Saturday, 29 July 2000

The Madhouse Update

The Madhouse Update

Saturday 15 August

DIVERSITY! 37.4% of S. Africans admit they're rapists
'Lock your doors. Your hotel's full of asylum seekers!'
ISIS are mass producing CHEMICAL WEAPONS?
NHS waiting list hits SEVEN YEAR high!
Don't treat us with contempt! Chilcot still silent on Iraq
A very dubious role model: Cameron's business tsar
Aid worker Kayla Mueller repeatedly raped by a top ISIS caliph
BBC's Aaqil Ahmed says Calais migrants are like Joseph, Mary and Jesus!
Greville Janner victim of putrid, toxic, vile, Fascist anti-Semitism says Rabbi daughter
AND THE QUEEN SAID: 'Diana in a crash? They must have greased the brakes!'
Jewish MP Ivan Lewis accuses Jeremy Corbyn of tolerating anti-Semitism!
Top Tory Jew Michael Howard, a slew of doubtful companies and fraud in a war-torn hell hole!
The Jewish Board of Deputies' secret 'Intelligence Reports' smearing David Irving
CHILCOT! The very cosy friendship between Iraq inquiry chief and Tony Blair
Doctor who should be on trial for manslaughter over death of British mother seen in Pakistan

Friday 14 August

UK's infant death rate one of worst in Europe!
One in three London voters admit they would be 'uncomfortable' having a Muslim mayor
ISIS make rape of non-Muslims part of its religion! (This OK by PC Crowd/feminists?)
Best examples of police stupidity, over-reaction and incompetence
Janner appears in court TODAY to face child sex abuse charges... RESULT!
The man with no conscience! MPs, generals, victims' families condemn Chilcot!
A scandal that the Chilcot report has not appeared!
Britain's £338m foreign aid to Pakistan probed amid fears it funds death penalty
Blair fears Corbyn-led Labour 'annihilation' but is he just scared of WAR CRIMES trial?
Evan Davis (gay) accused of 'pathetic' stereotyping - implied gay men are promiscuous

Thursday 13 August

Stop prolonging the Iraq agony, Chilcot!
Former Cabinet Minister admits the BBC is a left-wing tool!
Whitehall 'in denial' over vote fraud
Ministers' plans to fast-track fracking
MH17 blown up by an on-board bomb planted by the CIA?
Number of EU immigrant working in the UK reaches 1.98 million!
Is Putin plotting war in Europe? (NO! Western warmongers may be)
Board of Deputies wants students to support Holocaust survivors!
UK unemployment rises - most new jobs go to foreigners!
USA: Governor quietly removes Confederate holidays from calendar!
Pakistani drug dealers murder Polish drug dealer!
Hotel staff at Turkish resort stage mock ISIS attack! British tourists left terrified
ISIS releases hit list of British Foreign Office and council officials online
CHILCOT! Six years in, families of Iraq war victims launch unprecedented legal challenge!
Calais supermarket manager arrested on suspicion of involvement in Albanian smuggling ring
Blair warns voters not to pick Corbyn 'even if you hate me'!'

Wednesday 12 August

USA: White women are 12.4 times more likely to be murdered by black lovers, than white
Anti-Iran deal groups (all pro-Zion/Israel warmongers) backed by $145 million!
Britain and the EU allowed jihadists to wage war on their own tourists!
Democracy is a lie in the West - Ban on Holocaust debate proves this
2007 debate on terrorism: Ron Paul vs Rudi Giuliani
Southampton docks came to a standstill after illegal immigrants tried to enter port
Eritrean asylum-seekers behind IKEA murders in Sweden!
On-the-run murderers win right to privacy! Police refuse to name killers, rapists!
ISIS bombers are 'ALREADY' in the UK and ready to attack!
Granddaughter of ex-government drugs adviser Keith Hellawell jailed for dealing crack
Just one in three migrants held at detention centre are deported!
No link between fatty food and early death! (Health 'experts' lied to us for 50 years?)
DIVERSITY! 18 food businesses in the Bradford area have a hygiene rating of zero!
Killer Alexander Pacteau cleared of previous sex attack after claiming he was gay

Tuesday 11 August

'Forgotten British Heroes' (Chapter 2 - Peter Rushton)
'Forgotten British Heroes' (Chapter 3 - Michele Renouf meets Eric Lowe)
GLOBALISM 2008: The horror is always planned for well in advance! (50million Africans!)
ETHNIC CLEANSING! Saville Town in Dewsbury: more than 4,000 people, just 48 white Brits!
The great health tourist cover up!
Abusing NHS 'easiest thing in the world': bosses don't care about fraud
Immigrant bus driver jailed for death by careless driving after killing toddler
69 "like" Facebook boast of racist schoolboy who stabbed black teacher ('racist' is Asian)
Migrants jailed after travelling from Calais to UK with suitcases full of weapons!
Slovakian immigrant burgled 19 homes just months after arriving in UK!
UKIP MEP 'threatened at gunpoint' in Dunkirk migrant camp
Rwanda spy boss wanted by Spain freed by UK judge
Mass murderer, David Conley, is a #BlackLivesMatter supporter!
Serial crim tied up his son, ex-wife, her 5 kids and new husband then executed them
Sandra Bland protest: All white people should be killed!
The shocking amount of sugar 'hiding' in soft drinks
No, Minister, our billions in foreign aid actually make migrants MORE likely to come here
Alcoholic, depressive warmonger bullyboy says "Anyone but Corbyn!"
DIVERSITY! Attacked by in-laws with acid ('father failed to pay her dowry')
Barrymore is still holding back details of pool death, say police
World's population will soar to 11 billion by 2100 and HALF will live in Africa!
Fury as Brussels issues comic strips to 'brainwash British children' to support EU
Now hard-left activists head to Calais to help migrants reach Britain
How the UK gives £3bn to aid cruel regimes

Monday 10 August

ISIS unveils chilling new map of Europe as it plans for world domination by 2020
Foreign Secretary says millions of Africans threaten our standard of living!
Turkish army and the Kurdish people (Persecution of the Kurds)
Paul Weston: How to destroy a country
Online tips to 'screw system!' Health tourists boast of milking NHS in their own countries
She's never even lived in the UK but NHS must pay this Hungarian mother's health bills!
Jeremy Corbyn defends vicar banned from social media for anti-Semitism!
Cops spend £20million on corruption investigation abroad but don't check out burglary here!
NAMED AND SHAMED: Croydon criminals jailed in July
East Europeans charge NHS for care in their OWN country! Thousands get free treatment
Hit-and-run-killer, George Claudiu Albu, charged with causing death by dangerous driving

Sunday 9 August

Brits are paying a brutal price for the ruling elite’s ideology of mass migration!
28% diversity thinks immigration has positive effect on UK. 52% racists think opposite
Those we vote for tested chemical weapons (anthrax and PLAGUE) on soldiers and on US!
UK's first female Sharia Judge: 'We can't ask Muslims NOT to have more than one wife!'
HERE WE GO! US warmongers say Assad is ‘root of all evil!’ (NOT ISIS!)
Obama supported al-Qaeda/Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, directly enabling rise of ISIS
'Turkish airstrikes killed my siblings while I fought ISIL'!
Kurdish villagers under fire in Iraq say Turkey is 'no different from ISIS'
International Court Judge Says Dick Cheney will eventually be tried as a war criminal!
Welsh Minister for Education & Skills, wants Christianity banned in schools?
Faulty heart implants could be killing 2,000 UK patients a year!
Chilcot worked just 16 hours at Westminster last fortnight despite Iraq Inquiry 5 years late!
ISIS boast about attack on UK soil
Corrupt cop Osman Iqbal turns up to work in £170,000 Ferrari, gets done for gang crime
Nagasaki remembers its dead
Who'll run London - mega-rich Zac or rather rich Tessa?
EDWARD HEATH and CHILD ABUSE: Ex-Tory MP Brian Binley compares cops to vigilantes!
Scotland bans genetically modified produce, England does not!
We boot them out in 2015, now Lib Dems failures are being knighted!
David Cameron takes on “non-violent extremists”
Men who had suffered starvation/torture were expected to just get on with their lives’
Top Labour MP warns his party is on the brink of catastrophe

The Madhouse Update


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  2. "I was finding this type of information from long time."

    More and more are finding out, WD. I'm hoping the whole, rotten, globalist house of cards should come tumbling down within a decade.

    As regards "going on", they have to imprison or kill me to stop me speaking out. I reckon there are too many speaking out now for any type of individual silencing to be effective so I think I'm safe.

    Telling the truth, particularly that which the powers-that-be don't want told, that's the thing. If we keep on doing that, we're doing the right thing. No matter what the consequences.


  3. Hi Stephen. Leave your blog address and I'll check it out.

    All the best.