Saturday, 29 July 2000

The Madhouse Update

The Madhouse Update

Sunday 1 May

KATE HOEY, MP: The patriotic vote is LEAVE THE EU!
Labour isn't in 'meltdown' it's far worse than that
One million MORE Syrians heading for Europe!
Labour strategy chief calls foundation of Israel a crime
Judaism in the Twilight Zone
EU is an economic basket case says top author
Your foreign aid cash helps fashion giants!
Board of Deputies behind plot to unseat Corbyn with antisemitism scandal
Everyone howls at Ken but they wouldn't dare tackle racist Muslims
GPs refusing to treat asylum seekers in Britain spark public health fears
A Jewish Prof created anti-Semitic image Naz Shah retweeted!
BHS boss paid playboy pal £6m of store cash for 3-month Wonga-style £25m loan
Ever wondered why animals are disappearing from our parks?
Students call for sanitary bins in male toilets for transgender men!

Saturday 30 April

How Israel lobby manufactured UK Labour Party’s anti-Semitism crisis
Labour has a Jewish problem: It is dominated by Zionist Oligarchs (Israeli Jew author)
Who wants Red Ken to apologise for telling the truth? Hitler Was a Zionist!
Petition to discipline John Mann MP!
Michael Gove: ‘Boycotting Israel is a crime worse than apartheid’
Families of Hillsborough dead say Theresa May must reform South Yorks Cops
US attack on Afghanistan hospital left 42 dead - None will face charges!
Ex-Labour MEP who falsely claimed more than £100,000 in expenses jailed for 4 years
Former jihadi 'star' of ISIS videos turned his back on 'inhuman caliphate'
Polish rapist ‘sent away’ to England in shame by 'humiliated' family
Money launderers moved £10m to off-shore bank accounts
Plot to bomb London in 1947 was thwarted by heroic pilot
Russell Brand puts huge fence up to keep out riff raff!
See you in court, Sir Philip! Watchdog warns BHS tycoon
Albinos in Malawi at risk of 'total extinction!' (Witchcraft)

Friday 29 April

HILLSBOROUGH: Freemason top cops orchestrated conspiracy to shift blame!
Britain is 10% more crowded after mass immigration!
Children prescribed anti-depressants when they need rescuing from bullies!
700,000 British expats lose High Court battle over right to vote in EU referendum!
Downing Street aides traded bogus secrets for SEX with undercover Russian and Chinese spies!
EU is FALLING APART and Brexit is ONLY way to stop disaster, warns minister!
Europe could block UK's bid to rescue Tata Steel! (Might breach EU rules on state aid)
Furious Tories accuse Cameron of 'selling Government policy for cash'
Strip Sir Philip Green of knighthood if BHS dealings lacked integrity, says business chief
Key questions billionaire Philip Green must answer about sale of BHS
Polls find British voters REJECTING US President's plea to stay in EU!
Romanian care home worker savagely assaulted helpless 86-year-old resident

Thursday 28 April

IMMIGRATION FARCE: 'Impossible' to know how many migrants are in Britain!
'Too white and British' nursery DOWNGRADED by Ofsted for failing to teach ethnic diversity
HILLSBOROUGH: Sergeant Julie Appleton bullied me into changing my account
HILLSBOROUGH: South Yorks top cop suspended
Outrage as ex-top cop says Hillsborough colleagues should be 'proud' and 'all did a good job'
PRINCE contracted HIV in 1990s!
Quitting EU 'would cut migration by 116,000' says OECD
PROJECT FEAR: Now desperate Dave mocks Brexit 'conspiracy theories!'
Barack Obama's trade threat to Britain has increased support for BREXIT!
First pro-EU campaign enlists President Obama, now GOD wants you to vote against Brexit!
Brussels diktats 'costing families £4,600 a year'
Why did Philip Green sell BHS to a former bankrupt?
Philip Green embodies the modern capitalist
World War III Has Begun — Paul Craig Roberts
Western banks, governments launch full-spectrum assault on Russia!

Wednesday 27 April

Britain must quit Europe's human rights court, says Home Secretary!
Barack Obama's trade threat to Britain has increased support for BREXIT!
HITCHENS: America isn't our special friend. It ruined our Navy, Empire and future!
OBORNE: Corruption, 27 years of lies - Hillsborough has destroyed my faith in the police
HILLSBOROUGH: Coward cop liars spent taxpayer millions blaming fans for 27 years!
HILLSBOROUGH: Lying top cop may face charges? (Chance be a fine thing)
HILLSBOROUGH: Thatcher's press secretary refuses to apologise! (Nasty old tw*t)
Hillsborough inquests: Who has admitted what?
BHS: Calls grow for Jewish businessman Philip Green to be stripped of knighthood
CIA says ISIS + EU OPEN BORDERS = Sleeper cells plnted in UK/Germany/Italy
Canada is legalising cannabis! The UK should too! (Labour rag, The Mirror)
‘Muslims in Europe will outnumber practising Christians very soon' warns politician!
Senate: Give Israel even more!
Immigrant assaults woman - She beats him up!
England bans its own flag to avoid offending Muslims!
Ethnic urinates in restaurant drink - The PC Crowd did this!
No 10 defeated in Lords vote - Lords wants more child refugees! DO YOU?

Tuesday 26 April

LITTLEJOHN: In Britain, the Obamas are desperately keen to promote the Muslim agenda!
Free to walk our streets, 1,000 European criminals!
Cross-dressing weirdo Grayson Perry says Bear Grylls is a bad role model!
Mrs May wriggles in her EU straitjacket!
Sharks who bled BHS dry: As 11,000 jobs threatened, fat cats pocketed £425m!
Can the man who milked the millions from BHS really be allowed to keep his knighthood?
Children with married parents thrive, says Government (Wow! The truth for once)
Gangs of Thai 'ladyboys' mugging tourists!
ALISTAIR CAMPBELL: Fantastic to see so many non-white faces in crowd at Leicester!
Parents who fear meningitis fobbed off as a 'Calpol cases!'
Snakes in the cradle: Why are you still voting LibLabCon?

Monday 25 April

Wall Street Journal runs massive ad denying Armenian genocide!
Obama and Merkel vow to impose TTIP!
EU draws up plans for United States of Europe behind Britain’s back
UKIP demands urgent postal voting curbs after recent fraud scandals
Gove warns of migration 'free-for-all' if Britain votes to stay in the EU
Dozens filmed snatching bottles of water left for marathon runners (Enrichers on show)
Scandal of rapists on run after getting bail
Labour after the Polish vote! Different message for Brits
FAY WELDON: Feminism has harmed women!
Did a Ukrainian fighter jet shoot down MH17?

The Madhouse Update


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  2. "I was finding this type of information from long time."

    More and more are finding out, WD. I'm hoping the whole, rotten, globalist house of cards should come tumbling down within a decade.

    As regards "going on", they have to imprison or kill me to stop me speaking out. I reckon there are too many speaking out now for any type of individual silencing to be effective so I think I'm safe.

    Telling the truth, particularly that which the powers-that-be don't want told, that's the thing. If we keep on doing that, we're doing the right thing. No matter what the consequences.


  3. Hi Stephen. Leave your blog address and I'll check it out.

    All the best.