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Lest you forget

Friday, 18 April 2014

A child of two may be the servant of Satan!

On 15 April 2014, Nigerian ‘witch-hunter,' Helen Ukpabio, aka ‘Lady Apostle,' was quoted thus by The Daily Mail:
"If a child under the age of two screams in the night, cries and is always feverish with deteriorating health, he or she is a servant of Satan."
Emma Glanfield added this:
"The born-again Christian Pentecostal preacher, who founded the controversial African Evangelical franchise Liberty Foundation Gospel Ministries in Nigeria, is thought to currently be in the UK... It understood she flew into London where she has been holding a number of church services to promote her belief in witchcraft and offer help to those ‘under threat’ from the wizardry.

A poster advertising one of Ms Ukpabio’s most recent talks... claims to offer help to people who are under ‘witchcraft attack, ancestral spirit attack or mermaid spirit attack’ and claims to help ‘disconnect' them...

The Christian fundamentalist and a Biblical literalist founded the church in 1992 and now claims to have 150 branches worldwide...

The born-again Christian Pentecostal preacher claims to have the power to identify and exorcise ‘witch children’ who are possessed by the devil. She uses her sermons to incite hatred, intolerance and persecution of alleged witches and wizards...Her beliefs... fuel witchcraft accusations against children in the region.

In some of the poorest parts of Nigeria, thousands of children are being blamed for catastrophes, death, famine and branded witches... 
Gary Foxcroft, of the Witchcraft and Human Rights Information Network said Ms Ukpabio was one of a number of preachers who regularly travelled to the UK. He told the Independent: 
‘The fundamental problem is that churches need to be regulated. Anyone can set up a church tomorrow in their own garden shed with no commitment to child protection or making their accounts transparent or any theological training'."
That's diversity for you.

That's the Multicult. That's the world that LibLabCon and their global paymasters have foist upon us in recent times.

You know, this Nigerian nutcase has more rights in Britain than we do when she's here. The race laws have seen to that. And, as Lee Jasper, Ken Livingstone right hand man when he was Mayor of London, is so fond of saying:
"Black people can't be racist."

You heard it here, folks, 'black people in the UK cannot be racist!' The politicians, the cops, the media and the judiciary, however, can be oh-so PC, can't they? Thus, if Ms Ukpabio were to accuse me of being a 'racist', for example, what do you think would happen? Do you think the aforementioned thought-wranglers would tell her to take a running jump or to push off and cry racism back in Africa? We don't think so, do we?

The McPherson report has fixed it so that any black or minority ethnic character who wants to can accuse any white Briton he or she feels like accusing of racism and that person will be taken seriously.

As a result, even if the accusations are made by a Bible-bashing Nigerian sadist, a Jamaican Yardie or a Muslim paedophile, you, you law-abiding citizen you, are likely to have questions to answer. Down at the local police station, in all probability.

Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, white countries for everyone. That's the way it is in the western world as we speak. That's why crazy psychopaths like Helen Ukpabio get to have 150 branches of her church dotted about the globe and her moronic followers in this country get to practice what she preaches if they are moved to do so.

Anyway, if you live in British city or major town, the next time you hear a child screaming in the night, you should think twice about intervening. That child may be a witch and/or 'a servant of Satan.'

And, if you don't believe in such things and interfere anyway, be prepared for a hostile reception from ‘Lady Apostle' and the parents of the child in question, if she's round there and in the process of exorcising an infant demon or two.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Are you proud of gay marriage?

On 29 March 2014, an Independent editorial gloated thus:

In a riot of pent-up love, commitment and solemnised vows, WITH A RAINBOW FLAG FLYING PROUDLY OVER WHITEHALL, Britain takes a historic step into a more liberal, egalitarian future. With the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act’s passing into law at midnight last night, hundreds of people across the country will today seize their first opportunity to get married, and thousands more are expected to follow suit over the months to come.

The case in favour of the modernisation of Britain’s matrimonial rules may appear self-evident to many readers of The Independent. But it bears restating, nonetheless. THIS NEWSPAPER HAS CAMPAIGNED HARD FOR THE CHANGES that come into effect today for the simple reason that it should be open to all people to formalise their relationship should they wish to do so, regardless of gender or sexuality… There can be no justification for its being limited to one particular group…

Today's shift would be a source of profound satisfaction in any event. When considered in context it is even more so. After all, just 50 years ago, homosexual acts between men were a criminal offence (and between women were barely recognised), and it was not until 2000 that openly lesbian, gay and bisexual people were allowed to serve in the armed forces. 
There is still some way to go BEFORE THE OLD BIGOTRIES ARE ENTIRELY ROOTED OUT… The legalisation of same-sex marriage – or, as it is perhaps better considered, the extension of the institution to all – is both an unmistakable step in the right direction and a move that will, over time, only lead to A FURTHER EROSION OF OLD DIVISIONS, PREJUDICES AND MISCONCEPTIONS.

Controversies do, of course, remain. Even as the majority of Britons are in favour of the new law, about 70 per cent, according to polling, there are still POCKETS OF RESISTANCE. Sad to say, recent surveys record more than one in five men and one in 10 women claiming that they would refuse a wedding invitation from two people of the same sex.

Religious objections are also stubbornly persistent… Meanwhile, legal provisions that include a ‘quadruple lock’ to ensure that no religious organisation can be forced either to marry same-sex couples, or to allow such a ceremony to go ahead on their premises, indicate a degree of special status still…

The billows of confetti across the country this weekend mark a milestone in OUR SOCIAL EVOLUTION, even if there are a few practicalities that will take time to work through. Britain has long been known as a tolerant, forward-thinking society.

Consider these statements:
“Today is a day to be proud to be British.” “Britain should be proud.”
Are you proud of this? Were you a proud Briton on 31 March 2014? I’m not proud, I’m disgusted, and very angry. Another little bit of our world has been stolen by the PC Crowd. As represented, in this instance, by a Tory Prime Minister.

David Cameron made this happen. He forced it upon us. It wasn’t in the Manifesto. No one mentioned it before the last election.

Cameron isn't a Tory. He’s a globalist. A banker-hugging, left-wing globalist. Blair, Brown and Mandelson banished such seeming contradictions as left-wing and banker-friendly forever during New Labour’s malign, anti-British time in power.

Anyway, as far as I’m concerned marriage is for men, women and children. Children that result from that marriage, not children taken away from loving relations by Marxist social workers and parcelled out to homosexuals who can now tell those same social workers that they are married.

And thus even more legitimate.
“The majority of Britons are in favour of the new law, about 70 per cent.”
I don’t believe this. I think whatever polls arrived at such a figure were rigged.

Here’s an unfixable poll for you:

Are you in favour of gay marriage? free polls 
"With a rainbow flag flying proudly over Whitehall."
Oh yes. The top civil servants are at one with anything and everything unpatriotic and different these days. I wouldn’t be surprised if Whitehall was even more homosexual than Westminster.
“This newspaper has campaigned hard for the changes.”
How about that, eh? Not much in the way of independence there then. Yeah. Lots and lost of gay-heavy partiality, I’d say.
“Before the old bigotries are entirely rooted out.”
Sounds a bit Commie that. A bit 1984. Rooting out the unfashionable, off message thoughts. Yes, he's a bit of an old Commissar type, the bloke that wrote this editorial.
“A further erosion of old divisions, prejudices and misconceptions.”
I wonder who’d be more prejudiced? Those who would force gay marriage upon the British (and fix the polls so that they said what the Commissars wanted said), or those who were thus forced?
“Pockets of resistance.”
A telling phrase. Straight out of a thousand battle manuals. Oh yes, ladies and gents, as I’ve said so many times at this and other blogs, THEY are at war with us. They really are.
“Our social evolution.”
That would be evolution away from what we once were towards what the gay activists and the social engineering editors want us to become, one supposes. Revolution in other words.

So who wrote this?

Who is the editor of the not-so-independent Independent these days? Well, he’s all of thirty-one years of age and he is, guess what, an immigrant. Yep, yet another game-changing foreigner who seems happy to applaud and encourage anything and everything that distances us from what we used to be and, in many cases, are still.

Indian-born Amol Rajan is top bloke at the Independent and, thus, the first non-white editor of a British national newspaper.

Of course, when I say top, Evgeny Lebedev, who owns the newspaper, would be tops. He's the pampered son of Russian Oligarch, Alexander Lebedev.

Recently, Stephen Fry and the rest of the gay activist screechers were doing their damnedest to get the Winter Olympics in Sochi banned, weren't they? Because Russians, so they said, were 'homophobic.' And gay athletes weren't safe therefore.

Anyone hear of any gay athletes getting sorted in the Olympic Village? It never happened. of course it didn't.

Anyway, it takes all sorts. And Evgeny seems to be entirely at one with Amol trumpeting gay marriage as he does here. And here.

If anyone out there thinks our world still belongs to us, you’re an idiot. If you want your country back, you’re going to have to fight for it now.
‘Today is a day to be proud to be British?’
That’s what our immigrant chums, Amol and Evgeny, are saying.

What do you say?

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The Times' Tory 'chumocracy' out to get UKIP

On 15 April 2014, the article, ‘Who are the Times journalists trying so desperately to undermine UKIP? appeared at UKIP’s web site.

This is it:
“Perhaps it will not surprise you to know that most have family or personal connections to the Conservative Party and that the majority are from immensely privileged backgrounds that have enabled them to prosper as part of the ‘chumocracy’ run by David Cameron. Here is our rundown of the main players:
 Baron Daniel Finkelstein: Privately educated former senior official at Conservative Central Office. A key columnist on the paper known for his particular closeness to Chancellor George Osborne. Recently made a Lord by Osborne and Cameron. He has in the past been embarrassed by claims that he has written speeches for Osborne while simultaneously working as Times chief leader writer.
According to the Spectator in September 2013, ‘what Danny writes today George thinks tomorrow’. He was once overheard on a train boasting to his mother on his mobile about writing Osborne’s conference speech. 
George Osborne also admitted at the Leveson inquiry that the journalist helped him with ‘one-liners’ for his speeches and once reportedly remarked that he spoke to Mr Finkelstein more often than he did to his wife. Furthermore, Danny Finkelstein was named by David Cameron as one of the six journalists whom he sees ‘so frequently’ that he could not be expected to list the meetings, on account of their sheer volume.
 Matthew Parris: Privately educated former Conservative MP whose partner Julian Glover worked as a speechwriter for Cameron and now works as an adviser to Conservative Cabinet minister Patrick McCloughlin, who is coincidentally the MP who took over the seat of Mr Parris when he stood down from Parliament.
Parris makes frequent and virulent attacks on UKIP for example in June 2013 he wrote an article for the Spectator article entitled ‘Why UKIP is a party of extremists’ and another for The Times in October 18 2013 called ‘England loves winners, so UKIP must lose’.
Alice Thomson: Privately educated close friend of David Cameron. During the Leveson Inquiry David Cameron said that: ‘There's a small number of journalists who are close friends of mine and who I see so frequently that I have not included them systematically in these lists, namely Daniel Finkelstein, Alice Thomson...These are people I see very regularly and I'm never going to remember to tell my office every time I see them.’
Alice Thomson is also the wife of former Tory staffer Edward Heathcoat-Amory who is the nephew of former Tory MP David Heathcoat-Amory who lost his seat in the 2010 general election and blames UKIP for his political demise.

The fact that he put a bill for manure on his taxpayer-funded expenses may have had more to do with him losing his seat. 
The Telegraph in its extensive coverage of the expenses scandal reported that David Heathcoat-Amory’s gardener used hundreds of sacks of horse manure, which based on the receipts they estimated to number 550, before the MP then submitted the receipts to Parliament. 
Also from 2004 to 2009 he claimed thousands of pounds to maintain his garden, including services like mowing and watering.
Hugo Rifkind: Privately educated son of pro-EU Tory former foreign secretary Malcolm Rifkind.

Known for his repeated jibes against UKIP in columns in both The Times and The Spectator. Joined the Times as its gossip columnist in 2005.

Rachel Sylvester:Privately educated close confidante of Britain’s most influential active Europhile, Peter Mandelson. Accompanied Mandelson on a trip to Disney in America during his work planning the disastrous Millennium Exhibition.

Later denied allegations of tipping Mandelson off about revelations concerning him in a biography by the respected political journalist Paul Routledge…

Tim Montgomerie: Former editor of Conservative Home website and former chief of staff for Iain Duncan Smith. Was Times comment editor until last month, remains a columnist on the paper.

Less overtly hostile to UKIP than the others but went into hyperactive ‘tweeting’ mode to promote the latest outrageous attack on Nigel Farage.

Alexi Mostrous: Privately educated news reporter, formerly of the Guardian.

Spearheaded the latest wave of attacks on Nigel Farage by the Times.”

Of those mentioned above, three are Jewish, one is gay and another is Mostrous.

Not like a UKIP proof reader to forget such a meaningful ‘n.’

The Madhouse Update

Friday 18 April

Student support for Lib Dems collapses to just six per cent
Sex-change soldier gets 6 years for campaign of terror
Commercial banned in Switzerland
Co-op, Labour and a betrayal of values
Injured teacher payouts double in 4 years to £40m
Judge’s fury at human rights ban on sending jihadist to US
Kebab shop owner prosecuted after excreta found close to food
Patient safety: tests for foreign doctors must be harder to pass
X-Men director Bryan Singer charged with raping 15-year-old boy
Islamic militants behead Syrian Christians: a mother speaks
Sergio Novarette bludgeoned and strangled Sarah and raped her as she died

Thursday 17 April

Aras Hussein gets 20 years for beheading girlfriend with a kitchen knife
'Nick Clegg ignored letters from lawyers' over Cyril Smith claims!
How did Cyril Smith outfox the law? (The law was on his side?)
1-in-16 pick up a bug in filthy hospitals! 
Staff hygiene/dirty equipment kill thousands
'Save us Mr Farage!' Leader of east Ukraine's pro-Moscow separatists wants his help!
Schoolboy pockets almost £3,000 after getting a splinter in his bum
English pupils 'are among the worst behaved in the world
Social media updates of British Jihadis (On their way back soon)
Illegal immigrant murdered British teen but we can't deport him because he's GAY
Mutant rat meat could have made its way into British kebabs
Police investigate after Ed Balls hit-and-run on parked car
Paxman: I hate much of the 'smug' BBC's output and executives £1m pay-offs
RAMADAN: Teachers call for GCSEs and A-level exams re-scheduled
The Whole Rotten Establishment
Neocon puppets terrorise Ukraine
Foreign prisoners costing taxpayers £400m a year

Wednesday 16 April

Under 16s 'refused access to mental health safe havens'
Immigrants have cost the tax payer over £140 billion since 1995!
DIVERSITY! Nigerian 'witch-hunter' says any child who cries is a 'servant of Satan!'
Birmingham schools in peril from radical 'Islam takeover plot?'
Babies are racist now! (As long as their white)
Taxpayers’ £150million bill to get rid of illegal immigrants
Labour still doesn’t grasp public anger at immigration
130,000 shortfall in primary school places
Fury over the £3bn Britain spends on foreign aid to groups who waste it
Using cannabis just once a week harms young brains
Roland McKoy charged with murder of partner Valerie Forde and baby Real-Jahzarah McKoy
CYRIL SMITH: Brave boys the fat man branded liars
More than 900,000 people given emergency food in the past year
NIGERIA: Muslim terrorists, Boko Haram, kidnap 100 schoolgirls
Since Boko Haram started its insurgency, Christians have been living in constant fear

Tuesday 15 April

LITTLEJOHN: The way patriotism is sneered at makes you ashamed to be British!
Nurse Greta Muvuti threatened to cut patient's throat
Dr Ashok Rayani accused of failing 22 patients over nine years
Diversity! Woman pictured URINATING in front of horrified daytime shoppers!
UK has most delusional drinkers, drug-takers, ‘reckless youths’ - 50 years of PC hate can do that
Gay-sex party’ Tory Iain Corby removed from list of candidates
MPs 'turn a blind eye to sex pests at Westminster'

Monday 14 April

St Doreen to be Labour Mayor of London? Talking about taking the p***!
The pride of Britons in their national identity has fallen to an all-time low
Planning reforms leave villages 'under siege!' 'Horrendous' schemes given green light
High-ranking Lib-Dems bullied detectives into not prosecuting Cyril Smith for child abuse
Tony Blair's religious charity's 'links to extremism!' (Muslim Brotherhood links?)
Were Hugh Gailtskell, John Smith and Robin Cook murdered?

Sunday 13 April

Secret CIA training camp in Jordan for anti-Syrian Jihadis?
ABU AZMI: Rape victims should be hanged!
I don't think God exists says Jew, Ed Miliband
Native French under Attack in Muslim Areas
Now they've invented tool for measuring hate speech!
Gypsies on Benefits and Proud
Lyme disease: the British bug that could paralyse you
MoD rejects plea to start sperm bank for troops
The truth about our NHS - warts 'n' all
Lib Dems stand accused of Cyril Smith cover-up
Cover-up of Cyril Smith's crimes 'normalised child abuse in his constituency'
Top Tory's shocking gay sex texts bragging of 'the cutest boys'
Sacked MP says party knew of concerns over dept run by gay official 3 years ago
Many cops are scandalised by widespread manipulation of figures?
Blair's son targets ultra-safe Labour seat close to Cherie's childhood home
Transgender Twitter engineer charged with raping its estranged wife
£157 million Nigerian fraudster may not have to replay a penny
Sohail Qureshi was brain behind gang of £15m fraudsters
Turkish gang who shot innocent victim jailed for at least 114 years
Archbishop under pressure to sack canon who flouted ban on same sex marriage
9 month old baby accused of plotting to kill Pakistani cops is freed
Romanian gypsy aims to get £40,000 benefits in ONE YEAR in Britain
Egyptian cops (US backed) 'using rape as a weapon'

Saturday 12 April

The Jewish origins of the Saudi royal family?
All 44 US presidents descended from Euro-royal bloodlines?
The Left aided/ abetted Cyril Smith by advocating paedophilia
Liberals, cops, MI5 concealed Cyril Smith's child abuse
UKIP: Multiculturalism has failed in Europe
Labour aide says death toll at Mid Staffs was 'made up!
Now you can take GCSE in Blair/Boris/Paxman/Hairy Bikers!
130,000 shortfall in primary school places

Monday, 14 April 2014

Quotes of the Week

On 13 April 2014, Labour's policy coordinator, Jon Cruddas, wrote this in The Sunday People:
"She's a class act and going from strength to strength. People in Westminster are starting to tip her as a potential mayor for our capital city. Now that is an interesting idea."
Cruddas was speaking of Dame Doreen Lawrence. Doreen's a 'class act?' Well, perhaps, the majority of Londoners will think so too. Seeing as how a clear majority of non-nativee's now occupy our capital city.

Pretty obviously the PC Crowd, which would include Cruddas and the totality of the Labour Party (and the Lib Dems AND the Cameronian Tories), would consider Dame Doreen as 'class act' as well.

I would not. She's spent the last 21 years sneering at the British people.

I don't consider that classy.

On 9 April 2014, Harriet Arkell informed us thus in The Daily Mail:
"The mother of murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence has been named the most powerful woman in the country in a list compiled for Radio 4's Woman's Hour.
Home Secretary Theresa May, who was ranked second in last year's inaugural Woman's Hour Power List, said Baroness Lawrence was 'an example to us all'."

The judges were, an orthodox Jewess, a black woman, a lesbian and Boris Johnson's sister.

Now that's what I call representative!

Not of British womankind, of course, but of Ms May's Westminster Village and the PC Crowd at the Beeb.

On 13 April 2014, after Ian Drury had told us that 'satisfaction in being British has fallen to an all-time low with only one-third (35%) of people saying they are ‘very proud’ of their national identity,' The Daily Mail quoted Sunder Katwala, director of the British Future think-tank, thus:

"For the more educated and affluent there is a cultural aversion to strong patriotism...

Young people might feel that being very proud is something associated with extremist groups... Britishness is still there in the background... but the other nationalities are gaining ground."

You old timers listening to this? Do your grandchildren think you're an extremist? Just because your proud to be British?

Ask them. Ask your children. If they tell you the truth you might just wake up to what the Sunder Katwalas, together with their parliamentary and media sponsors, have been up to over the course of the last half century.

On 13 April 2003, The Daily Mail reported thus:
"That Cyril Smith was a paedophile is known. But in a devastating book... Labour MP Simon Danczuk exposes the industrial scale of his debauchery and how the Establishment, Liberal Party, police chiefs and even MI5 covered it up.

Today Danczuk, MP for Smith’s old Rochdale seat, reveals how the 29-stone monster was saved from prosecution time after time."
Danczuk adds:
"Henry Howarth had succeeded Cyril as mayor of Rochdale in 1967 and was the leader of the Rochdale Liberal Party.
During the police investigation into Cyril at the end of the 1960s, he was interviewed by Detective Sergeant Jeffrey Leach. Howarth offered some robust advice to the police regarding the prospect of charging Cyril with child abuse.

‘May I offer a personal opinion,’ he began. ‘I sincerely hope that this matter is not prosecuted before the court. In my opinion, as a Justice of the Peace, it is not court worthy. The prosecution can do no good at all and the backlash will have unfortunate repercussions for the police force and the town of Rochdale. It is no secret that Cyril and I are buddies, and not only politically.’
In other words, the leader of the local Liberal Party was threatening the police. Notes from Detective Sergeant Leach underneath this account acknowledge as much.

‘The veiled threats and innuendoes contained therein,’ he remarks, ‘reflect Howarth’s general attitude to this inquiry'."

After the Ministry of Defence turned down Sergeant Rick Clement's request to store sperm samples of soldiers on active duty (Rick lost both his legs to a Taliban landmine and cannot now have children or a sex life), he was quoted thus in the 13 April edition of The Daily Mail:

"As a result of the MoD’s decision, more soldiers will be denied the pleasure of fathering children. Many cannot afford the cost of storing their sperm privately... The MoD has enough medical facilities to incorporate a sperm bank.
I know what it is like to feel that you’re not a man any more. A guy can’t feel much worse than that, and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. The MoD has let soldiers down in a bid to save money, it is heartless."
The MoD has a history of saving money at the expense of our soldiery, Rick. Whatever government is in power, it would rather give billions to tin pot foreign dictators, countries with the A-bomb and space programmes and the EU, than it would to a badly injured soldier.

The enemy was never the Taliban, Rick. If you hadn't been out there, they would never have had the chance, or the inclination, to do what they did.

The enemy is right here at home. The politicians who send our little lads (and lasses) out to kill and die for God knows what in faraway lands, and then ignore those who come home irretrievably damaged, that's your real enemy.

I guess you know that now.

On 12 April 2014, Labour leader, Ed Miliband, was quoted thus by The Daily Mail:
"I describe myself as a Jewish atheist... I don’t believe in God but I think faith is a really, really important thing...
In terms of faith for me, it’s a faith about how you change the world."

How Ed changes the world? Does anyone out there outside of the PC Crowd and the left wing social engineers, think we'll be happier in Ed's Brave New 'Jewish atheist' World than we would've been in the easy-going Christian world of our grandparents?

Look around you, folks. What do you see?

We're already there, aren't we?

On 11 April 2014, heralding the Channel 5 documentary, 'Gypsies on Benefits and Proud,' which would be aired later that day, The Daily Express quoted a Romanian Gipsy, Ion Lazar, thus:
"I know it’s very, very easy to take benefits in England. She’s give me home free, she’s give me money free, she’s give me everything. I need maybe forty thousand from benefits... four zero thousand pounds for my family and I think this money I can make in one years maybe two."
Slovakian Gipsy, Peter Cisarova, who moved to this country with his wife, 11 children and 11 grandchildren, and receives £430 a week in benefits, added:
“My country, I no had a job, no food, nothing. No going back, never. I like here England. 
England give me house, give me doctor, give school, benefit, England good. Thank you so much England.”

Viorel Dinu, a legless Romanian Gipsy, said:
"I come to the UK cos I don’t have a nice life there. In Romania it’s very hard with the money and everything...

In England is more better life because here... they don’t think if your gypsy or not. Every door is open here, this is the most easy."
Is all of this OK by you?

It's OK by the PC Crowd. It's OK by the global elite and their bought politicians. It's OK by European Court of Human Rights and the EU. It's OK by those who hate us.

But is it OK by you? Is it OK by the descendants of those who, in the 1950s, were saying they wanted ALL immigration stopped? Even then, as long ago as that, according to the Chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality, Trevor Philips, 90 per cent of the British people were saying they wanted ALL immigration stopped.

We don't live in a democracy, you know. You can vote, but who is it you're voting for? You're voting for someone who will do the bidding of those who want us gone.

You're voting for those who are wholly owned by the social engineers who couldn't have cared less what we wanted back in the 1950s.

Just as they couldn't care less what we want now.

On 10 April 2014, Steve Doughty informed us thus in The Daily Mail:
"Hundreds of thousands of Eastern European immigrants came into Britain uncounted because inspectors were at the wrong airports, officials admitted yesterday. A damning report reveals that 350,000 people arrived unnoticed because of glaring gaps in the survey relied on by the Office for National Statistics for migration estimates."
No comment necessary.

Sentencing John Bass for the manslaughter of grandfather-of-five, Mark Austin, Judge John Reddihough, was quoted thus in the 10 April edition of The Daily Mail:
"On at least 30 previous occasions this defendant has been sent to or admitted to psychiatric or similar hospitals because of his long-standing mental disorder...

Apart from the previous convictions for violence on a number of occasions he has been responsible for violence towards staff or medical staff at the hospitals where he has been a patient."
That's how it's been since LibLabCon voted to do away with the old asylums and foist 'care-in-the-community' upon an unsuspecting British public.

My uncle's niece was out shopping when she was stabbed in the back by a lunatic stranger and died. That's how close this particular bit of establishment treachery has come to me.

Hundreds, maybe thousands, have lost their loved ones in similar circumstances in recent times. And, of course, without the institutions, having to fend for themselves, huge numbers of mentally ill folk have ended their own lives as well.

You should hate those you vote for, ladies and gentlemen. You should not give them the office to kill innocent people using such well-documented and violently unpredictable behaviour as that John Bass was notorious for.

Mark is pictured immediately above and his killer above him.

On 8 April 2014, Raymond Ibrahim's article, 'They Are Slaughtering Us Like Chickens - Muslim Persecution of Christians, December, 2013' appeared at The Gatestone Institute website.

He's a snippet:
"The songs of praise to God are banned here." — Police officers to Christians, Turkmenistan.

"An increasing number of people are being incarcerated for crimes of opinion and defense of religious freedom." — Asia News.

As happens at Christmas every year throughout the Muslim world, Christians and their churches were especially targeted—from jihadi terror strikes killing worshippers, to measures by Muslim authorities restricting Christmas celebrations.

In Iraq, according to the Associated Press, 'Militants targeted Christians in three separate Christmas Day bombings in Baghdad, killing at least 37 people, officials said Wednesday. In one attack, a car bomb went off near a church in the capital's southern Dora neighborhood, killing at least 26 people and wounding 38, a police officer said. Earlier, two bombs ripped through a nearby outdoor market simultaneously in the Christian section of Athorien, killing 11 people and wounding 21'."
You know the US is secretly and not so secretly funding and training the Jihadis who kill Christians is Syria, don't you?  You know, of course you do, that, if we hadn't frightened a few back benchers into doing the right thing, we'd be caught up in another awful war right now, fighting alongside the same folk, don't you?

Do you know why? Well, apart from Syria being best pals with Iran and Russia, many of the Jihadis Are Saudi, as is most of the money funding them and the rest of the Al-Qaida types currently putting Syria through the mincer.

And we are vastly indebted to the Saudis.

Our parliamentary betters don't ask too many questions when those holding the purse strings want something.

On 7 April 2014, The Huffington Post quoted Conservative MP, Brian Binley, thus:
"I think my colleagues are putting on a brave face. They already know and privately talk about the impact that they are fearful that UKIP will have in their own patches in the coming May elections. I'm not sure how many of them have really thought through what that means in terms of a general election...

I do think however that they are aware that they could pose a very serious threat. Simply doubling their vote will be a massive blow because most of that vote, no matter what the polls say, comes from us, the Tories."
Binley's fellow Tory, David Ruffley, echoed his fears, saying:
"I think we're going to come third, I think it'll be UKIP first, Labour second and then ourselves."
Got the b*ggers worries, ladies and gents.

About time too.

In April 2014, the parliamentary standards commissioner said Culture Secretary, Maria Miller, had over-claimed for mortgage bills by £45,000.

Subsequently, the Standards Committee determined she she only pay back £5,800. After a less than half-hearted apology in the Commons, former Speaker of the House of Commons, Betty Bothroyd, had this to say on BBC Radio 4:

“I’m very disagreeably surprised Mrs Miller did not resign at the weekend when all this blew up. This was the time that I think she should have gone to the Prime Minister and said that she thought she ought to relinquish her Cabinet position, and I think the Prime Minister should have been gracious enough to accept that...
It’s not just a question of an apology… it wasn’t very fulsome… She’s taken a very, very long time to deal with the Commissioner for Standards in the most churlish way, legalistic way…

It is a matter of honour, a question of honour, quite honestly. People in the past, leading members of government, leading Members of Parliament have resigned and I think it is for Mrs Miller to have done likewise and I’m sad to say that I regard it as an error of judgement on the part of the Prime Minister that he didn’t quietly say to her: ‘I think it’s time to go, thank you for your services, but I think it’s time to go’…

She is bringing parliament into disrepute… All my life I’ve wanted to protect our parliamentary system, which I cherish, and I think that Mrs Miller is bringing it into disrepute… She should reliqiush that Cabinet post. Her constituents will deal with her at the next election…

I am annoyed, I am very angry… It is a question of honour, a matter of honour and she should go…

I haven’t much time for the parliamentary committee… They seem to be a committee that examines their own navel… We can’t have that.”
Maria Miller resigned on 9 April and was replaced as Culture Secretary by Sajid Javid. 

It isn’t immediately obvious what qualifications Rochdale’s finest has for his new role, other than being a former Wall Street banker and a multi-millionaire.

Of Pakstani Muslim ancestry.

Which, in the the world of real and unrealpolitik, means votes. Lots and lots of first and second-generation immigrant votes.

Can you hear Cameron and the Tory grandees chortling? What’s that they’re saying?

‘Two can play at New Labour’s game!’