Saturday, 29 July 2000

The Madhouse Update

The Madhouse Update

Thursday 26 November

Douglas Murray’s warning to the Jewish community
The day Israel murdered 34 Americans!
NATO member Turkey defends ISIS as they kill Kurds!
Migrant crisis could destroy the euro, warns Juncker
Why Does Everyone Hate Bernard-Henri Lévy?
Comedian Dieudonne jailed over racist remarks
Lord Monckton exposes the Agenda of Agenda 21
NeoCons want "White Trash" to fight Russia
The cruelty of social workers who sneer at middle-class parents
44,000 die after flu vaccine causes number of excess winter deaths to TRIPLE
The £16billion aid budget that dwarfs our Home Office spending!
ParisAttacks, ‘911 of Europe’: the catalytic event to boost colonising wars and police terror
The truth behind the refugee crisis: mass-migration as part of a ‘greater’ agenda
Syrian Kurds are the West's most effective ally against ISIS - The USA betrayed them!
Goodbye England's green and pleasant land - Immigration boom will DEVASTATE countryside
“Alexei (Tsar's son) remained sitting petrified. I killed him!" (Yurovsky was Jewish)
Thatcher: "the best parliamentarian I ever knew" - ENOCH WAS RIGHT!
Turkey charges editor with treason for showing how they support ISIS
Gay Albanian asylum seeker's right to stay in UK 'beggars belief',
Jasbir Singh Bharaj - labelled by a flight attendant as "worst passenger ever encountered"
‘They know how it’s done’: Turkey violated Greek airspace 2,244 times in 2014 alone! Leftism/liberalism/political correctness diminishes the I.Q.
Europe can't take any more migrants says French PM... 'It wasn't France that said to come'
12 Turkish cops charged with death of American tourist
London’s founders were “ethnically diverse?” BBC manipulates results?
KillAllWhiteMen Muslim welfare and diversity officer sends gang-rape e-mail to Pam Geller
Sweden slams shut its open-door policy towards refugees (Too late Libtards!)
Families face paying up to 22% more in council tax
Why do so many celebs claim to have OCD? (Self-obsessed w***ers?)
Former MP, Tim Yeo, branded untruthful by libel judge
The brutal reality of life on Nairobi’s streets

Wednesday 25 November

Turkey enters the war on the side of ISIS!
Why did Turkey shoot down the Russian plane?
Turkey’s downing of Russian jet brings Syrian crisis to boiling point!
Moscow expert warns war is 'likely!'
Russian special forces rescue second pilot from jet shot down by Turkey!
Lavrov calls downing of jet planned act, says Russia will reconsider ties with Turkey!
Turkey demanded Putin ‘stop bombing ISIS’ days before jet shoot-down!
Poster girl who left Austria to join jihadis beaten to death by ISIS after trying to flee!
University students in England now pay world's highest fees!
Social workers lied and doctored report where children were taken from parents!
Excess winter deaths in England and Wales reached 43,900 last year!
Shapps said he barely knew shamed aide/pictures tell different story! Feldman in spotlight
Poland snubs EU flag in sign of defiance of Brussels
YENTOB! BBC's Jewish fat cat at centre of NEW £1.4m Kids Company scandal!
Tomasc Kocik murdered girlfriend, Marta, stuffed her into a case and threw it into a canal
Slovakian gipsy gang who trafficked women to Britain jailed for 22 years
2014: Lanre Mullins-Abudu jailed for £1.25m cyber attack
'Tonnes of inedible chicken seized from Majid Zaman's filthy illegal meat factory!
HALF our closest living relatives on brink of extinction around the world
White woman has hands and feet amputated after Black shoots her!
Human rights lawyer Michael Mansfield's daughter, 44, killed herself
Israelis shoot Palestinian teen dead and wound another being threatened with scissors
1907: A Jew Who Would Irk the Vatican Becomes Mayor of Rome!

Tuesday 24 November

Cops sorry for not acting before Hollie's boyfriend murdered her
Viktor Orban hits out at EU, linking Paris atrocity to migration policies!
Ashdown calls for inquiry into funding of jihadism in UK by Gulf states
Germans opposed to mass migration are "free to leave!"
"We are losing control of the streets!" (German cop)
Jews at the 'forefront of welcoming' invasion
Russian fighter jet SHOT DOWN by Turkish planes
Hillary Clinton: Born Liar
US Congresswoman introduces bill to stop war on Syria!
Washington Holocaust Museum demand "thousands of legitimate refugees!"
Former ambassador to Israel now head of British cyber security!
Sharia taxi driver told me I was disgustingly dressed says BBC star!
Police probe SNP MP Natalie McGarry over missing £30,000
Ken Loach says it's worse than when he made Cathy Come Home!
Billionaire Jew, George Soros, sees "national borders as the obstacle!”
Eyewitness to the Bali Bombings, Robert S. Finnegan, speaks out
ISIS could 'kill 10,000 in Trafalgar Square next week' says defence boss!
British Muslim women recruit for ISIS and celebrate terror bombings
PC gone mad! University officials ban YOGA – claim it's OFFENSIVE!

Monday 23 November

Now EU tells us what to plant as new laws criminalise British gardeners!
Hundreds of failed jihadis roam streets of UK and we do nothing about it!
19% of British Muslims have 'some sympathy' for those who join ISIS
ISIS wannabe, Waheed Ahmed, (son of a Labour councillor) back in Rochdale
Football matches, ferries, trains easy targets for ISIS!
Landlord arrested after lending flat to Paris jihadis is a gangland kingpin/murderer!
Scholar who condemned Paris atrocities got death threats from British Muslims
Paris plotters had numerous links to British hate-preachers!
Elderly will be living unsupported in 'silent misery' unless government act now
One in five of over-55s think they were targeted by fraudsters last year!
Freemasons fixed inquiry into Titanic to protect Establishment!
Highly decorated hero driven mad by anti-malaria drug still given to tourists?
Sam Donley stabbed best friend Liam Miller 32 times after taking drug 'Smiles'
Guess who claims divorce is good for children - Divorce lawyers!
NIGEL LAWSON: Police could save money by abandoning historic sex abuse inquiries!
CANADA: The trial of Arthur Topham on charges of anti-semitism
LONDON 2008: Rabbi uncovering child abuse in Orthodox communities chased by 200 Charedis!
Film bosses ban video of Lord's Prayer yet allow kids to see ads for beer/violent video games
NIGEL LAWSON: Police could save money by abandoning historic sex abuse inquiries!
Peter Hitchens - The New Liberal Bigotry
Mugabe's wife Grace says women are to blame if they are raped

Sunday 22 November

Paris is tragic proof that Enoch Powell was right!
Enoch Powell was right to warn of 'rivers of blood', says UKIP MEP
Red Cross cured 154 malaria cases with MMS - Why do they keep it secret?
‘Without Russia we can’t solve conflicts of our time’ – Bavarian leader
Turkey threatens Russia over bid to obliterate ISIS! (Merkel/Cameron want these in EU!)
Police watching 118 Syrian jihadis in Britain with 183 Syria-related criminals held
ISIS terrorists 'hiding in Britain awaiting orders to launch horrific Paris-style attack'
ISIS slaughtered Eagles of Death Metal fans hiding in band's Paris dressing room
United Nations calls on world to WIPE OUT ISIS
Daily Mail cartoon depicts immigrants as rats! (Is the media catching up?)
RESULT! Imran Douglas hangs himself days after getting life for murder of Margery Gilbey, 88
Benefits Street 'star' Black Dee facing jail for drugs and bullets crime
Jeremy Corbyn speech to the Labour Party SW Region conference, Bristol
Putin stuck it to the U.S. at the G20

Saturday 21 November

63 million Muslims support ISIS in 11 countries!
Is there a link between Islam and terrorism? Yes, and we have to face up to it. 97% agree!
FREDERICK FORSYTH: We should be the EU's neighbour NOT it's servant!
OBORNE: David Cameron truly is the heir to Tony Blair
Sex, suicide and chilling threats: scandal engulfs David Cameron's chum
Soros-backed group launches bid to keep Syrian refugees flowing
Paris jihadi went to gay bars, took drugs and was hooked on PlayStation
Could Germany's open-door refugee policy bring about Merkel's downfall?
Leader of German Left blasts US on support for terror
US airstrike on ISIS checkpoint in Iraq kills four civilians including a child
NHS facing 'national meltdown' as hospitals run out of money to pay doctors
Nigel Farage MORE popular than David Cameron, poll reveals
Merkel rebuked by Bavarian ally over refugees
The Enemy Within: Across France, numerous incidents show Muslim support for Paris attacks
Integration in Belgium - Diverse youth enriches Brussels with intercultural dialogues
Charice Gassmann, a 'bully out for revenge,' and sister, Amberstasia, murdered Alison Connolly
Ten Jewish groups urge Congress to allow Syrian refugees into US!
Pupils at Trojan Horse school taught that Christians and Jews were ignorant
Student diversity officer, who tweeted 'kill all white men,' quits
January: Five guilty of assisting Bristol killer Luchiano Barnes escape to US

Friday 20 November

Sex, drugs and blackmail claims rock the Tories! Party chiefs accused of cover-up
Andrew Neil's message to the "Islamist scumbags" who attacked Paris
Gunfire, explosions, hostage situation as jihadists attack hotel in Mali
Gunmen take 170 hostages in Radisson hotel in Mali ("Religion of peace," Dave?)
800,000 UK jobs advertised to workers across EU at taxpayers' expense!
ANN WIDDECOMBE: Britain is becoming a nation of people afraid of their own shadows!
France’s civil war and the struggle facing Europe
Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard released today
How Israel pressures BBC into changing headlines
Police warn elderly people in Bristol to beware after increase in doorstep crime
French PM says Paris attackers exploited migrant crisis to slip in to France
Majority of Muslims 'have met an extremist' says Sadiq Khan
The truth behind the refugee crisis: mass-migration as part of a ‘greater’ agenda
Muslims tortured victims at Bataclan Theatre?
The US is run by psychopaths and we are now facing Armageddon
Gloves off: Putin exposes G20's financial ties to ISIS! (Not reported by mainstream media)
Osborne to inject hundreds of thousands of pounds into 'hardship' fund for MPs!
Police pay compensation to 7 women led into 'abusive' and 'deceitful' relationships with cops
Children are arriving at some primary schools unable to speak properly!
Prof David Whyte: 'We have a national myth... that Britain is not corrupt'

The Madhouse Update


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  2. "I was finding this type of information from long time."

    More and more are finding out, WD. I'm hoping the whole, rotten, globalist house of cards should come tumbling down within a decade.

    As regards "going on", they have to imprison or kill me to stop me speaking out. I reckon there are too many speaking out now for any type of individual silencing to be effective so I think I'm safe.

    Telling the truth, particularly that which the powers-that-be don't want told, that's the thing. If we keep on doing that, we're doing the right thing. No matter what the consequences.


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