Thursday, 21 September 2017

What has Islam given the UK?

Politicians and the mainstream media regularly insist that mass immigration has benefited Britain.

But has it? Has the importation of peoples with a very different outlook and lifestyle improved things for the indigenous majority?

How, for example, could 7/7/2005 and the atrocities perpetrated at the Manchester Arena and on London and Westminster bridges in 2017 possibly be said to have benefited the victims and their loved ones?

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What has Islam given the UK?

1) Enriching diversity?

2) Terrorism (at least 23,000 terror suspects are being monitored in the UK, including 400 who fought for ISIS in Syria); honour killing; the mass rape and prostitution of British children; child marriage; female genital mutilation; polygamy; hate preachers; acid attacks; postal vote criminality; Sharia law; Sharia patrols; no-go zones; Trojan Horse schools; trafficking; breast ironing; homophobia; mosques; burkas; benefit dependency; ethnic cleansing; race law; preference on social housing waiting lists; the mass takeover of corner and high street stores; professional offence-takers; political correctness and contempt for British values; heritage and identity.

What has Islam given the UK?
Enriching diversity
Terrorism; grooming gangs; hate preachers etc.
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Friday, 8 September 2017

The collapse of British culture

ENOCH POWELL: 'Until the Civil War comes!'

On 7 November 1977, Enoch Powell was interviewed by Bob McKenzie for the BBC.

During the interview, these things were said:
MCKENZIE: "Mr Powell, we're here in the room in which you made your most famous speech, probably, on immigration in 1968. Nine years after the speech are we still, in your view, on a kind of funeral pyre?"
POWELL: "Yes, I've been guilty of under-estimating rather than over-estimating. And I was just looking back at the figures, that I was then talking about in 1968, for the end of the century. Do you know, my estimates, which were regarded with such ridicule then and denounced by all the academics... they are less than the official estimate which the Franks report, at the beginning of this year, offered. So that, upon the whole, I have leaned towards underestimation of the magnitude and the danger."
MCKENZIE: "And what do you see as the likely prospect now? Still the Tiber foaming with blood?"
POWELL: "The likely prospect is that politicians of all parties will say, 'well, Enoch Powell's right, we don't say that in public but we know it in private... and it will, no doubt, develop as he says, but it's better for us to do nothing now and let it happen, perhaps after our time, than to seize the many poisonous nettles which we would have to seize, if we were, at this stage, going to attempt to avert the outcome.

So let it go on until a third of central London, a third of Birmingham, Wolverhampton are coloured. UNTIL THE CIVIL WAR COMES. Let it go on, we won't be blamed. We'll either have gone or we'll slip out from under somehow."

The dumbest anti-Trump protesters ever!