 days of bombings and airstrikes
Why was a passenger plane flying over a conflict zone?
Malaysian plane shot down just as Israel invades Gaza
Cops unveil rainbow-coloured patrol car to demonstrate gay-friendliness (lipstick next?)
The NHS is being taken over by Wall Street. And Cameron won’t stop it 
More than half of British breads contain ‘toxic’ pesticides
Sexual offences recorded by police 'up 20%'
Police fail to find culprit in HALF of all crimes
First Romanian to arrive after border laws relaxed says his home is too expensive!
GPs warn of chaos over bid to offer statins to 17 million people
Leaked report reveals 'aggressive Islamist agenda' in Birmingham schools
Government refuses to name 82 companies employing illegal migrants in Sussex
Cyril Smith: MP's friend made 'veiled threats' to police
The Islamisation of Sweden

Thursday 17 July

Former X Factor judge Tulisa 'brokered £800 cocaine deal for reporter
Check out all the ‘sore loser’ diversity!
She didn't respect their traditions, so they killed her 15 babies!
FARAGE: Treating democracy with deliberate contempt
Hairdresser Hollie Gazzard murder: Asher Maslin jailed for life
Retired Bishop Peter Ball faces more sex allegations
Paedophiles in high places - SHOCKING ALLEGATIONS, 2014
Polish prostitute guilty of hammering flatmate to death
GAZA: "Who does that? Who fires on children?"
The Burka: one of most sinister developments of our times
BRICS establish $100bn bank and currency reserves to cut out Western dominance
PM is hit by reshuffle backlash over gongs for sacked ministers
650 paedophile suspects held in huge crackdown (To deflect from Westminster pervs?)
Rape ruined my dream of Africa, says RSC actress (It happens to PC airheads too)
'Too many care homes I would not want my parents to live in' says Health Secretary
Tesco worker refused to sell customer ham and wine because it was Ramadan

Wednesday 16 July

Dalai Lama opposes mass immigration into Europe
Jon Stewart sums up the Gaza-Israel conflict (Jon is Jewish)
Israel’s atrocity and the West’s ignorance
Royal Family granted new right of secrecy
A 50-year revolution in British family life courtesy of LibLabCon
School where Blair sent sons accused of discrimination - Ordered to stop excluding the poor
US sells $11bn worth of arms to Qatar (Qatar, with the Saudis, funds ISIS)
BBC takes 'racist approach' to diversity whilst ignoring the white working class?
Will the BBC ever begin to tell the truth?
The official line is that Britain is so bad that it needs to be enriched
BLAIR WARS: Suicide blast rips through market in Afghanistan killing 89 people
150 Jews rampage through streets of Paris armed with metal bars and sticks. None arrested
Israel - Gaza ceasefire plans backed by Tony Blair crumble
Up to 80% of fatalities in Israel’s bombing of Gaza are civilians – UN
'Blair destroyed Iraq, Hague destroyed Libya & tried the same in Syria'
The British overseas territory of St Helena is rife with child sexual abuse
Barbara Castle's dossier on VIP paedophiles: File seized by Special Branch 'heavy mob'
Marcus Musgrove guilty of murder of Jacqueline Oakes
Katarzyna Gacek, boyfriend and landlord cleared of baby murder despite lies
Schoolboys aged 12 and 13 who raped 10-year-old girl freed because of their age

Tuesday 15 July

Jews behind anti-European racial subversion
London Jews sending sons to illegal schools where they speak only Yiddish!
Turkey helping ISIS militants?
4m Canadians carrying the anti-Semitic ‘disease’? No protection from Prime Minister!
Sayeeda Warsi right for EU Commissioner job says traitor Kinnock
UKIP MEP, Mike Hookem, says EU contributed to UKraine conflict
Elderly couple forced to live rough after being evicted by their landlord
NHS crackdown to claw back immmigrants’ £500m in welfare tourism
Cost of essentials in UK up 28% from pre-crash levels
20% of crimes may go unrecorded in UK – official report
The Myth of the U.N. Creation of Israel
Ethiopian farmer gets legal aid to sue us for sending aid to Ethiopia!
Stars given 90 days to pay back tax they avoided
BBC admits to reading staff emails
Government owed £22billion in uncollected taxes and overpaid benefits
Ed is a worse leader than Kinnock says Tony crony, Charles Clarke
Europe is dying, says France's leading demographer

Monday 14 July

Gay Jew attacks child sex abuse inquiry
WikiLeaks exposes Saudi-Israeli ties
Butler-Sloss was behind paedo ruling which prevented warnings being issued!
Why I'm on the brink of burning my Israeli passport
Metropolitan Police will only recruit Londoners (majority ethnic)
Assad is ally against ISIS says Syria (Extremists = Saud-backed. West kisses Saudi bot)
MPs need ethics lessons? (Treason trials are what they need)
500 kids with tooth decay hospitalised every week as sugary drinks take their toll
11,000 children aged ten and 11 were let off violent crimes in past 7 years
English youths 'Europe’s worst at languages’ (Education, education, education)
'Disposable dads' causing crisis in families
Crack dealer Yank can't be deported. 'He and depressed girlfriend will miss out on NHS care'
Top cops get total of £467,000 pensions despite being sacked for gross misconduct
Pope Francis says child abuse is 'leprosy' infecting Catholic Church
Ex-French president Nicolas Sarkozy hit by new corruption scandal
BLAIR WARS: Gunmen slaughter 25 women branded as prostitutes in Baghdad
Staff at Muslim school say clapping hands is Satanic and gays should be stoned to death
it's not just the BBC, more ethnics wanted on ITV too!

The Madhouse Update

Monday, 7 July 2014

By way of deception thou shalt do war!

Ro'i Tov, an Israeli dissident who converted to Christianity, is a truth-telling thorn in the side of the Israeli authorities. 

His hard-hitting web site may be found here

On 2 July 2014, after the bodies of the three Jewish teenagers kidnapped on 12 June were found near the Palestinian city of Hebron in the West Bank he published 3 Boys for the West Bank, an alternative assessment of the tragedy.

An edition of this follows:
“At first, Israel blamed the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant . After Hebrew media had laughed, the Palestinian Authority and Hamas were blamed. Finally, the latter was fully blamed by Israel.

The event took place in Area C of the West Bank. The Palestinian Authority is not responsible for it and thus cannot be blamed. Hamas is active mainly in Gaza; it does not have the resources needed for a kidnapping in the West Bank where it faces the Israeli Shin Beth and the Palestinian Authority secret police.

Shortly after, in Mossad Predicted Netanyahu's Kidnapping of Settlers while official declarations claimed that the boys were alive, I wrote: ‘Even before the bodies were found, Israel was fast to accuse and attack. If my suspicion is true, then they will appear dead, in order to avoid their describing the kidnapping event.’

From the beginning, even Hebrew media questioned the event, questioning the unlikely pamphlet upon which Israel based its blame on the ISIL. The obvious fake was allegedly issued by the ISIL. Another suspicious issue was a mysterious car was found burned near the kidnapping site and not far from Hebron.

The kidnapping was perpetrated by somebody with a good knowledge of Israeli hitch-hiking practices. The three kidnapped students were hitch-hiking despite their colleges forbidding that because there is very little public transport in the area.

Despite their breaking the regulations, there are certain rules that they were unlikely to violate. I extracted the plates from the image above. The truck plate is yellow. It means that it is a Jewish-owned vehicle. The car on the side has a Palestinian plate, in green and white; in the past West Bank plates were blue or green and those in Gaza silver.

This is very handy in barriers; yellow cars are allowed to pass while others are checked. It is also very convenient for those hitch-hiking. No Jewish hitch-hiker will board a car that is not Israeli. This is the most basic rule, unlikely to have been broken by West Bank settlers. 
THUS, THE THREE WERE KIDNAPPED BY AN ISRAELI CAR. The car found was probably the one used for the kidnapping. It had yellow plates and thus was trusted. The driver must have spoken Hebrew with a good enough accent; speaking with the driver is the second strict rule.
After the kidnapping, I assessed ‘the unconscious or dead victims were transferred to a safer car and the first one was burned in order to avoid its identification. It may have helped to identify Israeli accomplices’… Now it has been disclosed that they had been killed in the car…

Look at the burnt car below. The plate is missing. It did not burn beyond recognition; Israeli plates are sturdy. It was taken to hide incriminating evidence. The kidnapping described by Israeli authorities was impossible, something different happened there.

In the days following the event, relatives of the boys kept saying that they have been told unpublished information by the IDF. After the bodies were found, the amazing detail was disclosed.

The bodies were found in Khirbet Arnaba, north of the village of Halhul, in the northern outskirts of Hebron. The bodies had been hurriedly buried in a wadi (a narrow stream), between Halhul and Beit Kahil.

Shortly before the kidnapping, the families received calls from the kids telling that they were on the way home. Now it was disclosed that one of them called the police from the car. A few minutes after boarding the car, Gilad Shaar from Talmon called the Israeli Police emergency number. In this case, the call reached the Judea and Samaria District of the Police shown in the picture above.

It means that they board the car willingly without having any suspicions on the driver. The driver made an unexpected U-turn, and Gilad got suspicious.

Hiding his movements, he dialed 100. After the call was answered, he whispered ‘I have been kidnapped’…

The call was recorded and has now been released. After the two words, somebody shouts IN HEBREW ‘Head down! Head down! Down!’ Following shouts, three groups of gunshots can be heard, cries of pain and then the call is cut. MEMBER OF THE KNESSET SHELLY YACHIMOVICH CAN BE HEARD IN THE RADIO OF THE CAR…

Israel Police waited almost five hours before entering in action. They intentionally allowed time for hiding the bodies. They were buried in the place described above, the car surrounded the city of Hebron and was burned south of it…

The Israeli version does not hold water… The event contains the mark of a PSYWAR operation…

President Peres emphasized the 18 days passed. In Jewish culture, the number 18 is a symbol of life.. The IDF too 18 Days to find the bodies buried less than ten minutes away from where they had been kidnapped, while the alleged perpetrators were in custody. From now on, Israelis seeing the number 18 will see death instead of life. As subtly instructed by their government, they will blame Palestinians.

In recent months, the unofficial annexation of the West Bank by Israel is speeding up. It was declared as such by President Rivlin, who will replace Peres on July 27. On June 29, PM Netanyahu announced the construction of a border fence along the Jordan River in its West Bank stretch that will remain under Israeli control, see Netanyahu's Caliphate.

Hours after the bodies were found, Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that Israel's response will include a wave of settlement construction and the establishment of a new settlement in memory of the teenagers in what was until now the G'vaot outpost. 
THIS HAD BEEN PREPARED BEFOREHAND; the choice of the spot demanded planning. 
Now that’s what I call brave.

The Jews don’t take kindly to one of their own telling tales, especially tales as darkly manipulative and treacherous as this one could be. (Criticism such as this may explain why there is no photo of Ro’i Tov on the internet) Anyway, Mr Tov seems to believe that the kidnap and killing of the three teenagers was an Israeli false flag operation intended to smooth the way for the annexation of even more Palestinian land.

Apart from his forensic detailing of the customary care the average Israeli hitch-hiker looking for a lift is bound to take, there is the little matter of what came after ‘I have been kidnapped.’ The kidnapper’s shouted response was IN HEBREW.

I suppose a sophisticated Hamas or ISIS operative might know some Hebrew but, hey, if you want to get three terrified teenagers to do something quickly, if their language was not your own, wouldn’t you just wave a gun at them, bark and gesture?

Then there is the fact that Knesset member, ‘Shelly Yachimovich can be heard in the radio of the car.’

Once again, a sophisticated bloke might well have had an Israeli channel on the go before he stopped to pick them up but no one knew what the boys were about to do that day. Hamas could not have known that they would be hitching along that particular route at that particular time. In other words, the kidnap, if it was not an Israeli false flag op, had to be circumstantial and random, at least in part.

It would have to be viewed as simple bad luck that the boys bumped into someone who would kidnap and kill them. A Hamas man driving around in an Israeli car, tuned in to an Israeli radio channel, just hoping to snare an Israeli or two he could kill?

Doesn’t sound very likely to me. Way too much left to luck and happenstance. On the other hand, meticulous planning could have had a whole bunch of dead-eyed Mossad hard men with their eyes wide open for the prize.

And what do you think of the Israeli police waiting ‘almost five hours before entering in action?’ After hearing ‘I have been kidnapped’ - ‘Head down! Head down! Down’ – ‘three groups of gunshots’ and ‘cries of pain?’ After which (see below) they were persistently prompted to investigate, over the course of 'several hours,' by a worried father!

Let’s take a look at what Karin Brothers has to say about this at the Global Research web site on 4 July 2014:
“Evidence that came to light after Israel removed its gag order on information regarding the June 12 kidnapping and murder of three Jewish Israeli students suggests that it could have been an Israeli government operation that was intentionally used to punish Hamas and break up the new Palestinian unity government.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had immediately accused Hamas of the kidnapping, without presenting any evidence, and proceeded to ‘conduct a search’ throughout the entirety of the West Bank until the bodies were reportedly found on June 30th.

The ‘search’ entailed arresting and beating up about 600 Hamas members (including legislators) and trashing about 2100 homes; Israeli forces killed at least 7 Palestinians. Israel also heightened its daily air strikes on the Gaza Strip, which has been under the Israeli blockade since Sept. 2006...
“The Gaza government appealed to the UN for relief, which responded by condemning the kidnappings rather than the massive abuse of the Palestinian population. And then urging ‘all parties’ to show restraint. 
On July 1, Israel removed a gag order on information about the kidnapping that revealed shocking facts:
• The Israeli government had informed members of the press around June 15th that it was aware that the students had been killed (1) but placed a gag order on that information: the government must thus have known where the bodies were.
The brutal ‘search’ was merely cover for punishment of members of Hamas, the democratically-elected party of Palestinians throughout the occupied territories. The Israeli media played along with the pretext for the abuse.
• The Israeli Defense Forces were only called in 8-9 hours after the first call to report the kidnapping. One of the students placed a call to the police emergency hotline 10 minutes after they accepted a hitch-hiking ride home, with the message that he was being kidnapped. 
The statement was followed by what sounded like several gunshots, groans and silence; the call lasted for 49 seconds. Police ignored the call. 
The teen’s father called police 5 hours later, at 3:30 am, to report his son missing. ‘Several hours’ after that, after an exchange of 54 phone calls, the IDF and Shin Bet finally became involved. 
• Despite possession of all of the evidence of the kidnappings and murders, the Israeli government has offered no evidence that indicates responsibility for the acts. Those with any direct connection to the phone calls or the finding of the bodies have remained unidentified.
Prime Minister Netanyahu has used this event for huge political gain:
• to create divisions within the new ‘unity government’ of Fatah and Hamas, 
• to physically punish Hamas members and the cause of Palestinian resistance, 
• to get legislation passed through the Knesset to block the return of East Jerusalem to Palestinians, 
• to try to foment a third intifada to legitimate further attacks on Palestinians and • to whip up such hatred of Palestinians that it has become dangerous for them to be seen on Israeli streets.
The Israeli government is continuing to harass and attack Palestinians until it supposedly finds the killers. The two young Hebron men named as the accused have been missing since June 12th.

The uncovering of this deception should arouse world condemnation.”
I don't know how the Israeli teenagers died, nor, if it wasn't an inside job, does the Israeli government. 

If it did, it would have given us the proof. Despite the massive retaliation cited above, it has not done so.

I very much doubt that Hamas was responsible. They would have known what the Israeli response would be and any gains they might possibly have made would have been far outweighed by the losses.

It is possible, despite the arguments against presented above, that a rogue Palestinian or group of Palestinians could have killed the teenagers. But, if such a person or persons were out cruising for victims that day, they would have had to have been very lucky to happen upon them and at least one would have to have been a fluent Hebrew speaker.

On 2 July 2014, 17-year Palestinian Mohamed Abu Khdeir was burned alive. 

On 6 July, The Guardian reported thus:
"Israeli police have arrested six Jewish suspects in connection with the abduction and murder of a Palestinian teenager in East Jerusalem last week...

'Apparently the people arrested in relation to the case belong to an extremist Jewish group,' an official said, speaking on condition of anonymity."
On 7 July 2014, Amos Harel said this in the Israeli daily, Haaretz:
"Last week, at the funeral of the three Jewish teens, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke of the huge moral chasm between us and the Palestinians. From what’s been made public until now about the way Abu Khdeir was murdered, it looks as if that chasm is closing fast. 
The right hastened to declare that Jews are incapable of such acts, apparently forgetting a not-so-short list of those who’ve proven otherwise, among them Ami Popper, Eden Natan-Zada and other Jewish Hamasniks.

Netanyahu, in his statement after the arrests were announced, promised to bring Abu Khdeir’s murderers to justice and offered condolences to the family. But immediately afterward he returned to making a distinction between Israel’s response to home-grown terror and that of the Palestinian Authority, under similar circumstances... 
Just last week, the army destroyed the house of the Hamas man suspected in the April murder of police officer Baruch Mizrahi, though the suspect has yet to be tried. No one is going to destroy the homes of the suspects in Abu Khdeir’s murder, before or after their trial, and no one will suggest closing the schools that educated them."
On 9 February 2012, interviewed at the Imperial College in London, the US-Jewish professor, Norman Finkelstein, said this of Israel:
“It’s embarrassing, it’s a crazy country. Every three years it goes to war… It’s like a junkie. They need their… fix. First they led the war in Iraq. 2006 - attack Lebanon; 2008 and 2009 - Gaza, and now they wanna go after Iran. They’re lunatics.”
Norman can be seen saying this from 6" 40' onwards in the video below:

In a nutshell. Norman encapsulates what Roy and Karin suggest. Any pretext for war upon it’s weaker neighbours will do. And, if the Israelis don’t have such an excuse, they’re quite happy to manufacture it.

Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, I think the false flag hypothesis is at least as valid as any other.

According to Victor Ostrovsky, a former Mossad case officer, the original motto of the Israeli secret service was:
“By way of deception, thou shalt do war.”
Pretty much sums it up, I’d say.


On 10 July 2014, the BBC reported thus:
"More than 80 Gazans have been killed since Israel's operation began on Tuesday, Palestinian officials say. Israel says it has hit more than 100 targets in Gaza since midnight."

On 12 July 2014, the BBC told us this:
"Israel had attacked more than 1,000 targets (in the Gaza strip) since Tuesday... Palestinian officials say 113 people have died in the air strikes...

The Palestinian health ministry says in addition to those killed, 750 people, mainly civilians, have been injured in Israel's Operation Protective Edge since it began on Tuesday."
Binyamin Netanyahu was quoted as saying:
"No international pressure will prevent us from acting with all power".
Yep. Israel will always go feast at the slauhgterfest precisely whenever it so desires. No matter what the rest of us think, or say, or do.

Because it can. Because it has the biggest bully on the block, bought-and-paid-for Yankee land, in its back pocket.

We all do know this, don't we?

Since the IDF began to devastate Gaza once again no Israelis have been killed as a result of incoming rocket fire.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

The British establishment has been hoodwinked?

On 4 July 2014, The Daily Express quoted from a letter sent by Taj Hargey, Imam at the Muslim Educational Centre in Oxford, to The Times.

This said:
"There is no Koranic mandate for female facial masks. It is not culturally common for Pakistani women to conceal their faces, and no one, including women, has an unqualified right to dress as one pleases in public.

For too long the British establishment has been hoodwinked by Muslim zealots that the burka/niqab is intrinsic of Islam. It is nothing of the sort: it is pre-Islamic, non-Koranic and ipso facto un-Muslim. For this reason alone, all right-thinking people should reject this imported Saudi fad on compelling religious, social, sexist, security and health grounds.
If Muslim women are banned from hiding their faces in Mecca or when they perform their daily prayers, why is this archaic tribal rag given any legitimacy in contemporary Britain?

This Saudi-financed campaign is just another salvo in the battle for the hearts and minds of British Muslims. If Britain's liberal and human rights industry fails to recognize this, we will all live to regret it."
We've been regretting it, right out loud and in the face of the parliamentary PC Crowd for 60 years, Taj.

According to Trevor Philips, in his gloating tome, The Windrush, back in the 1950s, 90 percent of the British people wanted ALL immigration stopped.

Enoch Powell spoke out on our behalf in 1968. Our enemies in Westminster, those the dumbed-don and drugged-up vote for, vilified him for doing so. Raft after raft of race law intended to demote us and promote the immigrant was introduced before and since, in the main at the behest of the Jewish Board of British Deputies.

And so we are where we are now. More than half a million foreigners have been piling in to our country every year since Tony Blair and co. decided, secretly, to 'rub the right's nose in diversity' back in the year 2000.

This deliberately encouraged 'legal' migration, doesn't include more than two million legal immigrants who are thought to be living, working AND claiming benefits in Britain as we speak.

The 'right,' cited in Andrew Neather's whistleblowing essay, by the way, has always been a euphemism for the 'no more immigrants' Briton of the fifties. You know, the working-class 'man on the Clapham Omnibus' type who wasn't too keen on sharing what he and his ancestors had worked so hard for and sacrificed so much for with an alien horde whose ancestors had created sweet b*gger all worth sticking around for?

Taj tells us that the Saudis are behind the Burka/Niqab fad. They're behind lost of other stuff we don't like as well.

The ISIS folk currently wreaking havoc in the middle east was, and still is, funded by them. The Qataris, of 2018 World Cup fame, also pitch in. As, ar least in the early stages, did the very present insanity that is The Great Satan.

Cameron and co. tried to do their bit by offering to fight alongside the Jihadi beheaders in Syria but, thankfully, a persona non grata, (whom we're all encouraged to despise) intervened and enough MPs voted against making was upon the Syrian regime to make the difference.

Ask yourselves why the mainstream media has never informed you of the cited undesirable's role in preventing another catacysmic intervention, ladies and gentlemen. Could it be that they do not want us to think that someone whom they so routinely demonise might have got such a crucial matter so very right, when they, the 'British establishment' was in the process of getting it so very wrong? Again?

The Saudis also funded the Mosque-building programme that has seen so many rise to dominate the skyline of our country in recent times. Many of the hate-preachers that preach in these mosques are also inspired by the brand of Islam sponsored by Saud.

Perhaps you wonder why our government does nothing to curb the activities and philosophy these mega-rich primitives? Well, the aforementioned epithet 'mega-rich' should give you a clue. Not only are the Saudi sitting on a sea of oil, they own much of our National debt. In other words, they bankroll our corrupt and spendthrift politicians.

Such politicians state that they are elected to 'lead,' as opposed to 'serve,' the British people. Which is why, for sixty years, they have been importing 'diversity' into our world.

It 'enriches' us, apparently. We would not have been thus enriched if they hadn't been allowed to lead us one to such enrichment. We would have been stuck being what we'd always been if they'd been forced to do what we wanted.

Remember this the next time a high-rise full of immigrants robs us of a bit more of our green and pleasant land. Remember this when your child is the only one in his classroom for whom English is not his second language. Remember this the next time they shove up a Mosque where the local pub used to be.

Remember this when a Saudi-backed Jihadi beheads someone you love on the streets of old England.
'If Britain's liberal and human rights industry fails to recognize this, we will all live to regret it... For too long the British establishment has been hoodwinked by Muslim zealots.
They recognise it all right. The 'British establishment' was planning to rub our noses in diversity long before Neather and his New Labour masters happened along. Sinister Machiavellians, of the sort that held down the masses in the Soviet Union, began their insidious takeover of what once was exclusively ours (or so we thought) long ago. They now have us gripped tightly by the hair of our heads and, whenever the fancy takes them, they shake.

Those we vote for are at war with us and the world our ancestors made. Immigrants are their footsoldiers, political correctness, the media brainwash and the finances of Saud and Rothschild/Zion are their weapons of mass destruction.

Some questions for you:

1) Why would you vote for those who lied us into the Iraq slaughterhouse?

2) Why would you vote for those who wanted to take us into a war with Syria, allied with the ISIS Jihadi?

3) Why would you vote for those who wanted to rub your nose in diversity by importing huge numbers of unwanted foreigners?

4) Why would you vote for three mainstream political parties that, for decades now, have kowtowed to the stone-age mentality of the Saudis?

5) Was the British establishment 'hoodwinked' or in cahoots?

One more:

1) Why would you vote for a child molester, or someone determined to keep parliamentary paedophilia under wraps?

When an immoral and decadent few rule your world, it isn't difficult to figure out why they do what they do.

P.S. Taj Hargey has form in the common sense stakes. Check out what he has to say regarding Muslim paedophilia.