Saturday, 29 July 2000

The Madhouse Update

The Madhouse Update

Sunday 23 November

Why is Qatar being allowed to take over Britain?
Paedophile MPs were "Untouchables" says Special Branch
Ed's elite live cheek by jowl in leafy north London
We're aloof and out of touch, says top Tory MP
Britain is full - Shut the door: Meltdown at No 10
Ed Miliband: Our Future lies in Europe
Labour to lose 10 MPs as voters back UKIP
Murdered because they weren't Muslim
UKIP: The political establishment is quaking with fear
NHS bosses finally order investigation into A&E closure chaos
Black MP admits party HAS lost touch with working class voters
A fleet of Tory snake-oil tankers sailed into Rochester... and sank
Save the Children give Tony Blair the Global Legacy Award! (Irony died here)
COHEN says UKIP is "septic and... geriatric... empty-headed... foul-minded"
Beppe Grillo: "We are not at war with ISIS or Russia, We ae at war with the ECB"
English hospitals need more nurses... but only if they speak Polish?
Khalid Mahmood, MP, says 2,000 "Britons" are fighting for jihad in Iraq and Syria

Saturday 22 November

Jews, Multiculturalism, and the War on Free Speech
Paedo orgies! Boys murdered by VIPs? The stench of Establishment cover-up
Secret service infiltrated paedophile group to 'blackmail establishment'
One £2.9m home isn't enough for Labour's champagne Socialist snob
Ed's snooty elite hates patriotism says editor of left-wing journal
Labour "the party of working people?"
Illegal Aliens on White House Facebook Page: "F*** All You White People! We Won!"
Zion welcomes Obama migration ‘Amnesty’but supports expulsion from Israel!
UNICEF Ambassador/clown Robbie Williams books gig in Tel Aviv
A nation that shuns the old simply isn't civilised
Liz Kershaw accuses hospital staff of 'elder abuse'
Hysterical and self pitying, Towie star is a perfect icon of our age
DIVERSITY! You will go to hell for dancing, boy at Muslim school was told
For them to act all shocked each time one of us is executed is a massive lie
More stars point finger at Bill Cosby

Friday 21 November

Bill Cosby tried to silence TV reporter who quizzed him about sex assaults
Warped values, zealots and a school that's 'too English'
Ofsted marks brilliant school down for being "too English!"
Now elite Labour MPs are actually sneering at the working-classes!
What Labour's Islington luvvies REALLY think of working-class patriots!
Labour has 'increasingly become anti-English'
Ed Miliband's Bollinger Bolsheviks
Sneering elite set for another bloody nose
Foreigners & airhead females gang up on Brit pointing out facts about rapists
Peter Hitchens and Emily Thornberry's phoney LibLabCon outrage
UK police spied on reporters for years, docs show
The bullying of Hungary – the country that dared to disobey the US and EU
Strangled and burned for marrying a man from wrong caste!
Muslims "'were plotting Poppy Day beheading outrage!"
"Men" arrested in Rotherham on suspicion of sexually exploiting children
We must build a ‘house’ every 7 minutes just to house immigrants!
Cameron's by-election candidate attacks his immigration record

Thursday 20 November

Baby Levi Blu Cassin died from 'major internal injuries' after parents stamped on him
Consultant Argiris Asderakis took calculated risk using kidneys of alcoholic with meningitis
School denied top grade by Ofsted: it's 'too English' and not diverse enough!
Scrap jail sentences of under a year, says Lib Dem (60,000 fewer crims jailed per year)
1-in-30 Latvians and Lithuanians and 1-in-60 Poles are now living here!
I was offered millions in 'cash for peerage' deals says Lib Dem treasurer
Cops tried to prevent Muslim grooming gang from being named!
Chivalry is dead, claims Sir Terry
Outrage as greedy EU demands MORE of your cash!

Wednesday 19 November

Birmingham Council hid links between Asian cabbies/child sex victims for 23 years!
Westminster child abuse: Scotland Yard accused of 'cover-up' over boy's death in '80s
Asian hit-and-runners killed Rebecca McManus, 21, at bus stop
Labour: "We made mistakes on immigration but now we're getting tough?"
Soaring fuel bills will kill a pensioner every 7 MINUTES this winter (Yet £12bn foreign aid!)
50,000 children overseas getting child benefit and tax credit!
Dying cancer patient left 'screaming in pain' on a trolley in A&E for nine hours!
80% of young Dutch Turks see nothing wrong in holy war, against non-believers!
War against Jews on Internet and Street? (And a genocide in Gaza and WhiteWorld)
This is what bought-and-paid-for politicians do to our lads in their oil/USA/Zion wars
PETERBOROUGH: First World War memorial targeted by SCUM
Councils leaving children at sex-abuse risk - Ofsted
Rochester by-election victory for UKIP will spark 'instability and insecurity' warns Cameron
'The UK belongs to Europe' says German minister

Tuesday 18 November

10 South Yorks cops investigated over handling of child sex abuse in Rotherham
Organised child sex abuse 'widespread in England', MPs say
Charles Napier, brother of Tory MP John Whittingdale, guilty of child abuse
1,200 GP practices could be putting patients at risk
Britain is Europe's number one terror target (Thanks LibLabCon!)
55 "British" Muslim "charities" could be linked to extremism and radicalisation!
Cops told not to wear uniform to work for fear jihadis might target them on the streets?
When will Eurosceptics realise the era of nation state has ended?
Finally, Labour admits you are RIGHT to have migration worries
LUTON: Pregnant teen floored then kicked in stomach by laughing Asian gang!
British jihadist Nasser Muthana part of ISIS death squad' that beheaded 17 Syrian soldiers
One in five crimes ignored by target-chasing cops!
NHS ombudsman 'failing families'

Monday 17 November

MP 'told police about VIP paedophile ring's parties 26 years ago?'
Care worker Stanley Nkenka caught on hidden camera hitting disabled teenager
Hospitals 'leave elderly to fend for themselves'
Traitorous former PM (Major) brands UKIP 'profoundly un-British in every way'
Immigrants who speak no English change our schools? It takes a Tory 66 years to work this out?
Romanian gang targeted shoppers all over Kent
I've done nothing wrong, says British banker at the heart of rate-fixing probe
Sharp rise in women over 60 treated for alcoholism
Radical Muslim set to address the Church of England's General Synod!
Why I, as a Muslim, am launching a campaign to ban the burka in Britain
New trade minister Ian Livingston will leave BT with up to £20million in shares!
Yale's Chaplain told the truth about Israel. Now he's out of a job
Germany: Worried parents fume about 'sexual indoctrination of children'

Sunday 16 November

DIVERSITY! Now the cops are recruiting 'minority' criminals!!! THIS IS WAR!
Letter from a 5-year-old rape victim that shames every police officer
Victim of VIP abuse scandal 'saw Tory MP throttle 12-year-old to death!'
Trust in our 'political elite'? I'd rather be led by garden gnomes
Antidepressant prescriptions soar to 50m a year!
They’d rather the country was a 3rd world cesspit as long as they're in control of it
So it’s official – LibLabCon are interchangeable!
The government has always lied to the public, and have always misled them
Fury as immigrant says: I’ll get £25k in benefits when I bring family to UK!
Clegg woos 'cash for passports' Hinduja brothers

Saturday 15 November

Did VIP abusers murder a boy? New probe into paedo ring at flats used by ministers
Dirty dentist raked in £1,000 a day flouting safety rules! 22,000 now at risk of HIV/hepatitis
Norway doc banned from Gaza: ‘I document what I see... makes me trouble for Israel’
David Miliband wants Britain to accept 130,000 Syrian refugees
Jewish political power is surging around the world
American cities with large Black populations on list of most violent in the world
Legal high, 'speckled cherry' linked to 37 UK deaths
Why can't Jewish sex-text MP just say sorry?

Friday 14 November

The poor were better off under the Tudors, says Hilary Mantel!
Britain pays £80 child benefit to children in Poland when we get only £18 back here?
Cameron attacked by abuse victims after calling Home Office cover-up 'conspiracy theory'
One in three children bullied online!
1,000 new cancer patients a day by 2016
Far-right groups (patriots) should be prevented from staging protests says top cop!
A million elderly Brits malnourished as a third of councils cut ‘meals on wheels!’
Traitor cops! Murdered nurse Katie Cullen 'badly let down' by police
Nicolae Patraucean strangled Rivka Holden and slit her throat before mutilating her body
Mihai Alistar bailed after being charged with 22 sex offences over a 6-year period
Labour MPs attacked for poppy day shame

Thursday 13 November

Chairman of governors of Eskdale school ousted for being a member of UKIP!
DIVERSITY! Katie Cullen stabbed 130 times by jealous asylum-seeker, Iman Ghaefelipour
Police forces under investigation by IPCC for 'failing to act on child porn intelligence'
Brazilian police have killed 11,197 people in five years
Billions spent trying to stop opium production in Afghanistan achieved nothing!
Why aren't crooked bankers in prison?
UK political party secret donors are mainly Jewish
Oligarchs, bankers, the elite who pay for access to Cameron
The Left sneered, but 42,000 Romanians and Bulgarians get UK jobs!
Polish immigration would be a trickle? The reality the Left refuses to confront

Wednesday 12 November

660 Israeli public figures call for recognition of Palestine
Tide Turns: Majority of US citizens think America gives too much to Israel
Did Special Branch confiscate document that revealed 16 elite paedos?
Theresa May admits there 'may have been a cover-up' over child abuse
64% think we're 'swamped' by migrants, 70% think they come for the benefits
Hollywood stars, academics sign open warning against GM foods
The Benns - More Red Princes!

Tuesday 11 November

ROTHERHAM: Cops ripped up sex abuse files!
Labour "movement's dying... lost!" Says big shot Labour MP!
Cash for contacts: Tony Blair's illicit Saudi oil dealings spark outrage
A millionaire Tory MP and the tenants facing homelessness?
You Britons are just too lazy say Hungarians (Brit-loathing media/politicians agree)
Let primary teachers wear the veil in classroom, says traitor Archbishop!
Boy racers killed Lucy Commins, 16, during street race
3 Pakistani brothers ‘abused 54 girls in Rotherham but remain at large!’
UK officials hesitate to prosecute returning jihadis for fear of seeming “anti-Muslim”
150 million Christians persecuted by Islam
Muslim suicide bomber slaughters 48 schoolchildren in Nigeria
Smoking cannabis every day 'warps your brain and shrinks grey matter'
Baroness Ashton will be paid £400,000 by the EU to do nothing
I wish Blair's money grabbing cynicism surprised me. But having worked for him, it doesn't

Monday 9 November

“Racism is a stupid, made-up word!”
Songs of Praise no longer to be exclusively C-of-E says Aaqil Ahmed BBC head of religion
'I'd sacrifice my children a hundred times for Allah' says "British" suicide bomber
Muslim extremists infiltrating schools, universities, scout groups on unprecedented scale!
'I don't feel British and I don't want to be!' (P*** off then!)
Amin Aminullah skipped a red light and Miriam Parker, 18, was robbed of her dreams
Doctor Raza Laskar admits sexually abusing boys
The murky secrets of Two Per Cent Tony
Lloyds Bank to cut 9,000 jobs and shut 200 branches

Sunday 9 November

Rotherham can become a beacon of hope - FOR MUSLIMS!!!
Amnesty International report details numerous Israeli war crimes
85 richest people now have as much money as poorest 3.5billion!
Labour MP, David Lammy, leaves constituency so sons can go to top school
HITCHENS: We panic about child abuse, then tell 13-year-olds how to have sex
Nigeria 'witchcraft' church to open a school in Kent?
Congo diversity: Crowd kills man, eats him

Saturday 8 November

Sex at 12 is NOT normal, Mr Clegg. It's illegal
Innocent father-of-one Christopher Foster stabbed to death outside pub by Aytach Lisani 76 
The Left sneer. But poppies connect us to a generation of heroes we never knew
Our leaders can't keep ignoring what voters care about, says MP Ian Austin
DIVERSITY! Libyan soldiers say rape scandal is our fault! We didn't teach 'em right from Wrong!
Driven to suicide by the CPS, Alexander Economou, her alleged rapist, is wealthy financier!

Friday 7 November

'Pillar of the Jewish community' jailed for instructing child abuse
Hillsborough Inquests: CCTV tapes went missing after match!
Ruled by out-of-touch careerists who hold opinions of those who pay their wages in contempt
Did Dwaine George murder Daniel Dale, 18?
More than 600 US troops complained of chemical agent exposure in Iraq

Thursday 6 November

Against Our Better Judgement: how the USA was used to create Israel
How Zionists outmaneuvered and replaced State Department experts
TREASON! Cameron doesn't just want more diversity, he wants an Asian Prime Minister!
PAEDOS IN POWER! "Coalition minister drugged and abused me when I was 14!"
Chuka backs Blair, calls for more migration (in white countries only, Chucky?)
The £120 billion bill for diversity! (We pay, they play!)
Danny Gough dragged from his bed and hacked to death by Paul West (black) and two others
German Europhile who told us Polish migration would be slight and truth Lefties refuse to see

Wednesday 5 November

MPs and VIPs 'child abuse ring' at luxury flats near Parliament investigated
Sex between 13-year-olds is NORMAL, masturbation OK for 9-year-olds says schools advice!
Ronnie Atuqiya charged with the murder of David Maxwell
Prince Charles calls on Muslim leaders to stop persecuting of Christians in Middle East
Black Yank tells Griff Rhys Jones to 'pack up and p*** off'

Tuesday 4 November

MPs to escape expenses investigations after paperwork destroyed by Parliament!!!
Why the hell are we importing beggars? (Because LibLabCon is at war with us?)
Teach children about homosexuality, same-sex marriages, masturbation, oral and anal sex!
Harvard University offers students ‘Anal Sex 101’ class
Jews object to “xenophobic” Euro parties but support ultra-xenophobic Israel!
Nutcase who murdered Ann Maguire posted Facebook threats to kill her - Nothing was done!

Monday 3 November

Doreen and Karen – a tale of two mothers
The political class is responsible for Britain's immigration crisis
We need more Commonwealth citizens, says Boris Johnson!!!
Britain's highest paid council boss sacked amid inquiry over care home sex allegations
Language of defeat is silencing out children
Doorstep criminals prey on vulnerable OAPs 19 times an hour
Black robbers murdered 'happy and jolly dad’
Reverend James Manning accuses ANC of inciting genocide against white South Africans
USA: Has “black culture” simply become “thug culture”
Pitiful poverty of London's Victorian street children

Sunday 2 November

Israeli Daily's 30 October political cartoon! (Not just me any more, is it?)
Women sleeping 16 to a room make Harriet/Ed/Nick's £45 'Feminist Looks Like' T-shirts
Blacks on Twitter threaten random violence
Blair's mistaken view of Islam could start new religious war, says his former aide
Labour MP says immigrant labour has cost blue-collar Britain dear!
Ray Winstone tears into Olympic 'gangsters' and calls the stadium a f***ing con
Younes Tsouli: All jihadis are heroes...but let me stay in UK!
"White Privilege” is a conspiracy theory fabricated to encourage hatred of white people
“We are living through... historic, defining times. I think we are seeing a new world order”
Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel: Get used to endless war

Saturday 1 November

Cherie Blair now owns 31 homes!
1-in-7 young "Britons" (LibLabCon immigrants) sympathises with ISIS? That's DIVERSITY for you
Paul Thrower stabbed and axed repeatedly by Zakariya Subeir and Kiro Halliburton
Paediatrician Raza Laskar charged with 31 offences against 12 boys (Had a million dirty pics)
Eighty hit-and-runs each week on London's 'lawless' roads
Paedophile allegations against Leon Brittan a sinister MI5 smear plot?
Sharia law or gay marriage critics would be branded ‘extremists’ under Tory plans
Tony Blair warns leaders to stand up and defeat ‘nasty’ UKIP
Britain's Lost Freedoms: "We're Living in a Madhouse" -- CBN News (US)
Cover-up, deceit and a Home Office fiasco
Why DOES the Left put single mums on a pedestal?
French deputy Guillaume Larrive: 60% of French prisoners are Muslims
Our failure to protect young Alice is criminal
Conspiracy Of Silence (The Franklin Scandal)

The Madhouse Update


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  2. "I was finding this type of information from long time."

    More and more are finding out, WD. I'm hoping the whole, rotten, globalist house of cards should come tumbling down within a decade.

    As regards "going on", they have to imprison or kill me to stop me speaking out. I reckon there are too many speaking out now for any type of individual silencing to be effective so I think I'm safe.

    Telling the truth, particularly that which the powers-that-be don't want told, that's the thing. If we keep on doing that, we're doing the right thing. No matter what the consequences.


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