Thursday, 18 December 2014

High-level probes into VIP paedos were shut down!

On 13 December 2014, Nick Dorman (@Nick_Dorman) said this in The Daily Mail:
“High-level probes into VIP paedophile networks were shut down as police closed in on a number of powerful figures, former officers claim. Almost 30 officers have been venting their anger online, heaping pressure on the probe by Scotland Yard and the Government into widespread claims of historic sexual abuse.

One former officer called Jim wrote: ‘This is about kids being raped by those in power that included politicians of all sorts. It goes to the very heart of our establishment.’

The allegations surfaced during a four-month investigation by the Exaro news website into a secret members only chat forum used by former and serving Metropolitan Police officers. Use of the locked forum is vetted so that only people who have worked in or closely alongside the force can join or see the discussions.

Along with the officers and a sixth man, a government worker who signed the Official Secrets Act, a further 11 policemen claimed colleagues had told them of similar cover-ups. One, who said his investigation into a paedophile ring was shut down, claimed: ‘As the operation expanded up the greasy pole of high society, the job got canned’…

An officer with two decades of service claimed his crime squad at a station in central London was shut down because it got too close to the establishment. And a retired sergeant with 30 years’ service said evidence of abuse from a notorious care home was ‘destroyed’ and a detective on the case was discredited by ‘corrupt politicians,’ ‘corrupt high-ranking officers’ and ‘religious people.’

A government worker using the false name Jonathan claimed: ‘The cover-up began in 1985 when operations were closed for no apparent reason except prominent persons were allegedly involved, and again in 1990 and again over the North Wales child abuse. Successive governments continued the practice, so don’t hold your breath that anything will change any time soon.’
The web discussions began in July after an officer posted newspaper claims, by child protection campaigner Chris Fay, that there had been a cover-up. Mr Fay, of the now-defunct National Association of Young People in Care, said he was warned off claims surrounding Elm Guest House in Barnes, South West London, the alleged VIP boys brothel.

Responding to claims that Mr Fay was threatened at gunpoint, an officer known as Samantha, who had jobs including surveillance during a 27-year career, said: ‘I believe it. I know of instances where Special Branch crossed boundaries any police officer would find abhorrent. They did feel the rules didn’t apply to them. I and others have seen and heard or been present when things have been glossed over, hidden or destroyed.’

A policeman called Matthew wrote to another officer: ‘Dave, I don’t know if you were on 8 Tactical Support Group when we did the surveillance op on the paedophile ring but all we were following were lawyers and police officers. Oddly as the op expanded up the greasy pole of high society the job got canned.’

The axed probe took place in the late 1980s and was in a spin-off from Operation Circus, a Met investigation into the abuse of vulnerable boys lured from the so-called Chicken Rack, an area near Piccadilly Circus Tube station.

In August, a claim emerged from Bob, another retired sergeant with 30 years’ service. He cites a quashed probe into a care home mentioned in the Press in connection with alleged abuse by VIPs.

He wrote: ‘My position is from first-hand, knowing what the government and high ranking officers did to a DC who possessed solid evidence. They destroyed the poor fella, all evidence was destroyed or disappeared. Yes, it involved the care home we are all reading about.’

In October, former detective ­constable Stevie claimed: ‘In the 90s a middle-class paedo ring was uncovered at KF (Newham police station). It linked into a massive undercover paedo job run by (police officer’s name removed). The UC found it went to Cabinet level and four years of work was pulled overnight.’

A total of 11 officers who say they heard second or third-hand of cover-ups make a series of similar allegations, including the existence of a secret file dating to the 1960s of abuse claims against a celebrity recently linked to alleged historic abuse. And it was claimed Special Branch shut down an operation linking high-placed establishment figures with abuse in 1986 or 1987, destroying all evidence.

Officers claim Operation Hedgerow, a probe which saw a barrister, a company director and others jailed over widespread abuse of vulnerable boys in 1989 – had ‘got very close to Parliament.’ They also claimed Operation Ore, which snared child porn perverts through credit card payments to sick websites in the early 2000s, had its ‘wings clipped.’

In a discussion thread in July, a Met officer called Dale wrote: ‘About time Op Ore was resurrected. It was squashed due to political pressure. A good time to bring it back. Should ruffle feathers.’

Frank, who served in the Met before moving to the US, added: ‘Op Ore had its wings clipped from the beginning. It’s time to remove political interference.’

Adam, in the Met for 30 years, replied: ‘Hedgerow might be more interesting, got very close to Parliament.’

The Met Police declined to comment last night.”
The parliamentary slime that buggered little boys and those, along with them, who covered it up, are the same folks who called us racists, Fascists, Nazis and bigots when we pointed out the negative effects of mass immigration.

They also created the race laws that saw us imprisoned if we spoke out too strongly. These were the same people who made war upon Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya and wanted to make war on Syria. They also revelled in the laissez-faire financial orgy that led, inevitably to the 2008 recession.

Which we are all still paying for.

The politicians who slither to the top of the greasy political pole are often the worst of men and women. Gangsters and perverts, they possess little in the way of morality or fellow feeling.

They only care about themselves. What’s in it for them. And their partners in crime.

There’s no way on God’s green earth that the establishment is going to find any but the most peripheral guilty of these terrible crimes. The odd long dead beast might be allowed to have his reputation dragged through the mud but those still living?

Well, if MI5 and the cops can’t do what they did in the past and bury what the establishment wants buried, they’ll develop dementia just before they’re due to be questioned.

Won't they?

We’re closing in on the bad guys but, if you want justice, if you really want it, you’re going to have to vote for it in May.

Banish the will-o'-the-whisps!

Psychiatrist, Carl Jung, was having an affair with his patient, Sabina Spielrein, when she wrote to her fellow Jew, Sigmund Freud, advising him of her desire to have a child by her lover.

The offspring of this union, as far as the infatuated Spielrein was concerned, would represent the fusion between Jew and Aryan.

In 1912, she abandoned this idea, married the Russian Jewish doctor, Pawel Naumowitsch Schefte, and had a child by him instead.

During her pregnancy she wrote to Sigmund Freud who, on 20 August 1912, responded thus:
"Your fantasy about the birth of the Saviour to a mixed union did not appeal to me at all. The Lord... had him born from the superior Jewish race."
The following year, Freud wrote to Sabine again, saying:
"I am, you know, cured of the last shred of my predilection for the Aryan cause, and would like to take it that if the child turned out to be a boy he will develop into a stalwart Zionist. He or she must be dark in any case, no more towheads. (Blondes) Let us banish all these will-o'-the-wisps.

We are and remain Jews."
Not exactly what you'd call an unbiased scrutineer of the human condition then. The most iconic presence in the historical oeuvre of psychoanalysis would appear to have been not only a fervent Zionist, but an anti-'Aryan' racist also.

This doesn't surprise me one bit.

If you are unaware of the terms 'Jewish ethnocentrism' and 'Jewish supremacism,' it may surprise you.

Historical notes:

a) In 1904, Sabina Spielrein enrolled as a student of medicine in Zurich. She had a breakdown a little while later and was admitted to the Burghölzli mental hospital where Carl Jung worked. The following year she resumed her studies.

She qualified as a doctor and was elected a member of the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society in 1911. It seems likely that she was intimately involved with Jung throughout that seven year period.

b) Sabina's brother, Isaac, was, himself, a psychoanalyst.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Graphics recently added to Twitter

We got a sword and it's going across your neck!

Diversity is truly enriching, isn't it?

I mean, if you don't think Harriet Harman, Tony Blair, Jack Straw, Diane Abbott, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown and the BBC bigwigs wouldn't just love to have the 'Israelites' in the video living right next door to them, well, you must be nuts!

You should check them out. Listen closely to what they say. learn to interpret the subtext beneath the foul language, threats and abuse. Really, only a racist, fascist, Nazi, bigot would take these ultra-fabulous enrichers at face value.

Bottom line is: if you're a white n-word, and you don't love spittal-drenched, in-your-face diversity, you deserve to be 'enslaved.'

Or dead. ('We're going to destroy you!' 'We got a sword and it's going across your neck')

You know what I find most instructive about this childish display of contempt? We all know that, across the white world, those who are not white can get away with preaching hatred against the indigenous majority. We all know that indigenous majority cannot get away with anything at all aimed in the opposite direction.

But here no cops even bothered to check out the hate speech, much less to move on the would-be slaughterers who were spouting it. The haters were given free rein to offend and intimidate precisely as they wished.

Ah well, I'm all for it. The nastier it gets, the more likely it will be that those who turn their heads away and pretend it isn't happening will have it happen to them.

When enough of them have been baptised with stark reality, we will win back our world.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Nanny from hell

Actually, the nanny in question, Jolly Tumuhirwe, isn't from hell at all, she's from Uganda.

Uganda is one of those far off magical wonderlands where all the lovely, fluffy diversity comes from. You know, that so-much-better-than-us stuff that the politicians and the PC Crowd have insisted on forcing upon us for the last sixty six oh, so enriching years?

Anyway, that's where Jolly Tumuhirwe comes from.

If the Blairs, Harmans, Straws, Cleggs, Camerons, Diane Abbotts and the rest of the PC firmament were ever in need a nanny, I might consider recommending Ms Tumuhirwe, if it wasn't for just one thing.

I've got nothing against their kids.

Jolly Tumuhirwe has since been jailed for four years.

Sixty five years of success!

On 2 June 2013, when Michael Gove gave this speech at the 'Closer to Israel' gathering in Trafalgar Square, (celebrating Israel's 65th year) he was our Education Secretary.

He is now the Chief Whip.

"I'm proud to be a friend of Israel and proud to be a Zionist... Over the last 65 years the Jewish people have built a home. And that home has been, as it was prophesied it would be, a light unto nations.

For the last 65 years in a tough neighbourhood, the Jewish people have built a home which is a safe haven for democracy. For the last 65 years, against formidable odds, the Jewish people have ensured that the rule of law, respect for others, freedom, tolerance, a belief in education, a belief in the worth of every individual has flourished. That light has never been extinguished...

It's so important that all those of us who are friends of democracy, friends of freedom and friends of Israel take the opportunity, whenever it is given to us, to stand up and say proudly Israel has achieved amazing things, it's people are showing courage at a difficult time...

We stand with you in your struggle for democracy...

There are politicians in every party, Conservative, Liberal Democrat and Labour, who are friends of Israel. It is a cause the transcends party politics, it is a cause that unites everyone who values democracy and who believes in peace...

You all have a wonderful time. Happy Birthday, Israel. Let's celebrate 65 years of success."

Success for whom? For the Palestinians? Go ask them, inside and out of Palestine, whether they feel successful, Mr Gove. Go ask the mothers of the dead children. Go ask the children of the dead mothers. Go ask those who have their homes bulldozed to make way for another high-rise tower block for non-native settlers.

Go ask those who have suffered tremendous privation for seven long years under the punitive and malicious Israeli blockade.

I don't think they'd agree with much you have to say here.

Apart, of course, if they follow their Westminster politics, from the Conservative, Liberal Democrat and Labour Friends of Israel bit. Oh yes, in these days of social media, there will be quite a few who know all about the bought-and-paid-for wagtails of Westminster, a-slithering-up-the-greasy pole with the help of the considerable resources of Zion.

Five weeks after Gove said what he said here Israel was, once again, bombing the f*** out of the Gaza Strip. By the time those 'who believe in peace' had finished ensuring that 'respect for others, freedom, tolerance' and 'a belief in the worth of every individual' was flourishing in Gaza, 2,200 of its inhabitants, many of them women and children, lay dead. Many more were horribly injured.

You, the parliamentary Friends of Israel, the Elders of Zion and the choicest bits of the Jerusalem, New York and London street may call it '65 years of success,' Mr Gove.

But, trust me, there is an illuminated universe of decent folk who don't.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

How the CIA kills countries

The above video was uploaded to YouTube on 14 Aug 2010 by Know Your Enemy

John Perkins, author of 'Confessions of an Economic Hitman' and a high-ranking former insider, describes how the United States of America, through the CIA and corporate muscle, wages economic wars against Third World countries in order to control their resources.

Where economics fail, the CIA will create dissent to overthrow a non-compliant government. If that doesn't work, the obstructive leaders are, as often as not, assassinated.

Only after all these options have failed does the US military step in.

Sarkozy calls for white genocide? (January 2009)

On 17 January 2009, French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, spoke to the students of the École Polytechnique in Palaiseau.

Early on he uses a form of the noun 'métissage' seven times within a minute. This word means 'interbreeding.' However, every PC professor on the planet will tell you that it can also mean, in its current incarnation, 'mixture' or 'the mixing of cultures.'

Here is a translation of Sarkozy’s words:
"The objective is to meet the challenge of the mixture - the challenge of coming together that the 21st century is confronting us with. The challenge of the melting pot, France has always been familiar with it and, by meeting the challenge of the mix, France remains faithful to her history. 

France has mixed cultures, ideas and histories. France, who was able to blend these cultures and these histories, constructed a universal language, because FRANCE HERSELF IS UNIVERSAL IN THE DIVERSITY OF HER ORIGINS…

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the last thing: if republican will power does not function, IT WILL BE NECESSARY FOR THE REPUBLIC TO RESORT TO EVEN MORE FORCIBLE METHODS…

We don't have a choice. DIVERSITY AT THE BASE OF THE COUNTRY MUST BE REFLECTED BY DIVERSITY AT THE HEAD OF THE COUNTRY… IT IS NOT A CHOICE. IT IS AN OBLIGATION. IT IS AN IMPERATIVE. We cannot do otherwise at the risk of finding ourselves faced with considerable problems.
At the Galliawatch blog, Tiberge, says this:
"The verb ‘métisser’ theoretically means to mix blood or to cross-breed, but at times it is used more loosely to mean mix cultures… Whether he is referring to the mixing of blood or merely destroying French culture by bringing in hostile aliens, it is impossible to avoid the fact that he is telling the French people, in terms that have never been so menacing, that they have to mix, or else."

In the next paragraph, Tiberge mentions the following alternative meanings for the word 'métissage:' (she is not entirely happy with any of them) 'crossbreeding'; 'racial mixing'; 'miscegenation'; 'mongrelisation' and 'bastardisation'.

The thing is, ladies and gentlemen, even if you took every reference to the verb in question and substituted the least offensive meaning, it would still sound dreadful and it would still come over as a threat.

However, apart from the frequency of the use of the offending word, there is a major clue within the text which suggests that when Sarkozy spoke of 'forcible methods' and 'change,' he was talking about interbreeding. When Sarkozy mentions 'consanguinity' (relationship by blood - kinship) as having 'always provoked the end of civilisations and societies,' (nonsense as it happens) there can be no doubt that Sarkozy wished his audience of gullible students to think that 'métissage' was good and 'consanguinité' was bad.

For the sceptical and the politically correct amongst you, I advise a quick trip to Google images.

Type in the word 'métissage' and, on the very first page, you will be confronted by the images shown below and a good few more like them:

Which doesn't exactly leave much to the imagination, now does it? I have a feeling that, by now, the open-minded might be feeling just a little upset with Nikolas Sarkozy. I mean, he really seem to be suggesting that 'coffee coloured people by the score' are his preferred option, doesn’t he? And, not only that, he also appears to be stating, quite categorically, that the state will enforce his will if those French folk who consider themselves 'consanguineous' make a fuss!

This one speech, of itself, is not proof of 'an age-old plot to disappear the white race,' although, in 1925, the founder of the Pan European Union (the original EU), Count Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi, did inform fellow big shots of his desire to race-mix the European hoi-polloi out of existence.

And, if you consider what is happening to us now, and what happened to us during the course of the last century, it isn’t hard to make a case for the bad guys wanting the white world gone, is it?

Two world wars where young white men slaughtered each other? The pill? Mass abortion? The encouragement of young women to have careers rather than children? Mass immigration? The media’s relentless promotion of the virile alien at the expense of the twerpish native? Venereal diseases rendering our young women unhealthy and infertile. Emasculating drugs in the water and food? Hard drugs and hopelessness for working-class lads rather than the good, strong jobs that once made them valuable marriage prospects? The list goes on and on.

The former French President is, himself, a product of 'métissage.' His maternal grandfather was a Greek Jew and his father was Hungarian. Despite the granddad, according to Hebraic lore, Sarkozy isn't, technically, Jewish.

However, given his desire to be rid of us, he may as well be.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

The biggest scandal in British history

Barbara Castle's files would have revealed sixteen Westminster paedos!

Don Hale, a journalist for more than thirty years and former editor of The Bury Messenger, blows the whistle here on elite links to the Paedophile Information Exchange.

In the 1980s he was passed a file containing the names of sixteen parliamentary big shots and around thirty 'professionals' in the North-West who were abusing children.

The files were sent from the office of no less a Labour personage than Barbara Castle.

"There were two lists. One was a list of sixteen active MPs who were involved with this paedophile ring and they were actively encouraging P.I.E. members to come and give talks at fringe meetings and were campaigning for funding etc.
There was a second list of around about thirty, I would say, names from the north-west who were heads of primary schools, public schools, scout masters, teachers, professional people."
Cyril Smith, MP for Rochdale paid Gordon a visit. He knew about the 'lists.'
"He went from Mr Nice Guy to Mr Nasty in ten seconds. He was, sort of, staring you in the face, pointing fingers at you and, basically, threatening you not to do anything about this. he was adamant that this was rubbish and I should not print it."
The presenter of the piece then tells us this:
"A day later the Bury Messenger was raided by officers from Special Branch and the paper's editor was warned that he'd be jailed if the details were ever published. The documents were seized and most probably destroyed."
Don says Cyril Smith was sent 'to put the frighteners on me., to try and stop me running the story.'

Smith warned Gordon off again three years later.

Don now says he'd be happy to tell everything he knows to the child abuse enquiry.

I bet we don't find out anything much before the next election.

I bet we don't find out anything much about the parliamentary perverts who are still with us after it either.