Saturday, 29 July 2000

The Madhouse Update

The Madhouse Update

Monday 26 January

What's the Eurocrats' real fear? Greece quits and thrives!
Why is the West kowtowing to this monstrous regime?
Lifting the shroud of chilling State secrecy
Hillary ‘furious’ over Bill’s ‘part’ in latest sex scandal
Prince Andrew‘s ‘pimp’ had 21 numbers for Bill Clinton?
Nearly everyone on UK paedophile ring list is a Freemason?
Is the Pentagon directing Kiev’s War on Donbass?
Clare's law reveals violent past of 1,300 partners
‘Sex slave’ claims Bill Clinton visited Epstein’s ‘orgy island’
EU immigrants should be barred from EU referendum vote, says Farage
First girl to accuse Jeffrey Epstein of sexual abuse claims she was only 14
MARINE LE PEN: "Democratic slap in the face" for EU by "the Greek people!"
Chilcot delays, Leon Brittan, curtsies to dead Saudi tyrants: elite are so out of touch!
Leon Brittan is branded a multiple child rapist only days after his death!
It should NOT be a crime to join ISIS, says Green's loony leader!
Brits could LEGALLY join ISIS and Al-Qaida if the Green Party wins power!
Green Party plans to decimate the military but membership of ISIS no problem!
30 mums and babies died at Morecambe Bay hospital! Nobody disciplined for failings!
Footballers who quit UK to join ISIS linked to Jihadi John
ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda to investigate Israel for crimes against Palestinians?
HIV hotspot as cases soar among Miton Keynes’s straight men!
Dozens kills and wounded after attack by Boko Haram extremists

Sunday 25 January

Police record 24,043 rapes, nearly 500,000 sex crimes in 2014!
Arizona University offers course on the ‘Problem of Whiteness!’
The European dream is dying, state by state!
Jeffrey Epstein's little black book!
ISIS calls for ‘lone wolf’ terror attacks in UK
Terror arrests in UK linked to Syria soar by 600 per cent!
I'm coming out as gay says married Army general!
"The white face of Germany is changing!"
Was Leon Brittan at VIP parties where kids were abused?
Barbara Castle said Leon Brittan was man 'she could not trust'
Tories will ignore ‘abuse’ claims to honour Leon Brittan's legacy
Sheldon Silver's fall signals end of Jewish era in New York politics
Jewish billionaire tells Americans to live more modestly!
Sex abuse inquiry has 'wasted' £25,000 on 8-strong panel Theresa May is poised to sack
#JeSuisAbdullah? Critics slam glowing Western eulogies for ‘reformer’ Saudi king
Max Keiser explains BBC's editorial guidelines: DON'T MENTION ISRAEL!
USA: Advocate "abstinence" in high school? You're a hate preacher!
"Brainwashing works... It’s working on you now!"

Saturday 24 January

The Chinese billionaire buying up Britain (with the help of LibLabCon)
Why is Westminster Abbey honouring the king of a country where Christianity is banned?
Compare and contrast: Obama reaction to deaths of King Abdullah and Hugo Chávez
Andre Bright jailed for 17 years for murder of girlfriend Victoria Adams
Political class in denial over cause of jihadist threat
A vote for EU exit that will cause alarm in Brussels
ISIS sets up English-speaking battalion to carry out attacks in English-speaking countries
Brittan's pals demand end to 'wicked' Westminster rumours of child abuse cover-up
This ugly rush to spend billions on foreign aid, by SamCam's stepfather
'Dear Mu'ammar, I trust you and your family are well': Tony Blair's grovelling letter to Gaddafi
Zimbabwe set to give white farmers 90 days to vacate farms

Friday 22 January

Jewish MP, Gerald Kaufman, condemns Israel
BRITTAN: Will we ever find truth on abuse dossier now?
"Leon... should have... been compelled to give evidence!"
The completely bonkers world of the Greens!
Gluten illness among children triples over last 20 years!
Scientists say we are at closest point to disaster in decades
Co-op, Labour and a betrayal of values
Home ownership collapses among under 35s
Is anyone in your school gay? Ofsted questions for 11-year-olds
Father-of-10, Umbar Ali, abandoned 3 of his kids after car crash
Rape and sex offence figures soar in England and Wales!
EU is paying European countries to bring in more immigrants!
Why are sperm counts falling? (Because that's how the global elite want it?)
Top gay activist, Peter Tatchell, wants gay sex taught in schools!
‘Today we’re talking masturbation!’ Sitting in on a sex education class
Saudi Prince tells USA (at Davos) to wage war on Assad not ISIS!
MOSSAD's secret meeting with US Senators - More sanctions on Iran demanded
Thatcher's bodyguard said MOST ministers were regularly going to paedo-parties
Ex-Solicitor General: ‘challenging Lord Brittan on child abuse would not be wise!"
Did Sheldon Silver solicit millions through bribes and favours?
0/10! Schoolgirl in tears over the Education Nazis' Lesbian Quiz!
Blair's secret services took part in 'torture by proxy' of Colonel Gaddafi's enemies
Just three in ten of us are happy

Thursday 21 January

JIM DOBBIN: MP on a jolly dies from drinking too much free Polish booze! (5 times over limit)
UKIP is a party led by 'Neanderthal sexists' says Harriet Harperson of P.I.E. fame
Labour Mayor of Bishop Auckland defects to UKIP
DIVERSITY! Robert Lashley raped an 80-year-old pensioner at her flat in Shepherd's Bush
8-year-old battered to death by mother, Polly Chowdhury, and lesbian lover, Kiki Muddar
CHILCOT! Six-year wait for £9m 'whitewash!'
CHILCOT! Families' fury at Iraq War 'cover-up disgrace!'
CHILCOT! An affront to democracy!
CHILCOT! The stench of conspiracy is growing!
SWEDEN: From "Humanitarian Superpower" to Failed State
Christian nurse says NHS Trust didn't clear her of bullying Muslim for PC reasons
West seeks to isolate, overthrow Putin while demanding he resolves Ukraine crisis
Washington has played the role of instigator throughout the entire Ukrainian conflict
89-year-old patient in care home says she's starving

Wednesday 21 January

"The idea Jews feel unsafe is sickening!"
How 900,000 elderly are denied vital home care!
Child grooming up 32% in a year!
Ex-MI6 boss warns West not to insult Islam!
Northampton: Jon Casey murder - black men sought
One in THIRTY £1 coins is a FAKE!
Cops speed at 80mph in thick fog and kill Joshua Brown
CHILCOT: Iraq war report covered up until after UK election
Deal reached on release of 'gist' of Blair-Bush Iraq talks
UK wide open to 'freeloading' EU migrants, warns Foreign Secretary!
Officials investigating NHS whistleblowers deluged by thousands of staff
Top bloodsucker bank, Goldman Sachs, 'duped Libya out of oil cash?'
Nurse Victorino Chua murdered 3 and poisoned 18 by contaminating saline with insulin

Tuesday 20 January

Immigrant killed Chris Willmott travelling at twice the speed limit
Scotland's struggling North Sea oil industry WILL be bailed out by British taxpayers
Fury at Home Office's 'complete failure' over foreign criminals
Britain's most prolific thief gets housing benefits behind bars!
UK Muslim lawyer rants at West over 'Paris slaughter'
Israel's Jewish essence is non-negotiable: Response to Mahmoud Abbas

Monday 19 January

Old Boy's Horror: raised by global paedo ring
"We're the chosen nation and the world knows that!"
Two dads are better than one? Pro-gay adoption profile of convicted paedo
DIVERSITY! Of 41 reported rapes in Oslo, 2007-2010, all were committed by non-Westerners!

Sunday 18 January

BRADFORD: 23 per cent of 16 to 25s 'too anxious to leave the house!'
USA: Mixed-race son beat White mom to death then raped corpse to lose his virginity! Ex MI5 David Shayler speaks out on the cost of blowing the whistle
Now Jews have their own police force?
Now "survivors" get A MEDAL? Holocaust forever say top Tories!
HOLOCAUST? 6 million versus the facts

Saturday 17 January

FARAGE: Multiculturalism has failed Britain, France and every other country
We can't keep you 100% safe in a free society PM warns
Connor Barrett stabbed to death by Jesse Quaye and Ayomindy Bile
How the Left sabotaged NHS success story
£20,000 bonus for foreign aid chief who handed out £1billion in 8 weeks
Anger over £250,000 average wage at Goldman Sachs as staff get £8.4billion in pay/perks
CIA admits using news to manipulate the USA (1975)
Ed Miliband calls for Facebook to enforce anti-Semitism rules
War crimes suspects lead Paris anti-terror march
Channel 4 bosses to lose bonus if they fail to employ more black, Asian and gays!

Friday 16 January

EU forcing UK to pay benefits to more Turkish migrants?
In solidarity with a free press: more blasphemous cartoons
Not White in the head!
Jordan Brennan: dead for doing 'Gangnam-style' dance!
Immigration adds a city a year to Britain’s population
Universities are now awarding firsts to one in five students
Anti-White UN says Sweden has “Afrophobia”
Cameron and MPs attack church's two most senior figures
Britain's first gay school!!!
School kids to learn about “constant shifts in the British population!”
Ukrainian government used cluster bombs on Donetsk in October 2014
Miliband & clique of mega-rich allies Berlin Wall between Labour & working class voters
Jewish billionaire, George Soros "funds Ferguson protests, hopes to spur civil action!"
Sham of West’s free speech celebration: France arrests comedian for Facebook comments
EU forcing UK to pay benefits to more Turkish immigrants? Who aren't even in the EU?
Cabbie Kugannesan Balasubramaniam gets just 9 months for killing Nick Sennett
After her partner's calls to NHS went unanswered, she committed suicide
Immigrants kill ten fellow passengers aboard boat heading from Africa to Spain
CHARLIE HEBDO: ‘Second Paris’ averted by hours
Ukrainian government used cluster bombs on Donetsk in October 2014
Care home patients at risk from lack of water! Staff don't want them going to toilet
Charlie Hebdo gunman found guilty of smuggling extremists into Iraq in 2008!
Pro-ISIS hackers launch cyber-attacks on 19,000 French websites
I'd be less than thrilled if my son said he was marrying Stephen Fry

Thursday 15 January

Jewish film-maker, Roman Polanski, questioned over 1977 child rape 
RACIST at 5! Girl who said pal was brown, boy who asked another was he from Africa!
Children's home faces new police probe as girl claims: 'I was victim of grooming gangs'
20,000 cancer deaths every year could be avoided - Old and poor 'get worse outcomes'
92-year-old RAF veteran forced to wait more than 26 HOURS in A&E
Widely-used painkiller linked to heart problems
£277,000 legal aid for Yank police killer, David Bieber
'No wonder people aren't scared to go to prison!'
£300m bill for flying foreign criminals home
ISIS sets up first base in Afghanistan just 3 months after we left!
Charlie Hebdo: Pakistani cleric holds funeral for 'heroes of Islam’ attackers
Fire crews and paramedics issued with bullet proof vests
Cameron says Google and Facebook have 'moral duty' to spot suspicious posts
Coalition's cuts have left entire cities in a spiral of decline, says Archbishop
BBC bosses 'write off women over 50 as barking mad'
BBC chief refuses to answer questions from MPs because he's a Lord!
Secret Tory files of MPs private lives to be opened up for inquiry into child abuse?
White rapper “Macklemore” denounces himself for being white!

The Madhouse Update


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  2. "I was finding this type of information from long time."

    More and more are finding out, WD. I'm hoping the whole, rotten, globalist house of cards should come tumbling down within a decade.

    As regards "going on", they have to imprison or kill me to stop me speaking out. I reckon there are too many speaking out now for any type of individual silencing to be effective so I think I'm safe.

    Telling the truth, particularly that which the powers-that-be don't want told, that's the thing. If we keep on doing that, we're doing the right thing. No matter what the consequences.


  3. Hi Stephen. Leave your blog address and I'll check it out.

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