Saturday, 29 July 2000

The Madhouse Update

The Madhouse Update

Monday 22 September

Paige Chivers: Men arrested for murder (Bet they're Muslims)
Tony Halloun found guilty of Shahnaz Qidwai murder
Labour declares war on middle class and privately educated?
Red Ed refuses to back English home rule 13 times!
Thailand murders: Hannah Witheridge 'raped by local men'
The foreign killers living in Britain who are monitored by email only
Rotherham: Council spent £30K on secret society training for staff!
Kuntal Patel laced her magistrate mother's Diet Coke with lethal poison
Anjem Choudary doesn't 'feel sorry for' British hostage held by ISIS
Ed Miliband says he will increase Muslim representation in parliament
The TRUE cost of health tourism: Foreigners cost Britain up to £2BILLION
Labour Parliamentary candidate suspended after calling Israel 'evil' on Twitter
Film about grooming gangs suppressed for 7 years (it would be branded racist)
Arsonists torch car of Rabbi who dared to speak out over Israeli brutality in Gaza
January 2010: 'They like us naive': teenagers groomed for prostitution by "Asian men"
More than 500 police officers disciplined or quit for sex offences
Migrant suspected of murdering Alice drugged/molested girl in 2009! NOT CHARGED!

Sunday 21 September

Crime tsar, Tafheen Sharif, quits after she tried to gag court in cousin's murder trial
Abdul Jaffer's nursing home failed every aspect of Care Quality Commission inspection!
Care home nurse, Faderera Bello, physically/verbally abused 92-year-old grandma
Cops accused of cover-up over loss of video interviews with abuse victims
BRITISH female jihadi doctor holds up severed head as her children look on
I demand the shamefully unfair Barnett Formula is scrapped, by LORD BARNETT
All that 'devolved power' will end up in just one place: Brussels
How hackers spy on you and your children with YOUR webcam
65% say Scots must be banned from voting on English laws
There is no parallel between ISIL and the Viet Cong
Did 'rogue' poll cost Britain £45bn?
Fiona Woolf to answer critics who say she is too close to Leon Brittan
Scottish MPs' fury at Farage's demands they abstain from English matters

Saturday 20 September

BBC's new "Head of Statistics" twists casualty figures to whitewash Gaza massacre
A businessman with his 3 wives: one of 20,000 such marriages in polygamy Britain!
Michelle Obama wants students to monitor family members for racial insensitivity!
So who is Bassma Kodmani?
Nineteen arrested after crackdown on suspected child grooming
Latvian murderer has slipped in and out of UK dozens of times
Our failure to protect young Alice is criminal
Five men arrested after Worthing woman gang raped
Romanian thieves who targeted the elderly face deportation
Hobnobbing with a Tory minister, businessman behind Hotel Asylum, Gauhar Nawab
Miliband's role in the No campaign has been shambolic from start to finish
Bungling LibLabCon trio who almost blew the UK apart
Israel now a "major strategic partner" of the US (It wasn't before?)

Friday 19 September

Traitorous cops threatened researcher who tried to expose Rotherham abuse!
MPs were told in 1983 that the sexual abuse of children in care was being ‘hushed up!’
Lloyd Byfield, 48, charged with the murder of Leighann Duffy
Aaron Leafe accused 'care worker' Anwar Ismail of raping him from beyond the grave
MURDER: Fahid Saber ran down and killed Villa fan Jody O’Reilly
Arnis Zalkalns: 'Once he had tasted blood, I feared that he would strike again'
Why was he allowed into UK? Prime suspect in hunt for Alice is Latvian wife-murderer
Latvian fugitive is latest in a long list of serious offenders able to slip into Britain
Muslims accused of smuggling heroin worth £37 million
Edwina Currie thought child sex abuse was nonsense dreamt up by silly social workers
Leon Brittan and the Leeds child abuse dossier
Story behind the N. Wales Abuse Tribunal is one of failure, and failure of the worst kind
600 migrants crammed into 98 rooms at a London hotel and the £500,000 bill
The deadly mosquitoes hitching a ride to Britain on the wheels of lorries
Brussels (and British politicians) give killers open door to Britain

Thursday 18 September

‘I am a passionate Zionist,’ declares Boris Johnson
Child sex abuse was endemic in Sheffield, says ex care worker
Saqib Hussain was speeding at 80mph in a 30mph zone when he killed Noreen Ryan
Archbishop of Canterbury: I sometimes question if God exists:
Russian billionaire who hired Peter Mandelson accused of money laundering
Dental nurse, Emma West, struck off after being branded 'racist' and 'risk to public'

Wednesday 17 September

Poor NHS care kills up to 10,000 people a year, CQC chief claims
Wanted terror suspect is 'Scotland Yard advisor on Muslim extremism!'
RESULT! Top cop Shaun Wright resigns!
Stop playing war games in Ukraine - @Nigel_Farage
Mo Farah's brother jailed again after breaking into elderly couple's home (20th offence)
Swiss village forced to raise taxes to pay for African mum-of-7's £40,000 month benefits
USA, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey must stop funding armed groups in Syria, Iraq!
Top Cop blames target culture and PC for Asian-on-White child abuse
You're a f****** liar, screamed a 'Yes' voter. Red Ed's eyes rotated in different directions
Stop bosses at academy schools from lining their own pockets, MPs warned
Woman dropped Cambridge PhD to enter polygamous marriage to Muslim businessman
The NHS will improve only when there is nowhere to hide its failures
Muslim leaders declare aim of world domination

Tuesday 16 September

Croydon's top police officer should undergo 'equality training'
How historian Shlomo Sand "stopped being a Jew"
US envoy to Ukraine caught posting fake images on Twitter
Israeli intelligence agents routinely targeted innocent Palestinians
Cameron hosting Andy Marr's book launch in Downing Street?
Backlash as Bob Geldof and Eddie Izzard speak at pro-union rally
'I won't be here forever... please don't break this family apart'
Black nutcase who murdered Christina hadn't been treated for 12 years!
Britain's top civil servant urged business chiefs to warn against independence?

Monday 15 September

Britain's hidden slave trade exposed
A child in Birmingham is now more likely to be a Muslim than Christian!
Over 350 passengers cancelled their reservations for the hijacked 9/11 flights!
Yorkshire MEP gets death threats for exposing Rotherham scandal
Iraq War inquiry might be delayed beyond 2015 election!
US failure to investigate Saudi Arabia’s connection to 9/11 contributed to rise of ISIS
Police arrest child-sex victim for yelling at alleged abuser
Suhail Azam stabbed his estranged wife to death
South Africa: Hard line taken on 'white' sport
The silence of American hawks about the Ukraine
The bankers and the military industrial complex own today’s news media
Illuminati, Skull and Bones, Federal Reserve rule – World in Peril
British jihadist medical student pictured holding severed head
Putin is becoming the face of the global resistance movement!
White women prefer white men
Siobhan Condon: the gloating social worker

Sunday 14 September

Pressure growing on inquiry chief Fiona Woolf over new links to Leon Brittan
Child sex gangs? Cops too busy trying to catch car thieves!
Rotherham councillors suspended in latest child abuse twist
Yorkshire MEP sent death threats over Rotherham scandal
Dear Putin: A letter from Westerners apologizing for their corrupt governments/media
39% of Pakistanis say honour killing can be justified
'David Cameron, I hold you entirely responsible for my execution'
Israeli soldiers condemn army over "abuse" of Palestinians
Palestinian CHRISTIAN farmer targeted by Israel for removal from family land
Cancer cluster killing Chinese workers at factory that makes new iPhone 6
DIVERSITY & ENRICHMENT! Burn that cracker Jesus!

Saturday 13 September

Traitorous Labour MPs knew of child sex abuse in Rotherham but opposed an inquiry!
Christopher Penman murder: Awat Akram jailed for life
Mary was murdered by her father Yasser Alromisse after wife rejected Islam and him
Dr Bob Gill blows the whistle on the political machinations destroying the NHS
The political class is doing what Hitler couldn’t – destroying Britain
EU tells Britain to stop moaning about immigrants and start building them houses instead!
Cops found Holly with a known sex offender but arrested her and let abuser go!
MI6 CHIEF: 'We were slow to see dangers of the Arab Spring' (Because you're immoral, inept and bought-and-paid-for? BBC shows its true psyops colors on Iran
Widow abandoned to starve because social worker thought she was well-off
A political elite that still doesn’t get it
Black savages who shot dead innocent nursery teacher jailed for 111 years
The Food Bubble: How Wall Street starved millions and got away with it
Sotloff was Israeli agent, his execution staged: Analyst
Dennis Skinner says Thatcher was a mentally unbalanced dictator who ruined millions of lives

Friday 12 September

British female jihadis running ISIS 'brothels' allowing killers to rape kidnapped Yazidi women
Shaun Wright: 'You let my sister be murdered, you let us be groomed!
PM's own backbenchers tear into 'puce-faced' Cameron
Any action without the consent of Syrian government would be an attack on Syria'
Yazidi girl tells of horrific ordeal as ISIS sex slave
Children under 10 being radicalised in London, reveals deputy mayor
13 years ago this man was accused of abusing 18 girls in Rotherham - so why are police only NOW?/a> Sajid Javid lined up to take over from Cameron if Scots vote "Yes!"
Fiona Woolf, new boss of investigation into VIP child abuse, linked to Leon Brittan!
Victims of alleged child abuse 'raped by MPs in exclusive flats near Commons'
Islamic Rape Gangs: Rotherham is Just the Tip of the Iceberg
Muslim students will be offered sharia-friendly student loans by government

Thursday 11 September

Elderly Italian nuns raped, murdered in Burundi
Look at the f***ing DIVERSITY! If you're PC, you're a traitor!
Pakistani Collectivist Political Culture at the Root of the Rotherham Pathology
Black savage smirked before killing an OAP for her handbag

Monday 8 September

Mother and two kids thrown off Stagecoach bus because toddler wouldn't stop crying
Government watchdog to investigate Blair's role as charity patron
ROTHERHAM: The police made me feel like I was the problem
New Labour's war on British identity has left Salmond with an open goal
Fate of the UK could lie in hands of 500,000 foreigners living north of border
Fury at MPs' 10% bumper pay rise

The Madhouse Update


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  2. "I was finding this type of information from long time."

    More and more are finding out, WD. I'm hoping the whole, rotten, globalist house of cards should come tumbling down within a decade.

    As regards "going on", they have to imprison or kill me to stop me speaking out. I reckon there are too many speaking out now for any type of individual silencing to be effective so I think I'm safe.

    Telling the truth, particularly that which the powers-that-be don't want told, that's the thing. If we keep on doing that, we're doing the right thing. No matter what the consequences.


  3. Hi Stephen. Leave your blog address and I'll check it out.

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