Saturday, 29 July 2000

The Madhouse Update

The Madhouse Update

Thursday 19 May

Wife of ex-BBC boss Danny Cohen to get plum ITV job?
Superbugs tsar urges antibiotic crackdown
Ex-NATO boss: Britain AT WAR with Russia NEXT YEAR?
QUARTER of UK troops will miss EU vote! Soldiers gagged?
PROJECT FEAR: Brexit could plunge UK back into RECESSION?
Tories ripped apart over Brexit
Canada's golden boy PM ELBOWS woman in chest
The madness of Brussels rule has weakened our borders
Maximum security Belmarsh prison 'like a jihadi training camp'
Brits FURIOUS with Angelina Jolie ('stay in Europe and take MORE migrants')
Was the Great Fire of London started DELIBERATELY?

Wednesday 18 May

GERMANY! The future will mean having an immigration background!
Tory MP: Remaining in EU will see Brussels handed control of our criminal courts
Child rape in the UK is 91% Muslim - Muslims only 4% of UK population
CHILD RAPE (2013) Muslims "200 times more likely... to commit this crime?"
Government by gimmick: Pie-in-the-sky policies of a Prime Minister paralysed by Brexit
BBC's outrageous propaganda day for Angelina and the Remain campaign!
Brexit would make ISIS happy and 8 other Cameronian myths
BBC's EU vote coverage is BIASED, blasts watchdog!
The BBC is showing its bias over Brexit, says Ann Widdecombe
'Biggest stitch up since the Bayeux Tapestry!' Boris Johnson lashes out!
Somali criminal to pocket thousands scoring third legal victory over Theresa May
Tory MP: If Cameron has misled Parliament over EU referendum he HAS to resign
Government wants 'part-time' prisoners who only spend WEEKENDS in jail
Donald Trump BLASTS Tony Blair as he lays into ex-PM for 'terrible job' in Iraq
EU referendum: Jeremy Corbyn targets young (most brainwashed) voters
Farage: Migration anger 'could lead to violence'
'Hidden army' of carers in their 80s, says Age UK

Tuesday 17 May

Babies in Lancs, Yorks, Staffs and Black Country much more likely to die young
£17bn, the true cost of immigration to the UK every year!
EXCLUSIVE: David Cameron's EU sham exposed!
Girls taking a harmful substance increases 27% over 20 years
Voting Remain is an act of heartless snobbery
MI6 boss warns migration backlash will rise from streets - Blames EU elite
EU Turkey visa deal will ‘INCREASE risk of jihadi attacks in Europe’
Soros-funded NGOs ‘whisper into EU’s ear’ to encourage refugee influx
'Independent' head of Corbyn's anti-Semitism inquiry joined party SAME DAY she was appointed
KRISTOL: Chickenhawk warmonger seeks 'insurgent' alternative to Trump
Australian politician proposes 10-year ban on Muslim immigration!
Girl, 17, sexually assaulted 5 TIMES by migrants in Cologne blasts 'pathetic' prosecutors

Monday 16 May

Vladislav Voloshin, a Ukrainian pilot, downed MH17 - Who knew?
In the future being German will mean no more blue eyes, light hair!
City fat cats only love EU ‘because of low cost migrant workers, says Boris
Brexit will help us create jobs say 300 top business leaders!
Susan Sarandon on Woody Allen: 'I think he sexually assaulted a child!'
Donald Trump on Cameron, Khan and the EU!
Top midwife tells midwives their future depends on UK voting to remain in EU!
4,000 English patients denied life-extending cancer drugs available in Scotland and Wales!
Church of England invests millions in Google despite pledge to confront tax-dodging companies
Traitor Corbyn insists immigration is a GOOD thing!
ISIS executes 7-year-old in Raqqa, Syria, for ‘insulting divinity’
London's Muslim Mayor took campaign cash from donor who funded Bin Laden?
Anti-Islam protesters dump pig's head at Angela Merkel's office as part of 'pork protest!'
UK's least funny 'comedian' blasts ‘very white’ BBC over lack of ethnic minorities!
Soaring cost of teaching migrant children: £3 BILLION reasons to quit EU!
University of London panel calls for annihilation of Israel as solution to global antisemitism!
Daily Show host Trevor Noah, ('fuck white people,') defends Islamists

Sunday 15 May

How to provoke WW3? US and British soldiers step up training exercises with Georgian army!
BBC is too Christian says BBC! Church of England AGREES!
40,000 Christians persecuted by Muslims… in Germany!
The last whites of the East End! How LibLabCon are murdering our world
London's most feared criminal gangs have invaded England's green and pleasant shires
Violent crime increases across south-east London!
'We want a BIGGER house!' Romanian family of 17 on £55k in benefits demands more!
Boris Johnson compares EU to HITLER says superstate ambitions will 'end tragically'
'How can they know about OUR needs?' Boris reveals just 3.6% of EU officials are British!
HITCHENS: Lefties are spot on, their precious BBC IS at risk - It may have to lose its bias!
Former Archbishop of Canterbury wants to leave EU!
Migrants in race to get to Britain to avoid post-Brexit visa restrictions
Putin launches PARASITE TAX for healthy who won't work!
Britain 'vulnerable to ISIS terrorists' if Turkey join the EU, claims Theresa Villiers
Bill Clinton was frequent flier on paedophile’s private jet ‘Lolita Express’
UK Labour member suspended for blog claiming Jews commit ‘genocide’ on British
Number of overseas pervs and killers moving to UK soars as they exploit EU movement rules!
Drug Lord, Ylber Ceni, caught with £5million of cocaine
Elderly Buddhist monk hacked to death in Bangladesh temple by Islamic extremists
Former Argentine president indicted for 'defrauding her country out of $5BILLION'

Saturday 14 May

Children as young as 3 born in wrong body? 1,500 kids sent to a 'transgender identity clinic!'
Son of 'the man who hated Britain' wants to flood our world with foreigners? WHO KNEW?
Tyson Fury - Outspoken truth-teller - The establishment loathes him
'Come out of the tube and it's like Baghdad': White Londoners are fleeing the East End!
Cameron's local police commissioner says Britain must leave the EU!
The suffocating international laws allowing vile ISIS terrorists to RETURN to Britain!
Squatter wins right to keep £400,000 house as owner, 80, faces losing flat to pay bills!
'Drug companies are overcharging the NHS!' (Who knew?)
Ticketing cars at London hospital! Jihadi back from fighting in Syria!
ISIS slaughter 14 Real Madrid fans at supporters meeting in Iraq ('football is anti-Muslim')
Cameron will hand out 25 peerages after referendum to reward supporters!
Biggest lie of all? Brexit could lead to war! (Europe more riven with hate now BECAUSE of EU)
OBORNE: OSBORNE is shamefully rigging the referendum
Jailed: 'Loathsome' burglar who targeted elderly and disabled
Judge lifts ban on naming 'zombie knife' killer as he is jailed for life
Cameron gave away Britain's most valuable EU bargaining tool, says IDS
Britain’s salmon and trout under threat from 'disastrous' pollution!
‘Migration is OUT OF CONTROL’: Farage blasts Government's EU immigration farce
Serial liar - Hillary Clinton!
Daniel Gonzalez - A serial killer you've never heard of

Friday 13 May

‘We’re running a f***ing casino!’Anonymous US politician tells spills the beans!
Top SNP man says in pursuit of 'United States of Europe,' EU has been been 'very unfair!'
Only 73 EU prisoners deported in past 4 years despite Dave's pledge to stop them clogging jails
Now Bank of England's NWO Canadian boss joins Project Fear!
An EU migrant every 40 seconds! The bombshell No 10 tried to bury
MoD accused of 'negligence on a grand scale' as troops sue over malaria drug!
Refugee ‘paid 35p to RAPE boys as young as 8’ in camp Merkel heralded a success!
The UK’s polluted cities!
Bilderberg group targets Donald Trump!
BENGHAZI: Hillary lied! (Of course she did - dishonesty is the default position)
Our ships are helping the migrant smugglers!
Now top Tory Jew says we should leave EU!
Treasury is run by a bunch of 27 year old civil servants who know nothing says IDS
Obama adviser: America's National Security Agencies are too white!
UK Muslim: 'I want to see every single woman in this country covered from head to toe'

The Madhouse Update


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  2. "I was finding this type of information from long time."

    More and more are finding out, WD. I'm hoping the whole, rotten, globalist house of cards should come tumbling down within a decade.

    As regards "going on", they have to imprison or kill me to stop me speaking out. I reckon there are too many speaking out now for any type of individual silencing to be effective so I think I'm safe.

    Telling the truth, particularly that which the powers-that-be don't want told, that's the thing. If we keep on doing that, we're doing the right thing. No matter what the consequences.


  3. Hi Stephen. Leave your blog address and I'll check it out.

    All the best.