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The German future: You must have an immigrant background!

Don't say you weren't warned, folks.

Evil 'racists' like me have been warning you of the actual state of affairs since Oswald Mosley's time.

However, instead of heeding those warnings, or at least checking them out, you chose to believe what the bought-and-paid-for politician and the media hack told you.

There used to be an excuse for this. Until recently, all we had to go on was news and opinion churned out by the mainstream media. Which, of course, has always been dominated by unprincipled 'hack.' But for decades now we have had the internet and social media, where you can find out almost everything worth knowing. And so, for the last ten years at least, there has been NO EXCUSE not to be aware that the Western politician (and those who own him) have your WORST interests at heart much of the time.

Not your best.

Your aggressive inattention has produced creatures like Lamya Kaddor. How many of these are now sounding off nastily in our world? How many couldn't care less what we want or feel? We also, of course, have ghastly, PC chat show hosts like Bettina Böttinger giggling and nodding on cue as the ungrateful alien spouts contempt for those who gave her and her co-religionists sanctuary.

Don't ever say you weren't warned, folks, because you were.

You just chose to follow the wagtail fashion of the times and ignore the warnings.

Your children and grandchildren must now live with that choice.

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Sunday, 8 May 2016

The murder of Kriss Donald

On 15 March 2004, 15-year-old schoolboy Kriss Donald was murdered in Pollockshields, Glasgow.

Kriss was out walking with his friend Jamie Wallace when five Muslims leapt out of a Mercedes, dragged Kriss into the car, and drove off. As Jamie escaped, one the kidnappers said, ‘you'll be next!’

Zahid Mohammed told the court that he and his friends drove around the Pollokshields area of Glasgow looking for anyone young and white. One of them said they would ‘chop them up and take their eyes out and stab them.’ As soon as they chanced upon Kriss and Jamie, they jumped out of the car and began to beat them up.

Advocate deputy, Mark Stewart, asked Mohammed, if it was it an Asian boy, a Chinese boy, a black boy they sought? Mohammed replied:
Kriss was taken on a 200-mile journey before returning to Glasgow. The car drew up on waste ground behind the Celtic Supporters Club in the east end of the city. Kriss, who was described in court as a defenceless, young, slightly built schoolboy who experienced 'extreme terror' before he died, was then beaten again, stabbed 13 times and, after petrol was poured over him, set on fire. His badly burned and naked body was found the following morning by a man who thought it was an animal's carcass.

Two days after Kriss's death the police said it was still too early to say if the murder was racially motivated. Four day's after his death the BBC said:
Mohammed Sarwar, MP for Glasgow Govan at the time, acknowledged that there had been problems in the area six months before, but added:
"We have to be very cautious that we don't allow the BNP and other right-wing organisations to exploit this tragedy."
Local businessman, Jamshaid Raja, said:
"It was not an Asian on white attack, those thugs would carry out the same act on an Asian person."
Gordon Jackson, the Member of the Scottish Parliament with responsibility for the area where Kriss was killed, stated that young men got into 'bother' from time to time in every city and warned against any speculation that there was a racial motive to the incident in an area with a 'substantial' Asian population. He added:
"WHAT I DO NOT WANT TO DO IS PUT DOWN YOUNG MEN's BEHAVIOUR TO A RACE PROBLEM. I am horrified that all of a sudden people want to suggest that is what it is about and that is a problem."
Hanif Rajah, of the Pakistan Forum Scotland, told BBC Scotland that he, too, did not believe it was a racist crime, adding:
"I think the trouble... is a gang fight among youths. It is not a racially motivated killing."
However, at the High Court in Glasgow, the jury took just two-and-a-quarter hours to find Daanish Zahid guilty by a unanimous verdict of the charges of racially-aggravated murder. He was jailed for life.

Zahid Mohammed, who admitted abducting Kriss, was jailed for five years. (Released after just two)

Warrants were issued for Imran Shahid, Zeeshan Shahid and Mohammed Mustaq, who were incriminated in court by Zahid and Mohammed. These three fled to Pakistan immediately after Kriss was killed. The Strathclyde Police applied to the Home and Foreign Offices for help in extraditing Shadid and co. at this point. These applications were turned down. A police source admitted:
"We have encountered serious problems with our attempts to seek extradition for these suspects and it has caused a great deal of frustration among the officers involved in the case."
Despite the 'problems', in July 2005, Zeeshan Shahid and Mohammed Mustaq were detained by the police in a village near Faisalabad. Imran Shaid was arrested a few days later in Lahore. They were extradited to the UK that October.

On 8 November 2006, the Shahids and Mushtaq were found guilty of the racially motivated murder of Kriss Donald and jailed for life. The judge, Lord Uist, said this before pronouncing sentence:
“You have all been convicted by the jury of the racially aggravated abduction and murder of Kriss Donald, a wholly innocent 15 year old boy of slight build. He was selected as your victim only BECAUSE HE WAS WHITE and walking in a certain part of the Pollokshields area of Glasgow when you sought out a victim.

This murder consisted of the premeditated, cold-blooded execution of your victim by stabbing him 13 times and setting him alight with petrol while he was still in life. It truly was an abomination. 
The savage and barbaric nature of this notorious crime has rightly shocked and appalled the public. Your victim must have been in a state of extreme terror while held by you during a four hour car journey across Central Scotland and back, and the agony which he must have suffered during the period between being stabbed and set alight and his death is just beyond imagining.”
Nowadays, if a five-strong gang from a minority community murder a white boy from the majority community in cold blood, it's just 'young men's behaviour', a bit of 'bother' and 'a gang fight among youths' to some.

The one thing it most certainly can never be is 'a racially motivated killing', or a 'a race problem', and we must all do our politically correct bit to 'play down suggestions the killing was racial.'

If, however, a five-strong gang of white youths were to murder a black or an Asian youth, it's banner headlines in the press, it's politicians on the bandwagon, it's questions in Parliament, it's 'institutional racism' and it is The McPherson Report. It is also a never-ending media and parliamentary campaign to demonise the fundamentally law abiding majority for the benefit and encouragement of the comparatively lawless, irresponsible and destructive minorities.

Wikipedia tells us this about the media and constabulary reaction to Kriss' murder:
"The BBC has been criticised by some viewers because THE CASE FEATURED ON NATIONAL NEWS ONLY THREE TIMES (How many times has the BBC mentioned Stephen Lawrence?) and the first trial was later largely confined to regional Scottish bulletins including the verdict itself. 
Although admitting that the BBC had ‘got it wrong,’ the organisation's Head of News gathering, Fran Unsworth, largely rejected the suggestion that Donald's race played a part in the lack of reportage, instead claiming it was mostly a product of ‘Scottish blindness.’

In preference to reporting the verdict the organisation found the time to report the opening of a new arts centre in Gateshead it its running order. THE BBC AGAIN FACED CRITICISMS FOR ITS FAILURE TO COVER THE SECOND TRIAL IN ITS MAIN BULLETINS, WAITING UNTIL DAY 18 TO MENTION THE ISSUE and Peter Horrocks of the BBC apologised for the organisation's failings.

However, Peter Fahy, spokesman of race issues for the Association of Chief Police Officers noted that THE MEDIA AS A WHOLE TENDED TO UNDER-REPORT THE RACIST MURDERS OF WHITE PEOPLE, stating it was a fact that it was ‘HARDER TO GET THE MEDIA INTERESTED WHERE MURDER VICTIMS WERE YOUNG WHITE MEN’…

An article in The Scotsman newspaper alleged A LACK OF RESPONSE BY AUTHORITIES TO CONCERNS OF RISING RACIAL TENSIONS and that Strathclyde Police had felt pressured to abandon Operation Gather, an investigation into Asian gangs in the area, FOR FEAR OF OFFENDING ETHNIC MINORITIES.

In a January 2005 interview with a Scottish newspaper, he had previously claimed that ‘fear and intimidation’ had allowed problems with Asian gangs in some parts of the city to go unchecked. The article also quoted a former senior Strathclyde police officer who criticised ‘A CULTURE OF POLITICAL CORRECTNESS’ WHICH HAD ALLOWED GANG CRIME TO ‘GROW UNFETTERED’…

The case drew attention to the issues of prisoners automatically being released from prison early when it emerged that one of the murderers, Shahid, was on early release from a prison sentence at the time of the killing. He had previously been jailed for two and half years for a road rage attack BUT ONLY SERVED NINE MONTHS OF HIS SENTENCE.”
And Imran Shahid's response to the rehabilitation offered by Her Majesty's Prison Service?

On 2 June 2011, The Daily Record reported thus:
"Kriss Donald killer Imran 'Baldy' Shahid was put in solitary for his own protection, prison bosses told a judge yesterday. The whining thug is suing taxpayers for £6000, claiming his human rights were breached when he was kept in segregation for more than four years.

But counsel for the Scottish Prison Service told the Court of Session that other cons sickened by Shahid's racist murder had made 'serious threats' against him...

Counsel Douglas Ross said bodybuilder Shahid helped make the case for keeping him segregated by repeatedly bragging that he would 'respond violently to any threat.' Mr Ross also disputed Shahid's claims that being in solitary had caused him psychological harm."
In February 2013, Shahid was violently attacked in Kilmarnock jail. 

This was captured on CCTV.

I would describe the above in just two words:


On 23 February 2013, The Daily Record said this:

"Kris Donald murderer Imran 'Baldy' Shahid has glorified his brutal life of violence in sick poetry which has been entered for a national award scheme for prison art. It opens a window on the warped mind behind one of Scotland’s most horrific crimes, and shows all the boorish arrogance that has made Shahid a marked man behind bars.
Shahid, now 36, led the gang who abducted Kriss in Pollokshields, Glasgow, in 2004, dragging him into a car simply because he was white. The thugs took the terrified schoolboy on a four-hour terror ride across central Scotland before stabbing him 13 times, dousing him in petrol and leaving him to burn to death.

Shahid’s revolting writing shows no remorse for Kriss or his grieving family. Instead, he justifies his depraved behaviour and tries to portray himself as a fearless gangster, rather than a coward who murdered a defenceless boy…

One poem, called 50 Levels of Wrath… is marked as an entry for the Koestler Awards, run by prison charity the Koestler Trust. It is accompanied by a drawing, apparently a stylised self-portrait mimicking gangster rapper Ice Cube, which repeats his chilling phrase, ‘the world has to pay’.”
The Koestler Prize was instituted by 'Darkness at Noon' author, Arthur Koestler, in 1962. 

Here's what the Koestler Trust has to say about its founder:
"Koestler was the only child of middle-class Jewish parents. He gave up his undergraduate studies in Vienna to become a Zionist pioneer in Palestine. At 22, he secured a prestigious job in journalism in Berlin, but 4 years later RESIGNED TO JOIN THE COMMUNIST PARTY.

He moved to Paris TO WRITE FOR LEFT-WING JOURNALS, co-authored some GROUND-BREAKING SEX MANUALS and made a year-long VISIT TO THE USSR. In 1936, while reporting on the Spanish Civil War, he was arrested by Franco's fascists, condemned to death FOR ESPIONAGE and spent 3 months in prison in Malaga and Seville. THE BRITISH FOREIGN OFFICE SECURED HIS RELEASE...
Koestler was arrested in Paris at the outbreak of World War Two, as the French AUTHORITIES SUSPECTED HIM OF SUBVERSION. After 3 months in the brutal Le Vernet Detention Camp, he was RELEASED THROUGH BRITISH INTERVENTION...

Aged 77... he took his own life by overdose. His third wife, Cynthia, aged 55 and in good health, committed suicide with his...

In 1998, a biography by David Cesarani detailed Koestler's sexual affairs and drinking. It included a disclosure by Jill Craigie, wife of Labour MP Michael Foot, that SHE HAD BEEN RAPED BY KOESTLER in 1952.

At the Koestler Trust, we acknowledge that our founder was a controversial figure. We maintain his name because his idea of cash prizes for prisoners' artworks was far ahead of its time and a brilliant way of valuing offenders' creativity. We are a charity which CELEBRATES THE BEST ACHIEVEMENTS OF PEOPLE WHO HAVE MADE GRAVE MISTAKES IN LIFE and ARTHUR KOESTLER CONTINUES TO BE AN APPROPRIATE FIGUREHEAD FOR THIS WORK."
Koestler Trust’s Board of Advisors:

Prof Douglas Dunn; Mark Eban; Roger Graef; Anna Guggenheim, QC; Sir Martin Jacomb; Baroness Linklater of Butterstone; Rt Hon Alan Moses; Nigel Whiskin, MBE.

At least four of the above are, like Koestler, Jewish.

Listen up, all you kind, tolerant, decent, honourable, fair-minded British people.

If the sad tale related above has given you pause for thought, do me a favour, for once in your life put yourselves first. Don't keep doing what the establishment tells you to do. Don't let the foreigner push you to the back in the land your ancestors made for their descendants. Put yourselves before the Zahids, the Mohammeds, the Shahids and Mushtaqs. Look out for your own family, your own neighbourhood, your village, your town, your society, culture, heritage, tribe, people and country.

It's yours, it's not theirs!

The PC Crowd persuaded you to give almost everything away that your ancestors fought for, died for and sacrificed so much for. Do you think really they'd have wanted you to do that?

Next time a politically correct politician, a media darling or an immigrant chancer mentions the word racism ladies and gents, remember what happened to Kriss Donald.

And sharpen your pitchforks.

P.S. Just one parliamentary Early Day Motion mentions Kriss Donald. Apart from this, no MP and no Lord or Lady has ever spoken of his tragic death in the Houses of Parliament.

Stephen Lawrence has inspired more than 20 Early Day Motions and has been mentioned in Westminster over 2,000 times by more than 500 MPs, Lords and Ladies.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Mixed-race propaganda in Sweden and the UK

"Mix it up!" Sick miscegenation propaganda. from Der Himmelstern on Vimeo.

On election night, 8 November 2010, 'Blanda Upp' ('Mix it Up') aired on Swedish television (SVT), during an episode of 'Grotesco.'

The mixed-race propagandists in the UK beat them to it by thirteen months. The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan (1925) to breed the white race out of existence achieved institutionalised status on 2 October 2009, when, on 2 October 2009, Aarathi Prasad presented 'Is it Better to be Mixed-Race?' on Channel 4 television.

Before we take a look at what Ms Prasad was, via our mainstream media, suggesting we consider in 2009, check out what Count Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, the founder of the first European Union (the Pan-European Union), was saying in the nineteen twenties:

In his 1925 book, ‘Praktischer Idealismus,’ he says this:
"The man of the future will be mixed-race... The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future... will replace the diversity of peoples...

Russian Bolshevism constitutes a decisive step towards this purpose, where a small group of Communist spiritual aristocrats govern the country…

From the European quantity-people… the mass, two quality races rise up: blood aristocracy and the Jews… both of them stick to their belief in their higher mission, of their better blood… In both of these… lies the core of the European nobility of the future…

Modern Jewry surpasses all other peoples in percentage of important men… with Trotsky as the frontrunner of modern politics… The prominent position held by the Jews these days is owed to their spiritual supremacy… Modern anti-Semitism is one of the many reactionary phenomena of the mediocre against the supreme…

As a people the Jews experience the eternal struggle of quantity against quality, inferior groups against high quality individuals, inferior majorities against superior minorities.”
Coudenhove-Kalergi was, himself, mixed-race. His father was an Austro-Hungarian aristocrat, his mother was the daughter of a Japanese oil tycoon.

In his memoirs, Coudenhove-Kalergi says:
"At the beginning of 1924, we received a call from Baron Louis de Rothschild. One of his friends, Max Warburg… had read my book… and wanted to get to know us.
To my great surprise, Warburg spontaneously offered us 60,000 gold marks... Max Warburg… had a principle of financing these movements…

He arranged his 1925 trip to the United States to introduce me to Paul Warburg and financier Bernard Baruch."

The businessman and banker, Bernard Baruch, was the intimate advisor and confidant of no less than four American presidents. Max Warburg was the director of the family’s banking house in Hamburg from 1910 until 1938, when he left Germany for America. As head of the firm, he had been an adviser to Kaiser Wilhelm prior to and during World War One.

Paul Warburg, the brother of Felix and Max, was the man most responsible for the creation, in 1913, of the Federal Reserve. In ‘Warburg, the Revolutionist,' Harold Kellock told us this in the May 1915 issue of Century Magazine:
"Paul M. Warburg is probably the mildest-mannered man that ever personally conducted a revolution… He stepped forth armed simply with an idea and he conquered… He imposed his idea on a nation of a hundred million people…

Warburg does not look like a… revolutionist but he’s played that role for nearly seven years…

The passage of the Federal Reserve Act… made his revolutionary ideas the law of the land. There is no doubt that without Mr. Warburg there would have been no Federal Reserve Act.”
On 17 February 1950, addressing the US Senate, Franklin D. Roosevelt’s top financial adviser, James Warburg, said this:
"We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent."
James Warburg was Paul Warburg’s son.

Bernard Baruch and the Warburgs were Jewish.

On 19 November 2012, the European Council website said this:

“The President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, was awarded the Coudenhove-Kalergi Prize... to celebrate 90 years of the Pan-Europa movement.
The prize is awarded to leading personalities for their extraordinary commitment in the European unification process…

The idea, which was also at the centre of Coudenhove-Kalergi's work, has lost nothing of its importance 90 years later.”
The melting pot endeavours of Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi on behalf of ‘Communist spiritual aristocrats’ and the ‘quality races’ of ‘aristocracy and the Jews’ were rewarded when, in 1950, he became the first recipient of the Charlemagne Prize.

Other winners of the prize that bears the first Holy Roman Emperor's name have included Edward Heath; Bill Clinton; Henry Kissinger and Tony Blair.

Here are some of the things Ms Prasad said during the course of 'Is it Better to be Mixed-Race':
“Mixed race people are our fastest growing minority group. And I can't help noticing that THEY'RE HAVING A MASSIVE IMPACT ON OUR SOCIETY… They're coming to dominate music, modelling, sport…


I'm Arathi Prasad and I want to explore an incredible idea, a controversial new theory suggesting MIXED-RACE PEOPLE MIGHT HAVE A BIOLOGICAL ADVANTAGE. Could there be something happening at the level of their genes that MAKES THEM SO SPECIAL? IS IT BETTER TO BE MIXED-RACE?"

Well, as regards music and modelling, Richard Fielding seems to fit the 'mixed-race is fab' bill.

However, he won’t be able to demonstrate his fabulousness any time soon, Aarathi, as he’s serving a life sentence at the moment for murdering Lee Day, his girlfriend and five members of Lee's family.

He killed them because he blamed Lee for preventing him becoming, and I quote, a "famous male model" and a 'famous DJ.'

And then there’d be 'the voice of '88',' former pop, dance and fashion star, John Barrett, who was locked up indefinitely for stabbing 3 people in September 2002.

However, that would be 'indefinitely' in Cool Britannia-speak, which means he was allowed out of the nuthouse soon after he was admitted and murdered Denis Finnegan less than 24 hours later.

As for the 'sport' thing, well, there’d be the 'gifted' and 'special' Premier League striker, Marlon King.

Despite earning at least £25,000 a week and having just about everything a young man could want, King is now serving 18 months for smashing a young, white girl in the face. Emily Carr was left with a broken nose, black eye and split lip because she dared to reject King’s crude advances.

The 2 November 2009 edition of The Daily Mirror explained:
“On the night of the attack King was celebrating scoring a winning goal for Hull, and the news that HIS WIFE JULIE WAS EXPECTING THEIR THIRD CHILD.

Emily was with friends at the Soho Revue Bar in London's West End when King - WHO HAS A STRING OF CONVICTIONS FOR ATTACKS ON WOMEN - suddenly grabbed her bottom. She asked him to stop but, furious at the rebuttal, six foot King, violently lashed out. Emily added… ‘I felt someone grab my bum and grope me from behind… It wasn't just a pinch, it was a squeeze done in a sexual way… I swung round to see King SMIRKING, LOOKING ME UP AND DOWN AND LEERING… I looked him in the eye and told him 'Don't do that. Don't touch me'…

After Emily told him to leave her alone again, King sneered:

‘I'M A MULTI-MILLIONAIRE. YOU'RE NOT IN MY LEAGUE.’ He then delivered a devastating punch, knocking Emily and two of her friends to the ground. She said… ‘His defence moaned that the sentence would lose him £1million in earnings - but I've lost my face. He's not fit ever to play for any team again’.”
Amen to that Emily.

Amen to that.

After King’s was sentenced it emerged that, in a criminal career running parallel to his sporting one, the mixed-race multimillionaire had 13 previous convictions including theft, assaulting a police officer and wounding. He was given a succession of fines and community service orders but was only jailed once.

Would Marlon King be the kind of 'biologically advantaged' mixed-race specimen you had in mind, Aarathi? Would it be his “special” genes that saw him acquire so many criminal convictions, when most not-so-special, criminally disinclined men of his age would have given their eye teeth for a fraction of the wealth and status he had?

Ms Prasad continues:
“The leader of the free world is the child of a black, Kenya man and a white woman from the plains of Kansas.”
And Curtis 'Cocky' Warren, 'the richest criminal in British history,' is the child of a mixed-race Norwegian sailor and a mixed-race woman whose own mother was South African.

What point are you trying to make, here, Aarathi? That all mixed-race folk are potential Obamas? Well, I’m afraid that experience and the criminal justice system of the western world would tend to suggest there are many more Cocky Warrens out there than there are American Presidents.

Ms Prasad continues:
“There’s a controversial new idea that's not going to please the BNP one little bit. It's a theory outlined in a book called, ‘BREEDING BETWEEN THE LINES’ by science writer, ALON ZIV. It claims that MIXED-RACE PEOPLE ARE BORN WITH A BIOLOGICAL ADVANTAGE, THE RESULT OF THEIR GENETIC DIVERSITY.”
Ah, but you see Aarathi, certain members of the Jewish fraternity (Ziv is Jewish) have been doing their damnedest to convince the most gullible members of the white race to breed themselves out of existence for a very long time now. 'Breeding Between the Lines' is just the latest in a veritable plethora of genocidal self-help manuals our Jewish chums intermittently bombard the brain-dead Gentile with.

As early as 1908, Israel Zangwill was at it with his play 'The Melting Pot.'

An updated version of Zangwill, the Havard Professor, Noel Ignatiev, wrote the following in the September-October 2002, edition of Harvard Magazine:
"The goal of ABOLISHING THE WHITE RACE IS ON ITS FACE SO DESIRABLE that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed white supremacists."
Has this abolitionist boffin ever been castigated for voicing such a cataclysmic opinion? Has he been kicked out of Harvard? Have the media and the PC politicians howled this ant-white racist out of the country?

Oh no, Aarathi, none of these things have occurred. You see, the learned Prof preaches his abolitionist philosophy at the W.E.B. DuBois Institute for African-American Research, an institution whose courses, as you might imagine, are almost wholly taken up by black Americans.

And, as previously suggested, Iganatiev, himself, is Jewish. In this day and age we do not hold the Jew to account, even if he advocates the extinction of the white race to those who are, perhaps, most likely to take his advocacy seriously. Check out Zangwill and Ignatiev in more depth here.

As for Ziv’s 'Between the Lines,' here’s the standard:
“After 18 holes, Tiger Woods probably SMELLS BETTER than Phil Mickelson”.
“Julia Roberts was MORE LIKELY TO HAVE AN ORGASM with Benjamin Bratt than with Lyle Lovett”.
“Odds are, Lenny Kravitz LOST HIS VIRGINITY EARLIER than Justin Timberlake.”
And the concluding sentence:
Israel Zangwill would have been very proud that the extinction theories he was proposing more than a century ago are still being aired by his tribal kinfolk in 2009. You bet he would.

Ms Prasad continues:
“Heterozygosity (increased genetic diversity) is good - AND THE KEY TO THAT IS TO HAVE PARENTS WHO ARE GENETICALLY AS DIFFERENT AS POSSIBLE. Does that mean it would help to have PARENTS FROM DIFFERENT RACES?”
This is the model, Heidi Klum:

This the Hip Hop star, Seal.

This is Seal and the child he produced with Heidi Klum:

Seal and Heidi Klum are, by the way, no longer an item. Having 'grown apart,' the production of the mixed-race ideal (3 of them) has, in this instance, ceased. Ms Prasad continues:
"It's looking like racial purity can be really bad for your health"!
Check out Heidi Klum again. And your blonde, blue-eyed husband, Araathi, check him out too. And the various brainy boffins in your film. Quite a few non-miscegenated, racially pure folk in there, my dear. They don’t appear to be in anything but rude and intelligent health to me.

However, as regards the being bad for one’s heath bit, check out what our daughters will be expected to couple with in order to produce Aarathi Prasad’s 'better... more attractive' breed here:

The Rogues' Gallery
The genetic make up of the world has changed all right. 

In 1900, we white folks comprised 30 percent of the world’s population. It’s down to around 14 percent now and, by 2100, it’s scheduled to be 3 percent or thereabouts.

Oh yes, ladies and gents, the Aarathis, the Alon Zivs, the Global Villagers, the PC Crowd, the media barons and our traitorous politicians have decided that the white world is soon to be no more. Trust me folks, Alon Ziv would just love it if all the teenage wannabe-Heidi Klums gave birth to little half-Seals, whilst elite Asiatics like Aarathi were giving birth to little half-white types. You see, when we’re all gone, there’ll still be lots and lots of Africans, Indians and Chinamen left. And of course, benignly overseeing the black, brown, yellow and khaki hodge-podge, the Israel Zangwills will reign supreme, as always.

And another thing, does anyone out there think Aarathi and Alon are actually suggesting that the top Indian and Judaic totty get down and dirty with the best of Brixton? It’s never going to happen, is it? Big India would not be best pleased with any but an untouchable wanting to marry Mbongo from the Congo. And, let’s get real here, how many Orthodox Rabbis are going to give their blessings to a Jewish Princess who wants to have kids by the bloke with a bone in his nose?

No, Aarathi, the sentiments in your programme were aimed four square at the white world. Particularly the wide-eyed, thoroughly brainwashed and unknowing members of it. Ms Prasad continues:
“If you want to know what that future looks like, take a look at Brazil. I've come here to continue my hunt for mixed-race advantage.”
I wonder why you didn’t marry a Brazilian, Aarathi? As opposed to the disadvantaged Northern European type you ended up with? Do you think you, your mixed-race daughter and your compartmentalised and seperate, fair-haired hubby will be emigrating off to Brazil any time soon? I mean, it’s the land of the 'future,' isn’t it?

For goodness sake, why would you want to hang out with all us racially pure, unhealthy folk when you could be having a whale of a time in the land of mixed-race advantage!

Could you put these questions to all the other wannabe race-mixers, Arathi? Perhaps they might want to catch the same plane to Ab Fab Land when you go hang our with our betters. Ms Prasad continues:
Where do you think Stephen Akinmurele might figure on your scale of biological advantage and robust mental health, Aarathi?

Akinmurele murdered at least five old-aged pensioners between May 1995 and February 1996 in Blackpool and the Isle of Wight.

Do you think the state of mind of the mixed-race creature opposite was likely to have been psychologically on song when he was slaughtering the elderly British?

Here's a potted biography of another mixed-race serial killer the Aarathi Prasads will never tell you about:

Kenneth Erskine killed at least seven old age pensioners in a 3-month spell beginning in April 1986.

The police are as sure as they can possibly be that he murdered at least four more around the same time. This because those who died were all pensioners, all of them were killed in inner London, they were all strangled, and most of them were buggered before or after death.

A senior detective is on record as having said:
"There is simply no way of knowing how many defenceless old folk he killed; it could be dozens".
The 23-year-old killer was abandoned by his parents as a child, (despite being 'gifted' one presumes) and was a product of special schools and a bleeding-heart social security system.

After drifting out of that system, he began his career as a burglar in 1979 at the age of 16. He was arrested on numerous occasions and, even though, at his trial, he was found to have a mental age of eleven, (the boffins who assessed him must have made a mistake) he was smart enough to have opened ten different bank accounts to launder the proceeds from his thievery.

At his trial, the mixed-race marvel had to be tied to his chair. This to prevent him playing with himself during the proceedings. Since his trial, Erskine has told the police that he did what he did because he wanted to be famous. Just like the mixed-race killer, Richard Fielding.

Whilst I’m not to sure about the 'robust mental health,' Aarathi, I’ll give you one thing, Erskine and Akinmurele certainly had a 'massive impact on our society.'

Don’t you find it interesting, ladies and gentlemen, how the powers-that-be are able to keep such 'massive impact' quiet? Such that most of us will never have heard of the three mixed-race serial killers cited here?

Ms Prasad continues:
“I've learnt that... if you're mixed race your DNA is more likely to be heterozygous and that might lead to possible benefits in physical health and mental health AND MIGHT MAKE YOU MORE ATTRACTIVE.”
What? Like Heidi Klum’s mixed-race kiddie, Aarathi? Like the dear, departed C-List celeb, Jade Goody, whose antics and appearance in the Big Brother House, provoked the awaiting multitudes to chant 'burn the pig' as she emerged?

Ms Prasad continues:
“Being mixed race doesn't have to dilute culture.”
In her first Big Bro appearance, Jade, daughter of a black, drug-dealing absent dad who died of an overdose in a public toilet, told us that a ferret was a bird, an abscess was a green drink from France, Pistachio painted the Mona Lisa and that there was a part of England called East Angular. Yes, indeed, poor Jade was surely a most exceptional mixed-race example of undiluted youth culture at its most cerebrally acute.

As for the black chaps Aarathi and Alon want the average British bimbo to 'mix' with, well, David Lammy, MP, was the Higher Education Minister when he scored just 13 points in a celebrity edition of Mastermind.

Check out a prime example of positive discrimination at its most jaw-droppingly PC in the video below.

Prasad continues:
“I've discovered it (being mixed-race) might just dilute disease”!
Yep. Impregnating yourself with a black man’s issue is definitely going to produce a less disease-risen kiddie than the 'pale, male and stale' (a David Lammyism) alternative, girls. I mean, you’ve only got to look at how few AIDS cases there are in Africa, compared to Melton Mowbray and Bourton-on-the-Water, haven’t you?

On 10 September 2005, The Guardian, liberal bastion of all things politically correct, reported thus:
"HIV diagnoses in the UK have rocketed, increasing by 265% over the past 10 years to 52,385 people. Before 1996, only around 50 cases of heterosexual infection were diagnosed in Britain a year - most HIV cases were among gay men. But for the past five years, according to government figures published this summer, more heterosexuals have been diagnosed in the UK with HIV than gay or bisexual men. Only 28% of last year's record 7,000 new HIV cases originated in the gay population…


Sometime in 2000, Everson Banda entered Britain on a tourist visa.

He lied about his immigration status and got a job as a security guard. In April 2005, he was told that he would have to get himself registered. However, as an illegal immigrant, he could not provide the passport or visa that the registration process required, so he asked his bosses if he could be a caravan salesman instead. They granted this request.

One of Banda's colleagues said:
"In the three seasons he had been here, Banda's health had been slowly deteriorating. His skin had been falling off his face and scalp, and he had been losing his hair. He started out quite muscular but in recent times he had lost a lot of weight. At the time people blamed it on stress, they said he had immigration problems.

When the guys went into his caravan, they also found a lot of medication, tablets in silver foil wrappers."
Despite such obvious clues, a long line of British girls continued to make their way, at the end of a drunken evening, to Everton Banda's caravan

On 19 August 2006, Everson Banda was deported back to Zimbabwe. He was deported despite the fact that the authorities knew he had deliberately infected at least six women with the HIV virus. He was deported despite the fact that his colleagues at the Orchards Holiday Village near Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, had testified that he had slept with 'literally scores' of holiday-makers and at least 13 co-workers during his three years at the campsite where he worked.

Since an enormous number of unwary Britons had demonstrated their fashionably PC preference for the sexual favours of the African man whose 'skin had been falling off his face and scalp,' that is.

Before Banda was deported he had, finally, admitted that his asylum claim was bogus. The confession, at such an opportune time, strongly suggests a behind-the-scenes deal with Tony Blair's Thought Policemen. To whit:
“If you go quietly and go now, you don't go to jail.”
As a Home Office source said:
"Banda claimed asylum soon after his arrest for overstaying, then dropped his claims and agreed to be removed back to Zimbabwe. Perhaps he realised it was a good opportunity to get away from the terrible situation he had created."
Allow me to summarise what, actually, happened here: Banda comes to this country and deliberately infects six British women and girls with a terminal plague virus. He is not punished for doing so. A trial could have exposed the massive culpability of a Blair government that sits on its hands and does nothing as Banda, and many others just like him, pass a lingering death sentence on thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of ill-informed Britons who are unaware of the danger.

The Chairman Blairs, the Chairman Browns and the Arathi Prasads choose not to warn the gullible that hundreds of thousands of African immigrants are harbouring the AIDS virus in their bodies. They also do not bother to point out that a very great many of these would rather lie about their HIV status, if telling the truth means that they might lose the opportunity of a another conquest.

Those who are at war with us would not want us to know that they care rather more for the feelings of the grotesquely irresponsible African with AIDS than they do for the British girls that African infects after he is allowed into this country. That's why a stone killer, with no scruples, no morals and a psychopathic lack of concern for others, got to go home.

On 14 November 2008, The Daily Mail informed us thus:

Health officials have written to MORE THAN 400 WOMEN TO WARN THEM THEY MIGHT HAVE THE DEADLY VIRUS after having unprotected sex with him.

The immigrant, who arrived in the UK on a visitor's visa in 2002, has admitted HE CANNOT REMEMBER HOW MANY WOMAN HE HAS SLEPT WITH. He told doctors HE HAD SEX, WHICH WAS OFTEN UNPROTECTED, with women he met in two nightclubs in Leicester - the now-defunct Dark Club and the Burlington Club.


Two years ago, more than a thousand patients were placed on alert after a hospital worker was diagnosed with HIV and hepatitis B. In the first incident of its kind, THE UNNAMED EMPLOYEE was diagnosed with both blood-borne viruses while working in the NHS.”
He’s being 'cared for?' 'By the NHS?'

Why isn’t the alien degenerate in jail, where he can’t infect any more brainwashed slappers? Oh, right. I was forgetting. Big Brother is at war with us. And the immigrant is his foot-soldier.

As are so many of the 'unnamed employees' who work for the NHS. It’s not just you race-mixing advocates who are after watering down whitey, Aarathi. Oh no. Big Brother is shuffling us off in many more ways than one. Ms Prasad continues:
Yes, and every last immigrant seems to be doing their Brit-bashing damnedest to up the ante. Aarathi will be aware of this, I’m sure. She continues:
“DIVERSITY IS ALWAYS BETTER. I've always felt that culturally but now I've found out that it just might be true genetically as well.”
"Diversity is always better”? Well, you heard it here, folks. Big Brother, the Israel Zangwills and the alien hordes have been after diversifying the greatest race out of the history books since time immemorial and Aarathi Prasad is intent on carrying on the good work.

I wonder whether, when she’s back in India, Ms Prasad is inclined to preach the case for diversity quite so zealously? Given that her fellow caste members might have to admit the odd, extra-lowly Dalit into their hearts, minds, sitting-rooms, ivory towers, whited sepulchres and gaudy boudoirs if they do.

And, ladies and gentlemen, though the Indian upper-crust would not, I’m sure, thank me for saying so, the caste differentiation between Indians has little or no genetic basis and so interbreeding between the lowest and the highest would not diversify them anywhere near as much as it would us.

I wonder if it has ever occurred to Ms Prasad that the fact that she was drawn to mate with a blonde, blue-eyed Englishman is really a bit of giveaway? I mean, why didn’t she get it together with one of those super-diverse Brazilians? Should hubbie be feeling a bit insecure now that his Indian paramour has discovered there are better genetic prospects elsewhere?

Nah, Aarathi nabbed Mr England because she, instinctively, recognised an upwardly mobile union. Let’s face it folks, little Ms India chose one of us, she didn’t choose any of them. She didn’t want an Untouchable, a Pakistani, an African, a Jew, a Chinese chap, an Australian aborigine or, for that matter, a high caste Hindu or a mixed-race superman. What she wanted was Whitey. She just doesn’t want our girls to want him as well.

Aarathi Prasad is the mother of a mixed-race child.

At the time 'Is it better to be mixed-race' was produced, the Head of Diversity at Channel 4 was none other than the achingly PC former MP for Bethnal Green and Bow, Oona King.

King is both black and Jewish.

And, thus, mixed-race.

Why I left Judaism - by Brother Nathanael

Giggling Africans terrify French girls with replica guns

Enriching, huh?

Anyone out there think a European politician, or a journalist who wants to slither that bit further up the greasy careerist pole, is going to blow the whistle on the things diversity finds hilarious?

We don't think so, do we?

I mean, shouldn't we be told that an African is only having fun when he waves a gun under your nose? We might react badly, knock his block off and end up in court accused of racist GBH! Whereupon, the humourless European sourpuss would end up behind bars for responding in such an outrageous way to a lovely, fluffy non-native comedian who was only trying to enrich us with his comedy.

Will they, ever, do you think, warn us of the consequences of mass immigration?

Thanks, politicians.

Thanks, media.

Thanks, PC Crowd.

Thanks, sheeple.

For putting the foreigner light years ahead of the indigenous for more than six decades now... No matter what they do, no matter how they behave...

And for murdering our world...

Thanks a lot.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

The War Party

In the lead up to America’s invasion of Iraq, BBC journalist, Steve Bradshaw, spent a lot of time with the Neoconservative hawks who inspired George W. Bush to prosecute the war.

During the course of the resulting 18 May 2003 Panorama documentary, 'The War Party,' Steve says these things:
“This is a story about people who want the world run their way... People who believe American power is there to be used… They call themselves Neoconservatives, right wing thinkers whose dreams of a new American century have become George Bush's foreign policy…

They believe America's military might should promote America's ideals...

Will America's super hawks drag us into more wars against their enemies?"

Here are some of the things the Neocons are seen to say:


“I think the war is just. I think America is going to win.

I think... the whole West is going to benefit.” (Frum was the speechwriter who coined the phrase 'Axis of Evil')

Got that wrong, Dave.


"Iran, Iraq, Syria and Saudi Arabia are the big four and then there's Libya… I'm a student of Machiavelli, I wrote a book on Machiavelli...
All the great scholars who have studied American character have come to the conclusion that we are a warlike people and that we love war…

We're going to have to bring down a series of regimes who are the sponsors of a network of various terrorist organisations and Iraq is part of it...

We're fighting tyrants. I believe that if the tyrants are removed that there'll be a great deal more peace and chances for peace in the Middle East."
Got that wrong, Mick.

“The President of the United States, on issue after issue, has reflected the thinking of Neoconservatives…

When we have the ability to stop totalitarian regimes we should do so… For those of us who are involved in foreign and defence policy today, my generation, the defining moment of our history was certainly the holocaust…

I think Tony Blair's moral sense is very much reflected in the thinking of many Neoconservatives… His sense that it was right to liberate Iraq is the sense of Neo-conservatives, and was not the view of most foreign offices including probably his own.”
Iraq was liberated? 

i think lots of Iraqis might disagree with you there, Dick.

Those that are still alive, that is.


“George Bush's current foreign policy is basically a Neoconservative foreign policy...
It's very nice to sit around and say we're in Europe and we believe in the rule of law and we believe in the United Nations. But Saddam Hussein is there and he's a dictator and he has weapons of mass destruction and are you going to do something about it or not.
And in so far as Tony Blair's answer was yes, even if the rest of the US Security Council doesn't agree with us, I think Tony Blair is a kind of Neoconservative despite himself...
I think we need to… work to remove other dictators with weapons of mass destruction and deal with the threat of terrorism around the world… This (day 22 of the war) is the end to the beginning of this broader war, it's not the end of the end...

I think the President and the military and our leadership will need the support of all of us... as we continue to make this world a safer and a better, and a freer place."
'Weapons of mass destruction?' 

'A safer and better place?'

Got it wrong, didn't you, Bill? Way, way wrong. The Middle East is a basket case now and its problems are transferring themselves to Europe. All because of you and your happy, little gang of bloodthirsty psychopaths.

And the odd bought-and-paid-for President and Prime Minister.

“Virtually all Neoconservatives come out of the left… as I myself did. I grew up in the civil rights movement fighting against discrimination and segregation… and I think it also gives us a certain flair for the ideological battle…

We're very unabashed about using American force... We want to take on our opponents.
So the 'NeoCon' tag is really somewhat inappropriate?

It should be NeoDem, or NeoLibLab or NeoLefty?

Thanks for the heads up, Josh.

And, hey! We get the bit about using American force. Putting young, American lives on the line for your ambitions was never going to be much of a concern down your way, was it? But taking on one's opponents? YOU fancy taking THEM on? Up close and personal? Come now, you know as well as I do that taking on one's opponents when they could put a bullet through your skull is not, never has been and never will be, a Chickenhawk thing.

Bit of a Macho implication too far, methinks.

Steve Bradshaw put this question to Professor Eliot Cohen, 'one of America's top military historians' and 'an adviser to the Pentagon:'
"You've expressed some concern over the idea that this is all a conspiracy whipped up by a group of 'neo-conservative hawks' somehow allied to Israel... Explain what you're concerned about."
Cohen replied:
"Sometimes the word Neoconservative is used when what they really would like to say is 'Jew'… As a Jew I find it offensive… I find it deeply, deeply offensive and untrue… it contains a very old anti-Semitic canard which is that the Jews… have these occult powers and are pulling the strings of the naïve and duped non-Jews.”

So, the fact that the Neocons who pushed the USA into a war that with an Iraq that did NOT have WMD and was, in fact, no danger at all to the West, Israel or any of its neighbours, were ALL Zionists and MOSTLY Jewish, must never be mentioned? We can't point the finger at the bad guys because a mass-murdering Jewish psycho or two might find it 'deeply offensive?'

Eliot, my dear chap, the words 'off' and 'f***' come straight to mind. And if you find that offensive, please f*** off twice.

As regards the facts of the matter, Meyrav Wurmser, another leading Neocon (who happens to be Israeli) was not as touchy as Cohen.
"Yes, many of us are Jewish," she admitted.

"There is no need to apologise for that.

Most of us, ALL OF US in fact, are pro-Israel... We see a tremendous similarity between Israel and America."
At one point, Steve Bradshaw added:
"Some leading Neocons, people whisper, are strongly pro-Zionist and want to topple regimes in the Middle East to help Israel as well as the US. In Washington this is a highly sensitive issue, one to take to Jim Lobe, veteran Neocon watcher."
Steve then puts this question to Jim:
"I was sitting in a bar in Capital Hill and I was told by congressional staff: ‘Careful how you use the word 'Neoconservative'. People might think you're being anti-Semitic. Can you just explain this for me?"
“It's not secret.

The majority of Neoconservatives have been and remain Jewish, that is a fact."

And the BBC was daring to reveal these things this in May 2003!

Think they'd do so now?

And pigs might fly.

Check with Ken Livingstone, Naz Shah and Jeremy Corbyn if you don't believe me.

QUESTION: Which would you be more offended by:

1) The invasion and progressive devastation of the Middle East, the slaughter of many of its inhabitants and the massive refugee problems that have followed?

2) An anti-Semitic tweet?

Meyrav Wurmser adds:
“You have a story here about ideas, and LOVE among people… It's real fundamental love and POWER because some of those ideas make policy... and we function and we view ourselves as a group, and we will all stand for each other in defence of each other all the way."
"We are not claiming to be RUNNING THE WORLD. Our job is just to think, and if ideas get adopted, and if ideas turn into policy – wonderful."

On day 22 of the war, when images of Saddam's statue being toppled were flashed across the world, Wurmser exulted thus:
"We actually opened a bottle of champagne. This was a moment we waited for, for many, many years. I mean WE'VE BEEN WORKING ON FREEDOM FOR IRAQ FOR THE LAST NINE YEARS, maybe. My personal feeling was doing AN INCREDIBLY GOOD DEED BY PUSHING THIS WAR because, you know… people got their freedom out of it.”

Got that wrong, didn't you, love?

And millions of Iraqis, Libyans and Syrians have paid the price.

For that matter, we in the West are paying the price also. Inundated by refugees fleeing the hell created by the 'fundamental love and POWER' types on show here, if they are not returned to their homelands once peace is established, our world will be changed forever by a great mass of people who have very little reason to care for an electorate that allowed the Neocons to butcher theirs.

Israel is doing just fine. As are Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the Gulf States. All are much as they were before Meyrav and co. began 'pushing' for a second war against Iraq nine years before it began. (7.5 years before 9/11) No one has invaded them.

Do the cynical bleeding hearts who clamour for more and more angry, young men of military age to be allowed into our world (women and children are very much the minority) ever point out that the aforementioned Muslim countries have taken in not one refugee? Not one refugee despite all the space and facilities to accommodate them?

They do not. They keep this outrageous information to themselves. If another world must be destroyed as a result of these Neocon wars, the elite would have it be ours.

What a bonus, eh, Meyrav? Time for another bottle of champagne, perhaps?

Anyway, ladies and gents, thirteen years ago, when a psychopathic Neocon cabal were were supremely confident that their imperial ambitions were going to work out perfectly, some of them were happy to admit to stuff you are not now supposed to repeat.

In case you hurt their feelings.

However, if, like me, you happen to be a rabid ANTI-SEMITE and don't give a damn what offends those who appear to have the worst interests of most of the people on the planet at heart, go right ahead.

In 'The War Party,' Steve Bradshaw also mentions Neocons: Douglas Feith, David Wurmser (Meyrav's husband) and top man, Paul Wolfowitz.

All three are Jewish, as are Meyrav Wurmser, Eliot Cohen, Richard Perle, Michael Ledeen, William Kristol, Joshua Muravchik, David Frum and the majority of the leading Neocons.

The whistle-blowers cited above are Jewish.

If anyone imagines that I am, actually, 'a rabid anti-Semite,' how come I think these honest Jews are fab? It's the bad guys who do the damage I hate. Not those who are as concerned as I am to prevent their murderous ambitions from taking hold.

When the 'anti-Semitism' lobby lobbies for even more laws that would suppress the facts and promote the myth, ask yourselves this: who is it that they wish to protect?

Are there some Jews the anti-Semitism lobby would be happy to offend? Who would the censors prefer to silence? Benhorin, Bernstein, Shavit and Heller?

Or Wurmser, Perle, Kristol and Ledeen?

Not rocket science, is it?

The anti-Semitism indictment applies only when the establishment profits from it.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Six million Jews: 1915 - 1938!

The information contained in this video is as damning an indictment of the 'six million died in the holocaust' fabrication as you're ever going to see.

Articles from newspapers that preceded WWII show the Jewish authorities claiming that "six million" Jews are in mortal peril. Clearly, the figure had some religio/mystical importance to Jewry well before Auschwitz was liberated in January 1945.

In fact, the statistic was being proposed as early as the 19th century!

Similar evidence can also be seen in the video below.

Did anyone ever learn about this in school?

I don't think you did.

I think we've all been fed the six million lie since it was first cited by the Soviets at Nuremberg.

Make sure those you are able to influence get to see these videos.

They ought to make a difference.

Ron Paul - Israel Created Hamas!

On 9 January 2009, Texas Congressman and Presidential candidate (2010), Ron Paul, said this in Congress:

"The weapons being used to kill so many Palestinians are American weapons... There's a political liability, which I think is something that we fail to look at, because too often there's so much blow back from our intervention in areas that we shouldn't be involved in.

You know, Hamas, if you look at the history, you will find that HAMAS WAS ENCOURAGED AND ACTUALLY STARTED BY ISRAEL because they wanted Hamas to counteract Yasir Arafat...

So then we, as Americans, say, well, we have such a good system, we’re going to impose this on the world... We want free elections. So we encouraged the Palestinians to have a free election. They do, and they elect Hamas.

So we first, indirectly and directly through Israel, helped establish Hamas. Then we have an election where Hamas becomes dominant, then we have to kill them. You know, it just doesn’t make sense.

During the 1980s, we were allied with Osama bin Laden and we were contending with the Soviets. It was at that time our CIA thought it was good if we radicalise the Muslim world. So we finance the Madrassas school to radicalise the Muslims in order to compete with the Soviets.

There is too much blow back.”

Not just the 'racist,' 'Fascist,' 'Nazi' 'bigots' trying to wake everyone up nowadays, is it?

Seven years on from Ron's speech, how many more are finding things out for themselves? How many more no longer rely on a corrupt and self-serving mainstream for needful information?

A lot.

Not enough.

But, trust me, we're getting there.

We really are.